Saudi: So Much More Than You Can Imagine

There has never been a better time to explore all that this destination has to offer.

Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s most exciting travel and tourism destinations. All types of travelers from cultural explorers to adventure seekers are attracted to its sweeping deserts, rugged mountains, crystal seas, lush valleys, and thriving modern cities. World travelers are amazed by the diversity of experiences, including six iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites and over 10,000 archaeological points of interest.

Riyadh – A Blend of Medieval & Millennial

Riyadh makes for a beguiling cultural union — one where Arabia’s first roots can be traced, and where its bold future can be envisioned. The city’s fascinating, centuries-old history can be found within its atmospheric souqs, compelling museums and ancient architecture, but it’s also a modern metropolis, with glittering high-rises and a burgeoning contemporary art scene.

Explore At-Turaif

Diriyah’s historic center is the UNESCO-listed archaeological site in At-Turaif, which was founded in the fifteenth century. It is the original seat of power of Saudi Arabia’s Al Saud family and contains the ruins of mud-brick houses connected by narrow alleyways, as well as numerous museums and other intriguing spaces.

Edge of the World

The Edge of the World, or Jebel Fihrayn, is aptly named. Located about a 90-minute drive outside Riyadh, it forms part of the vast Tuwaiq cliffs, which stretch over more than 600km through central Saudi. Reached through winding desert trails that run along a ridge of Tuwaiq, this spectacular spot offers uninterrupted views across the valley floor and to the horizon, from the edge of a sheer precipice. These dramatic views earned the site its nickname, and have helped turn it into one of Riyadh’s most popular tourist destinations

Experience AlUla

In Hegra, Saudi’s first UNESCO World Heritage site, visitors can experience ancient tombs that remain from 7,000 years of human civilization, plus stunning natural rock formations and canyons, a plethora of adventure sports options, and cutting-edge art installations.

Hegra – Come See the Wonders

At Hegra, explore over 110 remarkably well-preserved tombs set in a desert landscape, while learning about the ancient people and culture of AlUla. Along with the fascinating tombs, where the Nabataean elite were laid to rest, you’ll see wells and stone-lined water channels demonstrating the civilization’s expert craftsmanship.

Discover Maraya, AlUla

Maraya is not just a one-of-a-kind art installation, but also the largest mirrored building in the world and the setting for concerts, theater, exhibitions, and cultural events. A visit to this inspiring building opens the door to enjoying the captivating desert views along with delectable cuisine. Located on Maraya’s rooftop, Maraya Social is beloved British chef Jason Atherton’s newest restaurant and offers dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.

Jeddah and the Red Sea

Saudi Arabia’s oldest city is Jeddah, a lively, cosmopolitan center that is home to historic architecture, pristine beaches, and world-class cuisine. The city’s heart is intact in Al Balad – the magical historic quarter – and the Red Sea is central to it all.

Tour Historic Al Balad

Known as Historical Old Jeddah, Al Balad is a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its precisely designed houses that built using coral from the depths of the Red Sea and feature colorful enclosed rawasheen balconies. Serving as a reminder of what the medieval city’s ancient walls once looked like, this unique architecture is not seen anywhere else in the world. Some buildings are estimated to be 400 years old, and Al Balad itself may precede Islam.

Dive and Snorkel the Red Sea

The pristine world that lies beneath the surface of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea is a rarely experienced wonder in diving. Home to more than 1,200 species of fish (20 percent of which are found only in the Red Sea), Saudi offers a variety of exciting and undiscovered diving destinations for adventurous travelers.