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10 Rejuvenating Experiences

Vacations for your body, mind and spirit will do you the world of good. Allow the Spirit of Aloha to dissolve your stress and worry as you experience these activities amidst the beauty that is Hawaii.

Yoga Retreats

Practice yoga in a calming, remote setting. Participate in workshops and classes while enjoying the amenities and activities of a restful retreat.

Tai Chi by the Beach  

Join a morning Tai Chi class available in peaceful, natural settings. Tai chi offers simple movements that enhance your physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Meditation Meetings

Gain the psychological, emotional and physical benefits of meditation by attending a local as part of a complete wellness program.

Hawaiian Spa Treatments

Encourage complete relaxation with treatments using Hawaiian herbs, flowers and volcanic sand. Hawaiian lomilomi massage, mamaki & volcanic foot wrap and warm coconut scalp massage are just three that lift away your cares.

Sunrise Hikes   

Welcome the dawn atop a mountain, lighthouse or along the beach. Many dream spots are reached by an invigorating hike for an experience that will soothe your soul. Cameras mandatory!

Outrigger Canoe Rides

Combine culture and serenity by paddling a traditional Hawaiian Wa’a. At Waikiki Beach, ride back to shore on the waves for a surfing adventure. There’s a special feeling about these cultural icons that will give you the true spirit of Aloha.

Healing Retreats

Detox and cleansing regimens along with rejuvenating activities for total wellness are the aim of Hawaii’s healing retreats found across the islands. Gain vitality and cleanse out toxicities to glow and energize like never before!

Fitness Activities

There’s no shortage of things to do in Hawaii to get your body in shape. Many bring added benefits thanks to the spectacular location. One of the best: Snorkel and dive at Molokini Crater off Maui for spectacular and inspiring under water sights.

Experience Nature

The wonder of Hawaii’s sacred lands bring you in harmony with nature. Enjoy walking in beautiful gardens, valleys, mountains and forests, along coastlines, and through lava tubes to get directly in touch with the nature of this special place.

 Relaxation in Paradise

Simply book into a peaceful resort then spend time observing the breathtaking views from your balcony to reduce stress and even lower your blood pressure. Don’t underestimate the benefits that a relaxing stay in Hawaii can bring!

Allow the Spirit of Aloha to improve your wellbeing. | 10 Rejuvenating Hawaiian Spa & Wellness Experiences

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