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10 Intriguing Cultural Experiences

The culture of Eastern Europe draws travelers from around the world. These intriguing examples illustrate the broad scope of experiences you can enjoy on your Eastern European vacation.

1. Classical Concerts

There’s a great appreciation for classical music in Eastern Europe where going to concerts is a normal part of life. All year round, you’ll come across a variety of classical concerts in churches, museums, art galleries and cafes as well as theatres and concert halls across the region.

2. Food and Craft Markets

Enjoy a meal of local specialties during your stroll through the markets of Eastern Europe. Lively and colorful, you’ll find a range of food stalls and craftsmen on hand selling the perfect souvenir. There’s entertainment and celebration, especially at Easter and Christmas when markets shine with lights, decorations and seasonal fare.

3. Cultural Warsaw

The cultural center of Poland is home to 30 theaters and 60 cinemas with a range of entertainment from cutting edge to traditional. Visit the museum to Polish composer Frederick Chopin. There’s also a Chopin festival and Jewish Culture festival to attend. The Old Town is a top attraction featuring the Royal Castle and plenty of old world charm.

4. Beer and Wine Tasting

It’s a region with a rich tradition of brewing and a more recent development of  wineries so there are plenty of opportunities for tastings. Prague is the top beer destination housing 18 breweries and taverns dating back to the Middle Ages. Hungary features 22 wine regions, produces Pálinka fruit brandy, Unicum herbal liqueur and German-style lagers.

5. Local Cuisine and Cooking Classes

You’ll enjoy beef sirloin smothered in cream sauce, bread dumplings with roast pork, goulash, pierogis and cabbage rolls amongst many other delicious meals during your stay. For those wanting to learn more and improve their cooking skills, why not join a cooking class, especially popular in the capital cities. Visit a local market for fresh ingredients then learn the secrets of top regional chefs, an entertaining addition to your Eastern European vacation.

6. Art Galleries

Get to know the world through the eyes of leading artists at contemporary galleries like the Anaid Art Gallery in Bucharest and DOX Centre of Contemporary Art in Prague. Many of the world’s top artistic masterpieces can be seen at The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, founded in 1764 and housed in the ornate Winter Palace of the Tzars. Considered by many as the best art gallery in the world, this massive collection is a must see for anyone interested in art and history.

7. Transylvania

This unique part of Romania has folklore, customs, beliefs and superstitions all its own. Known worldwide for its Dracula vampire legends, it is a unique region of scenic beauty, villages, castles and intriguing museums which can be reached on day tours from Bucharest.

8. Opera and Ballet

A mainstay of Eastern Europe culture, opera and ballet run year round in major centers with a long list of performances each month. This summer see Mozart’s Don Giovanni in Prague or Idomeneo in Budapest, or take in the ballets Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake, just a few of the many productions available. Look behind the scenes on tours of iconic theaters and opera houses.

9. Folkloric Shows

Enjoy the music, dance and traditional costumes of the countries you visit. Take in a dinner show in Budapest. Be immersed in local culture at Folk Festivals like the Vychodna Folkloric Festival in Slovakia. If you’re traveling by river cruise, you’ll enjoy a folkloric show on board during your cruise.

10. Walking Tours – art & architecture

Learn about the magnificent buildings and works of art found in the historic centers of Eastern Europe’s cities. Best seen on foot, you’ll discover cathedrals, castles, bridges and more as you stroll the ancient streets with an informative guide.

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