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10 Wonders of Southeast Asia

Many of the world’s ancient, modern and natural wonders are found in Southeast Asia so we’ve compiled a list of ten of these amazing places travelers want to see and experience. Take a look at how enriching your Southeast Asia vacation can be.

  1. Ankor Wat, Cambodia – The largest religious monument in the world has a powerful effect on visitors. Originally the center of the Khmer Kingdom, the site includes a wide variety of temples, originally Hindu and later Buddhist, along with architectural and engineering systems from the 9th to 15th century. An important archaeological site, it stretches over 154 square miles of northern Siem Reap province.
  2. Singapore – This modern financial center is the prime example of how rapid growth can be well managed. In just 50 years the city state grew from being a developing nation to first world status. Visitors enjoy its stunning architecture and the many entertaining and natural attractions. Singapore is also the cruise hub of the region.
  3. Rice Terraces, Bali, Indonesia  – The steep, green rice terraces of Bali create a mezmerizing panorama, symbolic of the island, dating back 2,000 years! They feature an unusual system of cooperative farming and irrigation. Many of the most impressive terraces are found near Ubud. Enjoy lunch with a spectacular view from a hotel or restaurant in the area.
  4. Melaka and George Town, Malaysia   These charming historic cities on the Straits of Malacca are unique. Colonized by the Portuguese, Dutch and British as vital centers of trade in a strategic location, today they are well preserved and renowned for their multicultural heritage.
  5. Thailand's National Parks – From the magical islands and beaches of Thailand's west coast to the untouched jungle of the north, Thailand's national parks offer an incomparable range of activities and natural settings. Whether you want to dive and enjoy the beach, relax and take in magnificent scenery, explore the jungle, find a waterfall or ride an elephant, Thailand has it all and more.
  6. The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand – Once the home of the Thai Kings and seat of Thai government, the palace complex is an impressive collection of buildings in the distinctive Thai style. The colorful roofs, golden accents and statues and well- manicured gardens create a fairytale-like setting.
  7. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam – "Where the dragon descends into the sea" is a mystical  collection of 1,600 limestone islands and islets emerging from the emerald water. Take an overnight cruise in a junk or kayak the peaceful waters. There are many ways to enjoy this picturesque area of the Gulf of Tonkin in Northeastern Vietnam.
  8. Hoi An, Vietnam – Take a slow stroll through this ancient coastal town for an authentic experience. The architecture of ancient Hoi An reflects the diverse influences of its history; Chinese, French Colonial, Vietnamese and Japanese.
  9. Luang Prabang, Laos – The entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its remarkable integration of colonial and Lao architecture.  The numerous points of interest include Buddhist temples and the palace. Luang Prabang has become known for its haute cuisine in recent years with chefs creating new Lao/ French dishes. In the jungle surrounding the city enjoy picturesque waterfalls and bathing pools.
  10. Bagan, Myanmar This incredible destination makes the list for the second month in a row. At Bagan in central Myanmar, you'll find a variety of 2,200 ancient temples and pagodas in varying degrees of restoration covering 16 square miles. This is the spiritual center of the country and a place of inspiration and wonder.

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