More Than Skin Deep

By Mary Bemis (Adapted by Ensemble Travel Group)  ·  April 2022

“Touch nurtures and fosters emotional and physical stability, conveying the message of care, acceptance, and unconditional love,” explains Anne Bramham, founder of the American Spa Therapy and Education Certification Council (ASTECC). “When we touch, we touch the body-mind, which partners in the restorative care of all of our issues — strengthening immunity, fortitude, and the desire for life.”

We knew we loved our massages but now, we know why. Whether it’s the capable hands of a skilled masseuse, a rain room, deep vibrations, or soothing heat, no vacation is complete without the sense of touch.

A Touch of the Rainforest

The ultimate sensual journey may just be Crystal Healing for Couples at The Retreat Costa Rica. This 120-minute ritual was created to “strengthen a couple’s heart connection.” It begins with a side-by-side amethyst scrub and an outdoor, crystal-infused shower to clear old energies.

Couples are then treated to a romantic hydrotherapy bath with essential oil, moonstone dust, and color therapy that ignites the chakras — seven specific energy points that bind couples together. After a soothing side-by-side heart chakra massage, music and sound meditation bring tantric energies, and a ceremonial chocolate tincture is consumed to stimulate natural production of the love hormone, oxytocin.

Weary travelers who visit Hotel Xcaret Mexico will find Muluk Spa’s cave-like, natural rock treatment rooms. Here, sight, sound, aromas, tastes, and touch combine to create multi-sensory journeys that involve massages, flotariums, mud baths, Temazcal steam ceremonies, hydrotherapy, Mayan “Love Thing” facials … and a wellness bar with teas, tisanes, and infusions of fresh fruits, spices, and roots.

The Float Room in the spa aboard Celebrity Edge

The Benefits of Sea Days

Silversea Cruises is launching a new wellness concept called Otium, which takes its cue from ancient Romans who knew a thing or two about sensual pleasures. Debuting on the Silver Dawn in Europe this spring, the concept breaks free of the spa itself — enabling guests to indulge in everything from in-suite comfort food sessions, couples’ massages set to music, and candlelit bath experiences to scent-based sleep treatments and “Under the Sun” balcony sunbathing sessions.

Lotus Spa aboard Princess Cruises’ Royal Princess is a haven for wellness-seeking lovebirds. In addition to private couples’ villas, the facility is home to The Enclave, a spacious thermal suite featuring an enticing waterfall rain pool. There’s also a Scrub & Shine Bar, where a variety of aromatic ingredients can be blended to create personalized salt or sugar scrubs.

The Spa aboard Celebrity Edge is billed as a “playground for the senses” with eight distinct treatment areas including a Turkish Hammam, luminous Crystalarium, infrared sauna room, and Float Room with swinging chairs and windows overlooking the sea. Treatments include cold therapy, thousand flower detox, earth grounding, zero gravity immersion massages, and destination-inspired potions that set the mood for exploration.

Ask your trusted Ensemble travel advisor about complimentary amenities available when you book a spa travel experience.

Main Image Credit: The Retreat Costa Rica


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