Spotlight on the Caribbean

One of the beautiful things about the Caribbean is how easy it is to find peaceful places to unwind. The natural beauty of your surroundings is inspiring and rejuvenating in itself. So, wherever you choose to stay, you’ll find serenity just around the corner or along the beach that will make you glad you decided to get away and unplug.

For a crowd-free, private place, Caribbean hideaways are sure to please. Situated off the beaten path they’re designed for the kind of relaxing escape you are looking for:

  • Eco-friendly hotels are tech-free havens that let you get back to nature. You’ll find yoga is popular as part of the serene lifestyle. Rooms have no TV’s, phones or radios. There may be WiFi in the lobby but people staying here are only using it for emergencies since getting away is the whole idea. Negril, Jamaica is a popular spot for this type of escape and you’ll also find them on the Dominican Republic, St. John and Dominica.  
  • On the out islands of The Bahamas, small resorts with hammocks on scenic beaches sure make it easy to relax!  There’s a range of remote properties of every type from boutique hotels to hideaways with full kitchens and luxury resorts with sophisticated features.  While free WiFi is advertised at some hotels, it may be spotty and not available in your room. Anyway, it’s easy to switch off when surrounded by the tranquillity of islands like Eleuthera, Bimini and Long Island.
  • Wellness retreats and resorts dotted around the Caribbean let you focus on your wellbeing with yoga, Pilates, relaxation and spa visits replacing your tech-driven days at home. Benefit from holistic treatments, aromatherapy oils, detox programs, and the peace and tranquillity of isolated resorts. Aruba and Saint Lucia have become leaders in this field.
  • Over-the-water bungalows have arrived in the Caribbean at Sandals resorts in Jamaica and Saint Lucia. Considered by many travellers to be the ultimate accommodation option, living in luxury above turquoise waters is one way to truly unwind. Bungalows feature an expansive patio with soaking tub for two, over-the-water hammock, swim-up platform and a luxurious interior with glass floors for undersea views, king-size bed and spa-style bathroom.

So, get away from it all in the Caribbean! Tranquility comes in many forms on these alluring islands so it’s easy to unwind. With sun, sea and sand to greet you every day, you’ll feel rejuvenated as you experience the natural beauty of these magnificent islands.


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