Spotlight on the South Pacific Islands

Unwind surrounded by tropical splendor. The unspoiled island chains of the South Pacific let you savor each day in the sun surrounded by breathtaking scenic beauty. A favorite destination for writers, artists and celebrities, these islands offer an inspirational escape.

From New Caledonia to French Polynesia, each island is unique with something special to discover. You'll come across fascinating cultures, intriguing history, active adventures and romantic settings. There's something for everyone across these islands.

Beaches are magnificent often stretching into the lagoon with shallow water quite far out. You'll certainly find plenty of opportunities for world class snorkeling and scuba diving as well, thanks to the clear waters surrounding the islands. Highlights are swimming with the rays and black tip reef sharks on outrigger tours in Bora Bora and drift diving and snorkeling in Rangiroa, one of the top places in the world to do this.

Sensational overwater bungalows have become a signature accommodation option on islands with tranquil lagoons. They are divine; your own private oasis in the lagoon. The traditional Tahitian version is a luxurious thatched home on stilts complete with bedroom, sitting area and luxurious bathroom, a deck for lounging and a ladder for entering the water. Many have a window in the floor so you can watch the fish swimming below. You won't want to leave! A concept originally found in Tahiti and the Society Islands, you'll now come across overwater hotels in Fiji, the Cook Islands and Vanuatu as well.

The islands offer some enticing food and drink specialties and events. From dining in a lagoon to cultural celebrations with traditional fare, there's a range of unusual culinary options. Be sure to see this month's Top Ten List to learn more.

Looking for a tropical cruise with many fascinating things to see and do? Head for the South Pacific where cruising is a true delight. Sail leisurely from one exotic island to another, awaking each day in a new paradise. There are explorations ashore to suit all interests. Delve into history and culture or participate in more active adventures. Cruising is a great way to see many islands on one vacation to experience more of the region. You'll also enjoy all the amenities of your luxurious cruise ship – and the views from your ship are spectacular! Small ship cruising is a specialty around the islands of Fiji – a delightful and peaceful way to experience this spectacular country.

The South Pacific islands certainly have everything it takes to create a magical and relaxing getaway.

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