Spotlight on Europe

Europe tempts us with an array of remarkable regions and significant sights. From the fjords of Norway to the Greek islands; Holland's tulip fields to historic Prague; this is one very alluring continent.

Travel from the sunny Mediterranean to Scandinavia's Arctic for contrasting terrain and scenery that will take your breath away! Europe is beautiful and there are many ways to take in the scenery and enjoy the outdoors. Savor scenic views from your hotel or river cruise ship or see the countryside while hiking, skiing or cycling.

Europe is not only beautiful, it is an enriching vacation destination. Architecture dictates the character of an area and across Europe you'll find stunning examples of every style from Roman ruins to avant-garde masterpieces. These contrasts give Europe a fascinating look and sense of history.  Along with some of the world's top art galleries, it provides a visual feast that inspires every day of your European adventure.

The sights and sounds are matched by cultural events and experiences. Again there is a mix of old and new as you attend classical concerts, opera and ballet or enjoy the latest bands and jazz festivals. Visiting markets, Bavarian beer halls, Italian olive oil museums, French wineries and Danish castles brings culture and history to life.

River cruising is certainly a wonderful way to see many destinations across Europe. Combined with informative excursions at each new town and cultural immersion onboard and ashore, fine dining, luxurious accommodation and inviting public rooms, no wonder river cruising is growing so fast! 

Europe's cities are very walkable with fascinating historic centers to explore.  In the cities you'll find some of the top sights like the Eifel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome, the Parthenon in Athens and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona but beyond these famous landmarks there's a wealth of sights to see, restaurants to enjoy and some excellent shopping districts. Imagine spending time in these incredible places!

Every country has its own food, wine and beer to appreciate every day. Take culinary tours or cooking classes to learn the secrets of everything from Tuscan cooking to French wine and German beer. Longer culinary vacations immerse you in the foodie scene in the country of your choice.

It all sounds so tempting doesn't it?  Europe never disappoints and there are so many regions to discover, you can keep returning time and again. Is this the year you visit some of the places in Europe you have been dreaming about?

Cochem, Germany | The Moselle Valley



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