Spotlight on The Mediterranean

The romantic Mediterranean entices travelers for many wonderful vacation experiences. From the artistic delights of Spain to the enchanting Greek Islands the Mediterranean provides a range of inviting regions to explore. This is definitely a traveler’s dream!

There’s something magical about the Mediterranean that gives you the sense this is a very special place. It is after all the birthplace of Western Civilization and it impresses us with its wealth of historic sights, art and architecture. Tales of ancient history capture our imagination while idyllic, sun drenched islands, dramatic coastlines and picturesque scenes make the Mediterranean a very romantic destination.

The Mediterranean lifestyle is the envy of the world. Cuisine is a major part of the culture that draws travelers. Across the Med, vineyards and markets provide a rich variety of produce for the local dishes. Traveling through the various regions you’ll experience a never ending selection of fine food from Spanish paella to charcoaled grilled lamb in Greece and Italian pastas and sauces inspired by the slow food movement. A romantic table for two by the sea or with a hilltop view and a meal of local specialties will be an evening to remember! For more romantic getaways along the Med, be sure to see this month’s Top Ten List.

Take a break from sightseeing and culinary delights to spend time at beaches the region is renowned for. You’ll find excellent stretches of sand and secluded coves all along the Med for swimming, sunbathing and water sports. Malaga, Cannes, Nice, Mallorca and the Greek Islands immediately come to mind.

Sailing along the Med, calling at islands and cities, is certainly the perfect way to visit. The ship is your hotel. Unpack once then awake each morning in a new and exciting port of call! For more see this month’s Cruising article.

So will it be Tuscany or Provence; Barcelona or Rome; Cinque Terre or Greek Isles; French Riviera or Costa Del Sol; Malta or Mallorca? There’s no shortage of outstanding destinations all with their own special features.

The rich history and cultural life, stunning scenery and leisurely paced lifestyle certainly make the Mediterranean very enticing. Be inspired on a vacation to this legendary and romantic destination.

Cypress trees and villa in Tuscany | Siena, Italy



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