Spotlight on Asia

From the contrasts of South Asia to the splendors of the Orient, Asia captivates us with ancient sights and exciting experiences. Golden temples, lush green landscapes and cities that bring the ancient and modern together; this is one intriguing destination.

Travelers can enjoy a vacation like no other in the countries we’re focusing on from Japan to India.  The Orient, Southeast Asia and South Asia provide a wide range of unique cultural experiences, activities and significant sights like these:

  • Appreciate the customs of Japan by staying at a Ryokan Inn, enjoying a traditional tea ceremony and observing a Kabuki performance.
  • Walk the Great Wall of China, see the famed Terra Cota Warriors and cruise the legendary Yangtze River.
  • Visit Ankor Wat, Cambodia, the world’s largest religious monument and significant archaeological site, now easily accessible by land and river cruise.
  • Wander the streets of ancient Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that reflects the rich history and traditions of Vietnam.
  • Enjoy leisure time at the beach or snorkeling and scuba diving at Thailand’s glorious sun soaked islands.
  • Discover Myanmar, now open for visitors, with river cruising, cycling and ballooning popular ways to explore.
  • Don’t miss clean, modern Singapore with it is many world-class attractions and a myriad of activities on Sentosa Island.
  • Marvel at the beautiful Taj Mahal which tops India’s list of favorite visitor attractions along with the Golden Palace at Amritsar and houseboating the peaceful Karala backwaters.
  • Be enthralled by Bali, the star of Indonesia, with its lush green rice terraces and ancient temples dotting the landscape.

Luxury travel options abound across the region to enhance your vacation with sybaritic delights you may not find anywhere else. High-end hotels in Asia are renowned for their over-the-top levels of luxury while luxury rail and cruises pamper you during your time in Asia.  Check out this month’s Top Ten list for more.

You’ll want to do some shopping while you’re here. It’s a very popular pastime in Asia. Get in touch with the local way of life by strolling through markets where you’ll see everything from snakes for eating to tailor made clothes. Shopping for luxury goods is a pleasure along Orchard Road, Singapore’s retail and entertainment hub, and Hong Kong’s "altar of retail", Causeway Bay. Order a suit custom made for you by master tailors. It will be ready the next day!

Cruising options for Asia are growing for both river cruises that take you inland and big ships calling at coastal ports, a good way to see several countries on one vacation.  For more see the Cruising article.

Asia is certainly a fascinating destination that will show you rare treasures and cultural wonders on every visit.

Sunrise over the Great Wall of China. | China

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