Southeast Asia

Covering the area south of China, Southeast Asia offers travelers a rich combination of experiences to savor in the countries of Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore and the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines.

The colors, sounds and sights of Southeast Asia make traveling here a stimulating experience. The intense emerald green of the rice paddies, exciting modern cities, colorful traditional markets, breathtaking historic sights and spectacular beaches and coastlines are just some of the scenes that create wonderful contrasts throughout these countries.

The many different styles of temples and shrines in Southeast Asia reflect the diverse cultural history of the region. Ancient Hindu temples in Bali, Chinese and Japanese influences in Vietnam, the largest religious monument in the world at Ankor Wat in Cambodia and stunning modern Buddhist temples in Singapore are examples of what you can find. All are magnificent in their own way. Along with the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, they offer an enriching addition to your vacation.

Imagine enjoying these wonderful experiences on your next vacation:

  • Strolling the well preserved streets of colonial Melaka, Malaysia.
  • Riding an elephant in Thailand and experiencing its range of parks and sanctuaries.
  • Exploring the magnificent orchid gardens, the famous night zoo, world class bird park and the many attractions on Sentosa Island in Singapore. 
  • Discovering the wonders of Bali; incredible rice terraces, monkey jungles, ancient temples, historic palaces, distinctive arts, crafts, spa treatments and beaches.
  • Visiting the astounding sights of Vietnam; its ancient towns, natural wonders and historic temples.
  • Tasting the new Lao/French cuisine at one of the many fine restaurants in Laos.

Cruising is a great way to see several countries on one vacation, a topic discussed in this month's cruising article. River cruising in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar offers an enchanting way to explore these fascinating countries. It was our focus last month so check out our June articles for more.

Whether you want a relaxing getaway at a world class beach resort amidst tranquil, beautiful scenery, a lively city stay filled with sightseeing, fine dining and nightlife or an adventure into the national parks and jungle, there are numerous destinations for you within Southeast Asia.

Terraced rice fields. | Bali, Indonesia



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