The Mediterranean

The countries and islands of the Mediterranean are magical with their fascinating history and dramatic coastlines. It’s a region loaded with places of serious interest and innumerable cultural and culinary delights, perfect for an enriching and inspiring vacation!

From the prehistoric archaeology of Cyprus to Valencia’s stunning modern architecture, and all the Greek and Roman ruins in between, the Mediterranean is a treasure trove of intriguing places to explore!

Enriching experiences abound as you discover the various cultures, sample local wine, participate in a cooking or language class and uncover a wealth of both ancient and modern art, architecture and history.

This is a captivating destination with a leisurely paced lifestyle. Many people return year after year there is so much to see and they enjoy the Mediterranean way of life which respects values often lost in today’s world - the importance of siesta and rest, daily socializing, the worry free attitude of taking things as they come and a reverence for fresh and natural, local produce, the foundation of the regions delectable cuisine.

Tuscany, Italy is the heart of la dolce vita – the sweet life – and one of the many areas along the Med associated with superb food and wine. Don’t miss out on cooking classes, market visits and wine tasting to learn the secrets of this incomparable culinary scene.

Sailing along the Med, calling at charming islands and magnificent cities, is certainly the perfect way to visit the fascinating countries along the coast. The ship is your hotel. Unpack once then awake each morning in a new and exciting port of call! Imagine seeing sunrise over Crete, sunset at Santorini and being on deck beside the super yachts of Monte Carlo’s harbor! It’s one of the world’s most romantic cruising destinations.

Be inspired and enriched on your next vacation by choosing the Mediterranean as your destination.

Sunny fields in Tuscany. | Tuscany, Italy.



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