Central Europe

What an exciting destination! The countries of Central Europe are a treasure trove of romantic castles, majestic mountains and vibrant cities. The rich history and culture keeps you enthralled every day of your European adventure.

Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland; so many captivating countries to visit in the region of Central Europe and so much to see and do.

Imagine visiting the legendary cities of Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw, Lucerne and so many more. They come to life with enriching experiences as you visit significant historic sights, outstanding museums and art galleries and enjoy the local food wine and of course, beer.

Hilltop castles, Baroque cathedrals, rolling vineyards, stunning mountains and peaceful valleys await offering a combination of activities. Hiking in the national parks, taking a cable car to the top of the Alps, exploring the ruins of ancient castles and shopping the local markets; there is so much to enjoy here.

The region is famous for its world class classical concerts, ballet and opera so culture is top of the list for many travelers. Summer performances make a wonderful addition to your travels. Concerts are found in some exciting locales like Vienna's Schonbrunn Palace gardens or Hohensalzburg Castle, overlooking the city of Salzburg, Mozart's birthplace and the setting for parts of the Sound of Music.

These countries have many major rivers and canals flowing through them so river cruising is an excellent way to visit the region. Combine exploration of towns and cities with relaxing time on the water, cruising serenely to your next destination through the charming countryside. For more on this exciting mode of travel, see the Cruising and Travel Style articles.

This is not just a summer destination. There's plenty to enjoy year round. The Christmas Markets in December, special New Year celebrations and the excellent ski facilities notably in Switzerland and Austria attract visitors in the winter as well while the spring and fall offer a quieter time with fewer visitors.

Central Europe is certainly a delight for travelers with a wealth of enriching experiences across these remarkable countries.

Hohensalzburg Castle | Salzburg, Austria



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