Costa Rica & Panama

The tropical rainforest is on your doorstep in Costa Rica and Panama! There’s a long list of natural and adventure options available for travelers — or simply lay back and relax at one of the magnificent beaches.

Neighboring Costa Rica and Panama are in the most ecologically diverse region on the planet so it’s no wonder Ecotourism is big here. The people are known for their warmth and friendliness. They live close to nature and travelers come to experience it firsthand. From rain forest canopy tours to hiking, caving and visiting volcanoes, there is a wide range of options for discovering the unique natural bounty of the region.

  • Sustainable tourism and conservation are very important to these countries which strive to preserve the environment. Costa Rica has long been a leader in this area and in Panama is following similar practices.
  • Many areas have been preserved as National Parks or Wildlife Refuges.
  • Hotels and lodges are carefully assessed for their environmentally friendly practices.
  • The region is so rich in wildlife you often see monkeys and sloths as you drive down the road. The wildlife figures are staggering with an abundance of mammals, reptiles, birds and butterflies.

There are also beautiful secluded beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean sides with surfing a big draw on the Pacific coast. It’s easy to combine your eco-adventure with a beach resort vacation. In Costa Rica and Panama you can have the best of both worlds!

Cruising is a good way to see these countries as itineraries include the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal along with many exciting excursions in both countries. See the cruising article for more on this exciting cruise destination.

Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Consider this region for a natural, tropical vacation with many additional enriching experiences.

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