The Most Advanced Ice-Class Expedition Ships Afloat

By Lindblad Expeditions  ·  October 2021

The National Geographic Endurance and National Geographic Resolution will enable adventurous guests to go where few have or can. Whether you choose polar or solar, wildlife or culture, a short escape or an epic adventure—these new ships will help you explore like never before.

Lindblad is a name that for generations has been synonymous with exploration, adventure and responsible tourism. These abiding traits are born from our rich heritage as the first expedition company and our inherent passion for discovery and preservation, which together provide awe-inspiring travel experiences in every corner of the world.

Since Lars-Eric Lindblad created Lindblad Travel in 1958 as a means to introduce like-minded adventurers to remote lands, pristine nature and diverse cultures, Lindblad has inspired tens of thousands of explorers to discover their planet and ponder their place within it.

A Natural Partnership

In 2004, we joined forces with National Geographic in a ground-breaking alliance to offer an unparalleled experience in expedition travel through mindful geotourism.

Passion and Experience

The quality and experience of our veteran staff is a driving factor behind our reputation as a global leader in overseas adventure. Guests traveling on Lindblad-National Geographic voyages are guided by skilled and passionate captains and Expedition Leaders, as well as an expert team of naturalists, marine biologists, geologists, historians, undersea specialists and National Geographic experts and photographers.

Small-Ship Adventures

Our fleet of 15 nimble, intimately scaled expedition ships venture safely where larger cruise ships cannot, providing you with authentic, up-close encounters in the world’s most remote, wild and mysterious places.

Lindblad-National Geographic expeditions are truly extraordinary journeys, purposefully created with curious, intelligent people in mind. Here are some of the profound ways our guests can experience the world on one of our expeditions:

  • Visit the world’s most awe-inspiring and exceptional places, many of which are either otherwise inaccessible or best accessed by a small ship.
  • Experience intimate, up-close encounters with wildlife, indigenous peoples and remote, rugged landscapes.
  • Gain invaluable insight from our veteran expedition teams who bring decades of experience and specialized knowledge to further enhance the journey.
  • Share the experience with like-minded others, forging bonds that many times extend far beyond the expedition.
  • Reconnect and strengthen bonds with family as multiple generations explore the world and spend time in nature together.
  • Create lifelong memories of a bucket-list experience that has instilled a renewed sense of wonder and appreciation of the world and its inhabitants.

Join us as we explore the seven continents of the world with expeditions to more than 60 intriguing and diverse destinations.


The National Geographic Endurance and National Geographic Resolution are the next-generation expedition ships, purpose-built for polar navigation. They are fully stabilized, highly strengthened, ice-class Polar Class (PC5) vessels designed to navigate polar regions year-round. The patented X-Bow is the key to the design that offers the powerful waive-slicing action offering the smoothest, most comfortable ride in all kinds of conditions. Carrying just 126 guests each, they are committed to expedition excellence over scale. Scandinavian-inflected and luxuriously appointed, the inviting interiors could be destinations in themselves. Because they are Lindblad-National Geographic expedition ships, however, their attention is focused on the world outside—with acres of window glass to keep you connected to the stunning views beyond the pane, and a fleet of expedition tools to get you out exploring.


Elegant, with a sense of limitless space incorporated into the design, extra-large balcony suites impart a deep feeling of serenity—warm creams, a grounding brown; soft textures; round corners; and art that invites the eye to linger. Each suite features our signature feather duvets and impeccable bed linens, plus walk-in closets, tub & shower baths, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a hammock swinging gently on the balcony.

In the standard cabins, azure accents meet polar vistas at the windows for a feeling that is as cozy as polar climes demand and expansive at the same time. Most standard cabins feature a balcony (including solo cabins) complete with floor to ceiling windows, sliding glass doors, and a hammock for plein-air reading or napping.


Panoramic windows provide views from every table in the main dining room, where the daily menu reflects a sense of the place outside the windows: imagine eating an ethereal Pavlova as a berg floats lightly by. A selection of plant-forward options, including artisanal vegan cheeses, and the casual, no-assigned-seating creates a welcoming vibe for all.

The Observation Deck restaurant is for lighter fare: salads, custom grilled meats, a hamburger, or pasta at any hour. Its lively bar is where many guests gravitate on those nights when the fire pit lounge area or the infinity Jacuzzis® and igloos aren’t luring you outdoors.


Our small-ship expeditions provide many opportunities to personalize your experience. There are no crowded lines, dining slots to fill, or group schedules to follow. Dine with whom you wish and choose activities daily based on your interests.

Both National Geographic Endurance and National Geographic Resolution carry a full suite of expedition tools and offer a variety of expedition enhancing amenities such as:

  • Zodiacs - At the heart of the expedition experience are these sturdy rubber boats that enable us to land on remote shores far from any infrastructure. Quickly deployable, you’ll use them to get up close looks at leopard seals lolling on the ice, see playful minke whales from water level, and so much more.
  • Kayaks - Paddle past penguins in the Antarctic or among the gem-like islands of the East China Sea. Kayaks are versatile tools for up-close encounters with wildness and can be quickly deployed in a number of destinations from tropical to polar.
  • ROV - Deployed by the undersea specialist, these remotely operative vehicles can dive to depths of up to 1,000 feet—far out of the range of scuba divers—to shoot video of places few have seen. View during Recap in the ship’s lounge, with voiceover and question-and-answer provided by the naturalist staff.
  • Open Bridge - Enter the Bridge at any time of day to watch the calm orchestra of navigation unfold and talk to the watch officer while the ship is underway. Help yourself to a pair of binoculars to scan the horizon for wildlife or learn about the art of navigation and the ship's tools for sailing into the ice or along treacherous coasts.
  • Our exclusive photography program – Try out gear from the B&H photo locker as you travel with National Geographic photographers and learn from Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructors.
  • The Sanctuary – Visit this haven of wellness which includes Nordic and Tropic saunas for your preferred heat level, a yoga studio, treatment rooms and the terrace for post-treatment relaxing. Work out in the fully equipped gym located one level below.
  • Igloos - Book an overnight stay (on a first-come, first-serve basis) in a glass igloo on the Observation Deck. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience lying on a superb mattress under a cozy duvet, warmed by twin hot-water bottles in the traditional Scandinavian way, as you gaze out at impossible polar beauty, or up at never-before-seen polar stars.

Join a group lecture or simply share a drink with the guest speaker to reminisce about the day; hole up in the library with a good book or join in a group social. You have the flexibility to tailor the expedition to make it as personally fulfilling as possible.


There’s no better way for families to re-establish bonds than by sharing a wild adventure. And there’s no better place to do it than aboard a small-scale Lindblad-National Geographic ship. Take your morning coffee on the bow as the sun peeks over the horizon. “Commute” with your kids or grandkids to a wild shore aboard an expedition landing craft. And wind down the day without a TV or phone in sight. An expedition, with its mix of new daily sights, wildlife, undersea wonders, and activities for every age and fitness level, is the ideal way to unite old and young in shared experiences you’ll find collectively exhilarating. In this era of devices and seemingly limitless connectivity, it’s become far too easy for family members to spend more time with their phones than with each other. The benefits of spending time in nature are well documented. It encourages curiosity, relaxes the mind and body—and it’s super fun, too.

Developed in conjunction with National Geographic Education, the unique National Geographic Global Explorers program helps kids and teens under 18 get more out of exploring and have more fun, too. On every Galápagos, Alaska, Baja—and now Antarctica—expedition, kids and teens choose cool activities, from earning a Zodiac “driver’s license” to recording wildlife sightings in their Field Notebook. Each activity is designed to help them see and do more. They get to exercise some measure of independence within the safe confines of the ship. And our staff, specially trained to work with kids of every age, lead rollicking tromps through the forests and into bogs, meadows, and along shores where kids have so much fun, they don’t even realize how much they’re learning.


Life onboard is remarkable. Being in the wild doesn’t mean renouncing comfort, cossetting amenities, or superb food. Our hotel team will know what you like and how you like it from Day One. Regardless of how often you’re in your cabin, it will be immaculate when you return. And, understanding the age-old adage that “an expedition travels on its stomach,” our chefs and their galley teams make dining daily full of interest, discovery and in many cases, the rich flavors of the region you’re exploring. Wherever possible—and our team has expanded the notion of possible—it will be local and/or sustainably produced or caught.

We invite you to dream big.

National Geographic Endurance Inaugural Expedition

See how National Geographic Endurance combines expedition excellence with elegance in this video from her inaugural voyage.


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