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Fathom: Travel with Purpose

Pioneered by Fathom, impact travel is a whole new category of travel: it’s travel with purpose. Travel that transforms lives. Sometimes including your own. Impact travel with Fathom provides the opportunity to build community with like-minded travelers, become immersed in another culture, and work alongside its people to create enduring social impact.

Every Fathom™ journey is based on our sincere belief that the person-to-person connection is among the strongest catalysts for transformation. What sets Fathom apart is the long-term, systematic partnership approach with its partner countries paired with the unique business model that allows for sustained impact and lasting development. Fathom’s scale and global vision reach beyond what the world has ever seen.

The adventure begins in Spring 2016 with separate round-trip voyages from Miami to two of the Caribbean’s most desired destinations: the Dominican Republic and Cuba. In the Dominican Republic, you’ll have the opportunity to work side by side with local residents in existing programs that focus on improving the lives of children, families and communities. In Cuba, you’ll participate in an ongoing cultural exchange program that gives you the opportunity to interact with the Cuban people, one on one.

And you’ll come home seven days later knowing that, for the people whose lives you’ve just touched, the world has become a little brighter because of you.

The Ship

It’s a bright blue morning with just a touch of salt on the breeze, and you savor the last bite of a flak croissant while you finish your morning coffee. By now you’ve got your sea legs, and the Adonia is beginning to feel like home. With room for just 704 passengers, this small but entirely modern ship is proving to be the perfect place for getting to know your fellow Fathom travelers.

Throughout the day, of course, you never forget you’re on a modern cruise ship. You go for a swim, work on your suntan, hit the gym, relax with a massage at the spa or tuck yourself into a comfortable chair with a good. Additional amenities include a games deck, card room and full-sized library.

Refurbished in 2011 and scheduled to be refreshed again in March 2016, the Adonia will serve as a comfortable home base throughout your trip. 

The Ship Photo: Fathom


Available cabin categories on the Adonia include inside, outside, balcony and suite. The Adonia has 352 staterooms.

Inside Cabins: Economize in style, with a cozy and beautifully designed space to rest your head. Air-conditioned, mirrored inside cabins have two beds that can be converted to a queen size-bed. Bathrooms have a shower, sink and toilet. There are also a writing desk, TV, radio, telephone, safe, tea/coffee-making facilities, hair dryer and ample wardrobe and drawer space. Single inside cabins have one extra-wide single bed.

Outside Cabins: These roomy cabins are the perfect balance between comfort and economy. Air-conditioned outside cabins have two lower beds that can be converted to a queen-size bed. Bathrooms have a shower, sink and toilet. There is also a writing desk, TV, radio, telephone, safe, tea/coffee-marketing facilities, hair dryer and ample wardrobe and drawer space. All outside cabins have either a window or a porthole. Single outside cabins have one extra-wide single bed.

Balcony: Don’t just look out at the view; step into it, on your own private balcony. Air-conditioned balcony cabins have two lower beds that can be converted to a queen-size bed. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors lead to a balcony with recliner chairs and table. Bathrooms have a shower, sink and toilet. Every cabin has a sofa or chair, table, writing desk, TV, radio, telephone, refrigerator, tea/coffee-making facilities, a hair dryer and a safe.

Suites: Add a little extra luxury to your journey. Air-conditioned suites have two lower beds that can be converted to a queen-size bed. In addition to a shower, sink and toilet, bathrooms have a whirlpool bath and include bathrobes and slippers for use during your cruise. A separate lounge area has a sofa, chairs, table, writing desk, mini-stereo, TV, radio, telephone, refrigerator and tea/coffee-making facilities. There is also a safe and a hair dryer. Suites feature magazine and newspaper selection, a fruit bowl, mineral water, flowers, daily canapés and a special Fathom welcome gift on arrival

Accommodations Photo: Fathom


The Ocean Grill is Adonia's specialty restaurant and will serve authentic and modern Cuban and Dominican food. The menu will emphasize the finest ingredients skillfully prepared to create a memorable experience that extends beyond the food and focuses on helping travelers further immerse and understand the cultures they will encounter. The Ocean Grill will be open for lunch and dinner.

Additionally, Adonia’s wine bar The Glass House will focus on carefully selected new-world wines by the glass as well as beer and cocktails. The Glass House features an intimate setting and is perfect for exploring new tastes and engaging with like-minded travelers who are also ready to create enduring social impact. Hours of operation will be from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Dining Photo: Fathom


While in the Dominican Republic, Fathom impact activities include a wide range of projects focused on education, environment, economic development, and more. You’ll be able to spend 3 days working alongside locals and our partner organizations on the causes you really care about.

Economic Development impact activities include working with local women’s cooperatives to increase product supply and improve their standard of living. You can also gain experience in making recycled paper and working with locals to create crafts from the recycled paper that can provide critical income.

Education impact activities include the opportunity to work alongside local teachers to improve the English skills of their students. You might also work with small groups of local community members to help improve their English skills, which improves their access to employment and higher income levels.

Environmental impact activities include working with local organizations to create and deliver water filters that provide life-enriching, potable water to local families. Travelers can participate in reforestation projects, from cultivating seedlings to planting trees in designated protected areas.

In your free time, there are tropical beaches to sink your toes into as well as restaurants, bars, and shops to explore, a coastline and mountains to hike, or just to wander. To be sure, your commitment to having an impact is the mission that’s brought you here. But you’ll soon realize that the serene beauty of this place is going to have an impact on you, too.

Fathom also offers travelers a truly historic opportunity: a change to help build new bridges to a rich and vibrant culture that, until now, hasn’t been open to U.S. travelers by sea for more than 50 years.

Onshore in Cuba, you will immerse yourself in the culture, history and day-to-day lives of the Cuban people. You’ll interact, one on one, with the artists, musicians, small-business owners, students, health workers and others who make up the fabric of Cuban society. And you’ll harness the power of human connection to make relevant, lasting contributions that will continue to have an impact long after your ship sets sail on the return journey to Miami.

With your help Fathom’s ongoing program of cultural, artistic and humanitarian exchanges can create new bonds between the people of the U.S. and Cuba, support increased economic activity and encourage the Cuban people to share their stories more completely with the world.

Activities Photo: Fathom


It’s never too soon to start sharing the world with your children, or to start teaching them by example about the value of making a difference. A number of Fathom impact activities are purposely family-friendly, with opportunities for children eight years old and up to participate, broaden their horizons, express their creative side, and have some fun in the process.

In the Dominican Republic, they can literally play in the dirt, working to make clay water filters or plant seedlings for reforestation efforts. They can help recycle paper and create simple beads for a jewelry-making co-op. They can learn how cacao becomes chocolate, and how that chocolate helps Dominican families earn a living. They can learn about Cuban art, music, history, culture, and every-day living from the Cuban people themselves, not just from books or videos. They can meet Dominican and Cuban children in classroom settings and other community activities, where they can even offer something adult travelers can’t: connection with their young Caribbean counterparts on a peer level.

The fact that this is a cruise makes things even simpler for busy parents. You’ll be sleeping in the same place every night. You won’t have to worry about where to go for dinner or how to entertain the kids for the evening. Your next day’s activities are already on the calendar. Because the basic planning has already been done for you, you can put your energy into what matters: spending this time with your children. As you watch them function in new environments, as you talk with them about their adventures of the day, you’ll realize that your kids aren’t just growing in stature: They’re growing in empathy. And in their understanding of the wider world around them.

And they’re learning that, despite their surface differences, people everywhere are pretty much the same.

Family Photo: Fathom


Start your mornings with sunrise yoga. Or sleep in for a few sweet minutes longer, if you’re not a sunrise kind of person. Then fill a plate from the breakfast buffet, take your final cup of coffee out on deck, and watch as the sunlight glints from a passing ship out on the far horizon.

Ahead of you, days are filled with brand-new adventures that are waiting on shore. And there’s a lot you can do right now, at this moment, to get prepared for them. In both the Dominican Republic and Cuba, Spanish is the native language. If it isn’t yours, some elementary onboard Spanish lessons are probably in order. Because the better you can communicate, right from the beginning, the deeper your experience of the island and its people is likely to be.

Your day onboard could also enhance your upcoming onshore experience with classes in photography, storytelling, and dance. A workshop on how to teach English as a second language. Talks, films, and interactive workshops to get you oriented to the culture of the people you’re about to meet. And, of course, you’ll still have time to bask in the sunshine, read a good book, take a dip in the pool, and feel the warm Caribbean breezes in your hair.

And the evenings – ah, the evenings. Maybe you’ll take in a Cuban or Dominican movie. Treat your taste buds to a rum tasting, a cocktail class, or time with friends in the Container Bar. Play some dominoes or trivia games. Pick up a microphone and show off your karaoke skills. Or track down the DJ and dance the night away.

It’s your journey. It’s your adventure. We’re just here to help you make the most of it.

Services Photo: Fathom

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