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By Ensemble Travel Group  ·  September 2022

See the world, differently.

If you’re ready to see the world from a different lens with a more local perspective, while still enjoying those bucket list moments, Kensington Tours is your answer. We caught up with Marc Moore, Vice President of Agency Sales at Kensington Tours, to learn about the company and all it has to offer.

Q: Tell us a little bit about Kensington Tours.

At Kensington Tours, we help clients see the world, differently. We work together with your advisor to create fully personalized and privately guided journeys based on your preferences and travel wishes, which means no two trips are the same. Our expertise in over 100 countries worldwide across all seven continents means we take on all the complexities and logistics of planning your trip, so you can simply enjoy.

Q: What makes the itineraries that Kensington Tours offers so unique?

The tours we offer are specifically designed with you in mind. It all begins with a conversation that leads your dedicated Destination Expert to work hand-in-hand with your travel advisor to take care of all the logistics of your trip from start to finish. Dependent on your travel preferences and wishes, your Destination Expert will personalize an itinerary that suits your exact tastes, starting from the number of days you’d like to spend in each locale, to hand-picking vetted accommodations, to pairing you with expert local guides who will show you the authentic best of your destination. Our signature, custom, private-guided formula ensures your itinerary is uniquely yours, with expert planning and seamless execution. No set schedules or departures, no cookie cutter trips. Plus, you’ll have 24/7 support in destination, should you ever need it.

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Q: What types of tours does Kensington Tours offer?

We can personalize any type of journey you’re looking for – including off-the-beaten path ventures or bucket list trips around the globe. Plus, our designated Special Collections showcase an exclusive selection of fully personalized, privately guided travel experiences designed to specific and individual desires for travel.

The Epicurean Collection features unique culinary adventures exploring the region’s finest local foods, wines, and spirits as you spend time with passionate local chefs and growers to spark unforgettable moments. The Family Collection is home to kid-approved guides, flexible and deliberate pacing for multi-generational families, and family fun paired with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Personal Heritage Journeys are a unique collaboration between Ancestry® and Kensington Tours, with each itinerary customized around the most meaningful places and moments in your family’s past. The Resort Collection is so much more than just a beach vacation – it’s a carefully chosen selection of the world’s most exquisite resort destinations with remarkable, immersive local experiences and exceptional amenities along the way. Voyages by Kensington Tours is in partnership with the world’s finest ocean and river cruise lines, pairing your ideal routing with privately guided land-based experiences before and after your cruise for a truly personal journey. Yachts by Kensington Tours features a seamless and incredible experience, both on board your private yacht and ashore in every port, with white-glove treatment all the way. And, of course, I can’t forget Safaris, the place where Kensington Tours first began and the most remarkable way to get up close with wildlife in Africa and around the globe.

Q: For travelers looking to take a bucket list trip, what are the first steps they should take to start planning?

We recommend getting in touch with your travel advisor and asking about the ideal Kensington Tours itinerary for you. Whether you know exactly where you want to go or you have a list of destinations you simply can’t yet choose between, your advisor will work alongside a dedicated Destination Expert to seek out the very best itinerary options for you, helping you zero in on the destination(s) that spark passion and excitement.

Image Credit: Mohamed, Egypt Local Private Guide, Kensington Tours

Q: How does Kensington Tours help travelers see the world differently?

Our passionate Destination Experts and expert Local Guides are the key to a truly unique experience. Our ardent Destination Experts have deep knowledge and expertise in each of the destinations in which they specialize, allowing them to recommend and plan out unique experiences on roads-less-traveled based on their own experiences. Once you’re in destination, you’ll have expert Local Guides by your side who are eager to show you the place that they call home, giving you a behind-the-scenes look and a local’s perspective on the places in which you travel.

Q: BONUS: If you could choose just one Kensington Tours destination, where would you go, what would you do/see, and why?

Traveling to Africa with Kensington Tours is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience until, like many, you decide to explore the magnificent continent with us time and time again! Specifically, I would recommend visiting South Africa with Kensington Tours. Cape Town is a vibrant, future-forward, and beautiful city, home to culinary treasures and a storied history. Venturing into the winelands and along the Garden Route, you’ll find more picturesque towns and cities, an abundance of epicurean experiences, and many eco-tourism opportunities. And, of course, no trip to South Africa is complete without a safari. With an abundance of luxurious private game reserves in the heart of Kruger National Park, you’ll embark on incredible daily game drives in search of remarkable wildlife, and you’ll rest your head in the most magical of places.

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