Travel "All Inclusive" with Celebrity

By Ensemble Travel Group  ·  July 2022

After spending the month of June celebrating Pride, we felt it was important to showcase the inclusivity efforts of one of our preferred supplier partners, Celebrity Cruises. We sat down with Dondra Ritzenthaler, Senior Vice President of Sales, to learn more about Celebrity’s “All Inclusive” campaign and how the company is impacting diversity and inclusion efforts across the entire travel industry.

Q: Celebrity Cruises recently launched a new “all inclusive” campaign. Tell us more about that.

Recognizing the need to improve the representation of all people who travel in marketing, Celebrity created both a new campaign and the world’s first free-to-use, ‘open source’ travel image library. Focused entirely on driving diversity and inclusivity, the campaign and photo collection, called ‘The All-Inclusive Photo Project’ (AIPP) aims to start a movement, bringing together travel companies to help address the lack of diversity in travel marketing imagery. The stunning collection was shot by world-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz and others, featuring entirely ethnic, disabled, curvy and LGBTQ+ changemakers.

The AIPP collection had its own 360 campaign that included social, digital, and print placements. Special inserts appeared in editions of the New York Times, Sunday Magazine, Travel & Leisure, and Vogue Magazine.

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Q: What was the inspiration behind the campaign, and why is the campaign so important to Celebrity?

“For far too long, ‘all-inclusive’ in the travel industry has meant everything on your vacation is included in one price. We set out to challenge this conventional thinking by imagining the phrase through the lens of others,” said Celebrity Cruises President and CEO, Lisa Lutoff Perlo. “What Annie, indeed all of the artists involved in this project have captured so beautifully, is that for vacations to really live up to the marketing moniker ‘all-inclusive,’ then they should start by using images that are inclusive of all, not just a few.”

Image Credit: Celebrity Cruises

Q: Why is Celebrity the best cruise line for LGBTQ+ travelers, and are there any specific cruises you recommend for this audience?

Celebrity Cruises believes in opening up the world for everyone. At Celebrity, as we strive to make every one of our guests feel welcome, we value the importance of diversity among all our guests and crew. We know that travel makes us better — every one of us. We are here to encourage people to sail beyond their own perceptions and expand their horizons. Whether onboard for a vacation, honeymoon or even a wedding, Celebrity is the best cruise line for gay, lesbian and all LGBTQ+ guests. While we welcome everyone on board every cruise all year long, we do host an annual Pride Party at Sea during Pride Month each June. Our next Pride Party at Sea flagship party is on Celebrity Edge sailing June 10, 2023 in the Mediterranean along with celebrations fleetwide.

Q: We know gender equality and accessibility is also important to Celebrity. Can you give us some examples of what Celebrity is doing to support these issues as well?

Since she began her role as President and CEO of Celebrity Cruises®, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo declared her commitment to raising the ratio of women on the bridge, in the fleet, and in the maritime industry. In addition to appointing the first female American Captain (Captain Kate McCue), she has also hired the first female Ecuadorian Captain (Captain Nathaly Alban) and the first African woman to work on the bridge of a cruise ship (Nicholine Tifuh Azirh.) Championing gender equality is in our DNA. We’re committed to increasing the number of women working on board— and at the helm — of our award-winning ships, and the numbers prove it. Over the past seven years, we’ve boosted the number of women working across our fleet from 3% to 32%. We’re proud of these results and even prouder that others in the industry are following our lead.

In addition to gender equality, we’re committed to providing the most accessible cruise vacation experience to our guests with disabilities. That’s why we strive to meet the needs of every guest, by outfitting our fleet of award-winning ships with a wide variety of features designed to give access to our guests, including guests who have mobility, hearing and visual disabilities as well as Autism, developmental, and intellectual disabilities. Every year, thousands of guests with disabilities sail on Celebrity Cruises.

Main Image Credit: Celebrity Cruises


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