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On Location in Australia and New Zealand with Goway Travel

We caught up with Goway Travel to learn why Australia and New Zealand is the perfect place for a personalized vacation.

Q: What are three things travelers might not know about Australia and New Zealand?

  1. Australia is home to the world’s oldest living culture. The Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory and the far reaches of the Outback have been living on the land for over 20,000 years and have a cultural continuity that outdoes every other civilization on earth.
  2. New Zealand has no large land predators, which makes it one of the safest and most comfortable places to get out into the wild and go exploring. This fact is also why most of New Zealand’s largest birds are flightless, since they never had to develop flight as a means of escaping predators.
  3. Both Australia and New Zealand have some of the world’s most celebrated wines. Whether drinking Shiraz in the Yarra Valley in Australia or Sauvignon Blanc in Marlborough in New Zealand, you’ll find world-class wines when traveling through the world Downunder.

Q: What are the most exotic places to visit in Australia and New Zealand?

In Australia, it doesn’t get more exotic than the Whitsundays in Queensland. These islands make for the perfect island escapes with several premium hotels and resorts, as well as easy access to the nearby Great Barrier Reef. The temperature of the water in the Whitsundays stays at 77 degrees Fahrenheit most of the year, meaning no matter when you visit, you’ll have warm waters, pristine sands, and charming accommodations to enjoy.

In New Zealand, you can’t do much better than the Bay of Islands along the northeastern coast of the North Island. The Bay of Islands is a collection of over 140 islands with untouched beaches, quaint towns, and unbeatable views. It’s among the most beautiful spots in a country that’s known for its natural beauty. Spend your days cruising beneath rocky gorges, gazing upon powerful waterfalls, or delving into the nation’s Maori heritage at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds.

Q: For travelers looking to experience the lesser-known side of Australia and New Zealand, what do you recommend?

In Australia, many travelers see Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef, and Melbourne, while missing out on the rugged stretches of the Outback and the beautiful beaches and wine country of Western Australia. Based out of Perth, you can take day trips into the Pinnacles Desert to see the startling rock pillars that look like they belong on Mars, or Margaret River to feast on fresh produce and award-winning wines. You can also enjoy the celebrated food and drink scene in the city and spend your days on one of the many beautiful beaches. The best way to experience Western Australia is as part of an epic train journey between Perth and Adelaide. Goway provides journeys aboard the Indian Pacific Railway, which crosses the continent connecting the two oceans. Travelers can enjoy the refinement and leisurely pace of a train journey before delving into the wonders of Western Australia once they arrive.

In New Zealand, Stewart Island lies far off the tourist trail, making it one of the country’s most appealing destinations. As the much smaller sibling to the main North and South Islands, Stewart Island is the most southerly part of the country and a virtually uninhabited wonderland of greenery and fascinating birdlife. You can head to Stewart Island as part of Goway’s North and South Island cruises, which take you along the coasts and into the fjords of New Zealand aboard a boutique cruise vessel.

Q: Why should travelers consider booking with Goway Travel?

Goway doesn’t settle for “good enough.” We want travelers to be so satisfied with our services that they travel with us again and again throughout their lifetimes. For 50 years, we’ve been sending people around the world and have gained the reputation of being North America’s leading provider in travel to Australia and the South Pacific. We don’t rest on our reputation though. We’re constantly working to provide the best guides, the most memorable experiences, the most beautiful landmarks, and the most comfortable booking processes for our travelers.

When booking with Goway Travel, travelers can also rest assured that they’re working with real people who love to travel. We’re not impersonal salespeople or algorithms trying to find you a deal online, but real travelers who love to explore the world. Not only are we reliable, but we’re always discovering new things about the destinations we sell and wanting to share our love of travel with others. That means we always have the most up-to-date information on hotspots around the globe. You can trust us to give travelers the expert advice on the best ways to see the world.

Q: What type of traveler / travel experiences do you cater to?

At Goway, we cater to travelers who have committed to a lifetime of travel. We call these travelers “globetrotters” and know that they’ll want to experience many different forms of travel throughout their lifetimes. This means on some trips, they may travel with their families, while on others, they’ll embark on an epic hike of the Inca Trail or a train ride across Africa with only their spouse. And on their next trip, they may want to spring for 5-star luxury in Tahiti or deep-dive into Tokyo. In order to cater to the wide tastes of globetrotters, Goway offers a variety of travel options to six continents, from active and adventure travel to family vacations to foodie tours and luxury beach escapes. We also have a special focus on luxury options and run Holidays of a Lifetime, our own line of exclusive trips to the world’s most iconic destinations.

Q: Describe a Goway Travel experience in one word.


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