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On Location in Spain

Diverse and welcoming, Spain makes a fabulous vacation choice. Jesus Repetto of Titanium Tours is here with info on Spain and the unique, customized experiences available from our On Location partner. This is a truly special way to see Spain on a schedule and itinerary that will suit you perfectly.

Q: Tell us about the regions and cultures of Spain.

For the North American traveler I think we can divide Spain into a few different areas:

  • Barcelona and surrounding towns typical with the cruisers for example
  • the southern part of Spain with cities like Seville, Cordoba and Granada
  • the northern part of Spain
  • the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza)

Each offers different landscapes, architectural features, food and wine experiences. The North, Barcelona and Southern Spain have somewhat different cultures more noticeable if you live there, but throughout these areas you will always find the warmth of the Spanish culture and its people; always kind and very accommodating to visitors. Spaniards are proud of their land, heritage and food and are always happy to share in their knowledge and culture with visitors. It would almost seem they are trying to convince you to stay!

Food varies quite a bit, but wine and tapas in one way or another are always abundant. So an extensive sampling of Spanish cuisine is always easy to get in Spain. With many different wine regions and wine being so affordable it’s easy to have a good time.

Also, there’s so much history everywhere in Spain. In Seville for example you can spend the morning in over 2,000 year-old Roman ruins and the afternoon in a 20th century building featured in a recent movie.

And last, for those looking to relax at the beach, the southern coast and the Balearic Islands are a great retreat with or without kids.

Q: Is Spain a year round destination? What months do you recommend?

Almost all year around. A lot of Spain, especially the south and eastern coast have tons of sun and mild weather even in the fall and spring. Summer can be very hot in certain parts. November – January are the only months that can have a lot of rain and might not be ideal. The rest of the year is great for traveling.

Q: What travel services do you offer in Spain?

We offer a la carte services, anything from private transfers to private guided tours,
hotels and exclusive behind the scenes experiences like cooking classes, even some with Michelin Star Chefs, flamenco lessons, or swimming with Tuna fish for the most adventurous. We offer a lot of private guided tours and hands on experiences, which can be customized to people’s ages, interests and even mobility. If it’s in Spain, we do it.

Q: Is there anything special points about Titanium’s customized arrangements travelers should know about?

I think one of the best things about working with us is our flexibility and commitment to bend over backwards for our clients. We understand that plans change, even when you are on the ground, and we diligently adapt to those changes on the fly.

We also believe that a tour guide can make or break an experience so we take extra care in selecting our guides. Not only for their domain of the English language, and their historical knowledge but they also must be able to understand what the North American traveler expects and be willing to provide it.

Lastly, we believe that no two travelers are the same. That’s why we don’t have pre-made tours but create unique experiences for each customer.

Q: What are some of the best things for families to see and do?

We typically take the ages of the children into account to decide what’s best. In general we suggest private guided tours adapted to their attention span, horseback riding, sailing or other active options or perhaps some beach time. The key is knowing the children’s ages and interests so that activities can be tailored to them. If the kids have a great time, the adults will too.

Q: What culinary experiences should visitors not miss while in Spain?

Cooking classes and family owned winery experiences are two of our most requested activities. People love Spanish food and wine so why not roll up your sleeves and have fun with it too.

Q: What are some of the special interest experiences you can arrange for visitors?

We do a lot of Jewish heritage itineraries or itineraries centered on wine for either wine lovers or wine professionals. In our wine itineraries we take people to craft family owned wineries where people can hear the story directly from the owners, or even get a little dirty cutting grapes or pressing them.

Q: Do you have a favorite tour you recommend?

Everything we do is custom built but I really like the wine focused itineraries and/or our Northern Spain itineraries we have been putting together lately. Lots of quaint little towns and off the beaten path areas to discover.

Q: What is included in your golf packages?

Typically we include tee-times, golf carts, hotels, car service a 24/7 guide and even activities for the non-golfers. The last part is crucial since sometimes we have people who don’t play or want to play fewer rounds.

Q: Which golf courses do you highly recommend?

Must play are Valderrama, the only non US/UK course to ever hold a Ryder Cup, also Sotogrande and Finca Cortesin. The beauty of the Southern coast of Spain is that within a few minutes drive there are many championship level courses which are amazing.

Alhambra Palace | Granada, Spain

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