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We’re in Rio with our On Location partner, Rachel Havas, Director of Havas Creative Tours. Rachel brings great insight and up to date information for your adventure vacation planning.

Q: How would you describe Brazil for visitors who are thinking of going there? 

Brazil is the land of possibilities. We have everything from virgin beaches to giant baroque venues, very upscale and exclusive sites, lush nature and unique landscapes. We are known to be several countries in one topped off with an amazing tropical climate and a special ingredient: the people. Brazilians are lively, fun and our way of serving and interacting will bring a special flavor to your visit. These are only a few of the reasons why Brazil was chosen to host 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil ™, Rio 2016™ Summer Olympic Games and the World Youth Day Rio 2013, among other great events.

Q: What is the best time to visit?

We have lovely weather throughout the year:

  • From January to December, good weather, beautiful beaches, culture and nature may be enjoyed.
  • From December to March, our summer, the temperatures hit the higher end of our thermometers, and you will want to experience our 5,000 miles of beaches.
  • From April to November temperatures are mild, around 68 to 86 Fahrenheit.

Q: What are the best places for adventure travelers and what activities are available there?

Brazil and Adventure mix very well together.  

  • The Amazon - to experience the largest tropical forest in the world and to have the chance to be lodged inside its nature is something that will change the way you understand the world forever.
  • The Highlands - we have several beautiful highlands with waterfalls and hiking trails, such as Chapada Diamantina in Bahia.
  • Pantanal - the world’s largest tropical wetland area, in the heart of the country, is a good place to meet wildlife in Brazil.
  • Iguassu Falls – the beauty and power of its waters is amazing. Here you may even enjoy a bumpy river ride on a zodiac!

Q: What adventure and Eco-tourism excursions do you offer?

From South to North, East to West, Havas Creative Tours covers all Brazil.  In each corner of the country we find Eco-Tourism Excursions. These are a few of the options that we offer in Brazil.

  • Rio de Janeiro - full day Jeep Tour inside the Tijuca Forest, the largest Urban Forest in the World, or, if you are looking for adrenaline, climb up Sugar Loaf, the famous post card mountain of Rio.
  • Pantanal region - several lodges offer a pleasant stay where you will be reconnected with nature in the heart of enormous farms, enjoying real food and meeting the best of Brazilian Fauna in our savannah.
  • The Amazon - when visiting the jungle, you may learn how the Indians still interact with the forest by visiting one of the communities, or even interact with the pink dolphins in the Amazon River.  
  • Northeast – in this part of the country, take a buggy ride on the several kilometers of virgin beaches.  In this undiscovered region, there is the beautiful Lençois Maranhenses, in the heart of Maranhão State, a park of white sand dunes and many crystal clear blue water lagoons amongst the dunes.

Q: What is your personal favorite adventure activity and location in Brazil?

It is hard to choose, but I think my favorite adventure city in Brazil is Natal, in the top coast of the Brazilian Northeast.  Here you may board a buggy or a 4WD and drive on the sand dunes of these amazing beaches and enjoy the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  The coast of Natal has some of the most charming small beach cities in Brazil, such as Praia da Pipa, that seemed to have stopped in time 20 years ago, with sand streets and an easy way to handle life every day.  A great program to do with the family!

Q: Are there any unique accommodations for bird watching or wildlife viewing?

Yes! Brazil offers a few very good areas for bird watching, from the North to the South. In my opinion the most peculiar one is the Pantanal.  You may reach this area by flying to Cuiaba to visit the Northern Pantanal or fly to Campo Grande and experience the Southern Pantanal.  In both regions you will enjoy a couple of hours driving away from the city to lodgings in a rustic farm.  You will be in the heart of the Brazilian Savannah with unique species of birds, such as the blue macaw, and several endemic animals that can only be seen here.  Several lodges host programs for animals and birds at risk of extinction, with biologists and specialists who teach you all about our fauna and flora.  The Brazilian Panther, ’onça pintada’ can usually be seen in this region too.

Q: Tell us about Amazon River cruises and good choices for those wanting to do this.

Several international Cruise Ships stop in Manaus and visit the wonders of the Amazon but you may also experience one of the local river cruises, in a rustic typical Amazonian Boat, such as the Amazon Clipper River Cruise, or, if you are looking for a bit more of comfort, the Iberostar Grand Amazon with programs that cruise the heavy waters of the Solimões river, or the calm water of the beautiful Negro River.

Living aboard your river cruise ship you may still have a real connection with the largest tropical forest in the world by going on walking tours to interact with the people that have chosen to live by this amazing river, visiting local communities, enjoying the beautiful pink dolphins and the world famous meeting of the waters, where the Amazon River begins.

Zodiac ride to Iguassu Falls. | Iguassu Falls

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