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Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula

We're in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula with our On Location partner Catherwoods Travels to learn about the Mayan world.

Q: Tell us what to expect when visiting Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

You are instantly in touch with culture the minute you arrive in the Yucatan. It's the people, proud of their traditions; it's the cuisine with ancient roots; it's the music narrating history - Mexico generally is all about culture. Mix with the locals, go to the town markets, experience a Maya ceremony; you'll find culture everywhere.

The Yucatan Peninsula, in the southeast of Mexico, is a region where the Maya legacy is still alive. The Maya is a civilization as splendid as those of Egypt, Greece or Babylon. Don't miss the festivities and celebrations taking place in the little towns and the opportunity to learn and share with the Maya people. You might end up in their homes learning an artisan's technique or being the guest of honor at a family meal!

Q: What are the best ways to experience the Mayan World?

The most important thing is to get into direct contact with people and places only the luckiest travelers reach.

Private tours are an excellent way to discover the region. Expeditions led by archeologists, relaxation at the haciendas and luxury villas, private cenotes, superb cuisine, philanthropy experiences at the Maya communities: The choice is yours.

We can take you to rarely visited archeological sites. We have a range of experts to guide the tours - archeologists, historians and specialists who go further than anyone to enrich your experience.

Q: Give us some examples of Mayan focused tours and excursions.

Private tours to the Mayan cities with an archeologist give you an authentic experience as you learn from an expert all about where you are and what it used to be like when the Mayan world was thriving.

Cenotes, where you can swim in underground pools, in the Mayan sacred waters, are a unique experience. We have a tour where you can actually dine and swim in a beautiful cenote.

Experience the modern Mayan world through voluntourism. There are several opportunities available to assist the community while you are on vacation here.

Visit Izamal - a Mayan city with the largest convent in Latin America filled with Mayan workshops and artisans that create real jewels.

Q: What additional tours are available in the Yucatan?

Everything from language classes to yoga retreats! This is one of the best areas for vacationing it has so much to offer. Visit an ecological reserve, take a cooking class, go on a photography safari, explore private haciendas, it's all here waiting for you!

We are committed to unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experiences with one to 10-day tours or customized expeditions.

Q: Tell us about the haciendas. Can visitors stay at one?

Yes, you can stay at one! Haciendas are located in the Yucatan and Campeche states in the Yucatan Peninsula. They date from the 16th to 18th centuries and were once surrounded by the Mayan jungle. They have been lovingly restored to their former glory after decades of abandonment to become hotels or private rentals. The experience of staying in a hacienda means enjoying the finest accommodation in the region and at same time, supporting and making a difference to the way of life for the Maya communities.

The Haciendas del Mundo Maya Foundation is a nonprofit organization that brings travelers into direct contact with the Yucatan Peninsula's communities, workshops, schools and homes. Its purpose is to conserve and develop Maya identity through the development of educational, health and economic programs within the communities themselves. As a result, the Foundation and the haciendas have received several awards and certifications such as Earth Check, World Fair Trade Organization and Tourism for Tomorrow.

Castillo fortress at sunrise. | Tulum, Mexico

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