That Moment You Experience Nature Like Never Before

By Seabourn  ·  September 2022

Be among the first to savor a new era of ultra-luxury expedition travel. Seabourn expedition voyages combine exhilarating adventure in remote destinations with the ultra-luxury of Seabourn.

This Is Your Expedition Moment

This is your moment to experience the ultimate Seabourn difference on our new purpose-built expedition ships in the world’s most pristine, remote destinations. Enjoy a front-row seat to once-in-a-lifetime wildlife and destination experiences in Zodiacs®, kayaks, submarines, onshore or from the comfort of your ship with a 26-person Expedition Team as your guide.

The Seabourn Expedition Difference

The launch of Seabourn Venture represents a new era in luxury expedition cruising, for those whose appetite for unique experiences in some of the most remote places on earth. All matched by Seabourn’s personalized service, ultra-luxury comfort & amenities onboard.

Join us onboard our newest expedition ship, Seabourn Venture. Venture’s PC6 ice-strengthened hull, and advanced maneuvering technology for superior stability, will provide you with comfort as we explore the farthest reaches of earth. Our 26-member Expedition team consisting of wildlife experts, scientists, historians, naturalists and more, will share their passion for creating unmatched wildlife and destination experiences that will bring these destinations to life. From spotting Polar Bears roaming the ice in the Arctic, to visiting the many Penguin colonies in Antarctica, you will not soon forget the passion these experts bring to your expedition voyage. With a fleet of 24 zodiac and kayaks**, you will be able to explore coastlines, and the ocean at surface level. Plus, with optional activities** such as snorkeling & scuba, and our 2, 6-passenger submersibles* capable of exploring depths up to 1,000 feet, the immersive experience isn’t limited to just what is above the water.

Back onboard our luxurious all-suite Seabourn Venture, you will be welcomed back to your veranda suite by your dedicated Suite Host and Suite Attendant. Together, they will ensure your every preference is met, and anticipate your needs before you even know you had them. Hang your parka in your heated drying closet ensuring it is dry and warm for your next outing and recharge in your luxuriously appointed suite. Enjoy culinary options in one of our eight dining experiences, all of which is complimentary, and reservations are not required, allowing you to dine when, where and with whom you wish. As we travel to and from these amazing destinations, enjoy our Seabourn Conversations with the expedition team. They will provide valuable insights into a destination’s science, history, and culture. The team will also share their experience, knowledge and logistic skills enriching and enhancing your off-ship expedition experience. Finally, as your Expedition voyage comes towards its end, enjoy some relaxation in our Spa & Wellness areas onboard curated around our partnership with Dr. Andrew Weil and an exclusive mindful living program**.

This is your expedition moment to explore lands few have ever seen with our spacious, uncompromised luxury of Seabourn Venture.

* At the Captain’s discretion
** Optional programs, for additional charge


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