Discover Europe's Most Romantic River, the Rhine, with Viking

By Viking  ·  September 2022

The Rhine passes through six different countries as it flows from its Swiss source to the Netherlands.

Discover Europe on a “Rhine Getaway

Explore Europe’s Rhine, with its romantic castles, grand cathedrals, historic cities and spectacular scenery—a rich landscape of beauty and culture.

They say you should never visit the same place twice. But there are a few exceptions to this rule, and the Rhine River is most definitely one of them.

The Rhine Getaway itinerary aboard my Viking Longship was in some ways familiar to me, since I’d cruised some of this mighty river years ago. But last November, this enchanting river cruise allowed me to experience the Rhine in a whole different light. From Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam in The Netherlands, I was captivated by a magical, festive delight—the journey took me to places I could not wait to visit again—as well as many I had never discovered!

Speaking of new places to discover, I reminisce now about my afternoon in the village of Colmar. I fell in love this enchanting town, made even more splendid with Christmas lights and decorations in full swing! As we travelled through the town, it become obvious why it was nicknamed “Little Venice”; the half-timbered houses lining the canals called out to have pictures taken, as they were so charming and yet historic at the same time.

Nor can I recall my week along the Rhine without harkening back to Germany’s Black Forest. My coach ride into this mysterious ancient forest was one of the most scenic I’d ever experienced. My photos came out like postcards of romantic houses nestled in deeply-wooded hills. From enchanting cuckoo clocks to scrumptious slices of Black Forest cake; my time here was simply delightful.

I've always been a firm believer that the Rhine has a distinctive charm and fairy-tale essence all its own. This was never truer than the morning we glided along the section of the river known as the Middle Rhine. I couldn’t take enough pictures of the miles of stunning scenery, and majestic castles climbing vineyard-clad hills. Truly, it was the journey of a lifetime!

As we continued along, the charming towns of Koblenz and Rüdesheim offered a festive spirit, for their seasonal Christmas markets were just beginning. From the smell of mulled wine and roasted, sugar-coated nuts wafting over the holiday bustle, to roasting sausages over open fires and elegant chocolates, it was a feast! The winter chill made it all the more cozy to return onboard and exchange stories with new-found friends over hot cocoa in the Lounge before enjoying a sampling of regional specialties for dinner.

Truly, it is an experience not to be missed!


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