A Taste of Travel

By Regent Seven Seas Cruises  ·  May 2022

Experience all the wonderful flavors and delightful scents of choice cuisine from around the world.

New flavors and intoxicating aromas from far off lands ignite our senses and enliven our spirits with new passions and a growing wanderlust. It’s why we take so much pride in creating dining experiences that are so exquisite: nothing elevates travel like cuisine.

America’s most delicious dishes take on new meaning with the perfectly aged and prepared steaks of Prime 7. At Compass Rose, each appetizer— like the delicate and rich lobster bisque — offers a delightful array of tastes and textures, while every morning is warmed by the heavenly scent of freshly baked breads and pastries, crafted from the Planchot flour we source directly from France.

Allow the sublime and traditional flavorings of the Sole Grenobloise to transport you to the South of France from Chartreuse. Italy is just a meal away via the authentic dishes of Sette Mari at La Veranda, like the subtly enhanced flavors of the Pollo alla Cacciatora. Deliver an exotic touch to your evening with an array of dim sum like the mouthwatering Open-Top Pork and Shrimp Siu Mai with black truffle and yuzu sauce at Pacific Rim on Seven Seas Explorer®, Seven Seas Splendor® and, beginning in 2023, Seven Seas Grandeur™.

The Pool Grill is the perfect spot to relax with friends after a full day of onshore adventures. Or, for a more private evening, enjoy the quiet and comfort of your own suite with a meal prepared to your liking through our 24-hour, in-suite dining service.

Whatever your diet and whatever your mood, our masterful culinary teams deliver unforgettable dining experiences with a wide array of delicious choices, including plant-based and gluten-free offerings. Dining is always whenever, wherever and with whomever you choose. And, there is never a charge for the gourmet cuisine accompanied by the exceptional wines and impeccable service.

Plant-Based Cuisine

We offer an extensive array of innovative plant-based cuisine on menus across the fleet. More than 200 gourmet plant based selections are offered at breakfast, lunch and dinner for the ever-evolving tastes of luxury travelers, whether following vegan or vegetarian lifestyles or simply hungering for more plant-based fare in their diets.

New dishes like Wild Mushroom Tart with Brittle Pie Crust, Mushroom Duxelles and Red Pepper Coulis; Falafel Fritters with Harissa Mayo, Cucumber, Mint, and Capers; Spiced Potato & Green Pea Samosas with Tamarind Chutney; and Summer Berry Pudding Chantilly showcase a range of cuisines including Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Italian, Malaysian, and more. Other menu highlights include nourishing Power Bowls and Poke Bowls, hearty pastas and noodles, light and refreshing salads and soups and decadent items like an Impossible Cheeseburger, and a Peach and Blueberry Cobbler with Cornmeal-Almond Topping.

Gourmet Explorer Tours

Nothing captures the history, culture and flavor of a destination better than its food. Whether it's tasting heaps of chef-prepared local dishes, learning specialized techniques in local cooking classes or roaming local spice markets, a tasty, memorable Gourmet Explorer Tour awaits you. Unique to sailings aboard Seven Seas Grandeur™, Seven Seas Splendor® and Seven Seas Explorer®, our specially curated, Master Chef-led Gourmet Explorer Tours invite you to learn something new as you immerse your palate in the cultural flavors of your destination.

Delight in the local flavors of Nova Scotia, sampling selections prepared by an artisanal charcuterie and imbibing craft beers and ciders made from locally grown apples. In Casablanca, delve into the unique and beautiful scene of the city and learn how to prepare an authentic Moroccan dining experience. Savor each bite, increase your culinary knowledge and expand your repertoire with each of our delectable Gourmet Explorer Tours.


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