Culture and Cuisine in South Africa

By Kensington Tours  ·  May 2022

Embark on a behind-the-scenes journey through South Africa as you unlock history and culture through a world of epicurean treasures.

Epicurean Collection, by Kensington Tours

For those who have a taste for exploration and a thirst for something different, there’s simply no better way to experience the world.

The Epicurean Collection by Kensington Tours is a carefully curated set of itineraries where food, wine, and spirits unite to help you create rich, vivid moments – moments that unlock a deeper understanding of your surroundings and help foster meaningful, personal connections.

Taste the passion and expertise of the world’s makers, farmers, and chefs as they lead you through farms, markets, vineyards, new hotspots, and age-old treasures that are not to be missed. There’s something particularly special about experiencing the world through taste, a drive that unites us while simultaneously calls out the uniqueness of cultures, peoples, and places.

Exploring the Western Cape

One of our favorite foodie destinations around the globe is South Africa – a melting pot of diverse cultures that spark truly unique culinary experiences. Our “Eat Like a Local” tour will have you exploring the city of Cape Town on foot with a renowned food critic, delving into the history of the city and South Africa through the evolution of food. Travelers can take part in Cape Malay cooking classes, gin-fynbos fusion tastings, and personalized wine and barrel tastings with winemakers at popular Cape Winelands estates and retreats off-the-beaten-trail. But it doesn’t stop there – perhaps it’s an oyster and mussel tasting paired with South African bubbles that you crave, or maybe an unexpected picnic lunch delivered with white glove service. And of course, Cape Town is also home to some of the best restaurants in the world, and all at an incredibly affordable price.

Culinary Experiences Outside of the City

Perhaps most remarkably, culture and cuisine go far beyond cosmopolitan borders, and extraordinary experiences can be found in the unlikeliest of places: on safari. The chefs at luxury safari lodges dotting the expanse of spectacular land from Kruger all the way to the Eastern Cape ensure that a foodie experience continues in big game country. Safari days begin with freshly baked pastries and an aromatic cup of java with your guide, and they are followed by a series of culinary events: “pre-breakfast breakfast,” breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner (commonly torch-lit and presented to you in the heart of the wilderness under the canopy of the starlit African sky), often served by your friendly personal butler.

While out on game drives, we can’t forget “after-breakfast breakfast” and sundowner stops which are always a thrill – like an Amarula-infused coffee during your morning game drive in the exact spot where you just witnessed a black mamba slither its way across the road, or sipping on a local gin while enjoying the spectacle that is an African thunderstorm in the distance. Fear not, your safari guide and tracker know what they’re doing, and you can safely enjoy your adventure as they unpack and re-pack your spreads in the twinkling of an eye.

We’d be remiss if we left out one of the most talked about immersive dining experiences in all of Africa: restaurant Klein JAN at Tswalu. Located in the staggeringly remote surroundings of the Kalahari sits a place of solitude under the watchful eye of Jan Hendrik, South Africa’s first Michelin-star chef. The rugged landscape is a stark contrast to the atmosphere that consumes as you walk through the doors – an awe-inspiring, ultra-luxe sanctuary lending to the culinary experience of a lifetime. Locally sourced trimmings, ingredients, and experiences await.

Our South Africa Culture & Cuisine itinerary is the perfect way to start thinking about your epicurean journey through South Africa, and your dedicated Destination Expert will unlock a world of personalized opportunities waiting to be discovered.


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