A Deeper View of Wonders

By Silversea  ·  September 2021

Let Silversea Take You Closer to the Authentic Beauty of Northern Europe

Traveling appeal is about how it makes you feel in your soul when you experience each moment in its purest form. You’re invited onboard a new perspective, one that will show the true colors of the capital cities, the wildlife and the cultures of Northern Europe.

Silversea’s small luxury ships will be your all-access pass to the least known and most iconic historical and natural marvels Northern Europe has in store for you.

From the sunny shores of Lisbon to the bright blue-green glaciers of Iceland and beyond, Silversea’s Northern Europe voyages take you on a path of personal discovery and childlike wonder. Otherworldly destinations with names like Akureyri, Torshavn, Oban and Patreksfjordur trace a route through parts of the world few people will ever get to see. Explore the western coast of Europe all the way up to the lands and waters just below the Arctic Circle, and then on to the lush green fjords of Norway. With faraway places mixed with iconic cities such as Bordeaux, Oslo and Saint Petersburg, our voyages are a journey of exploration, reflection and awe-inspiring contrasts.

A deeper view of an old continent that never felt so new. This is what it means to discover the authentic beauty of the world. Let Silversea take you there — and beyond.

A Deeper View of Northern Europe

Witness the fiery spectacles of Iceland, or the wild beauty and wildlife of Norway and the Scottish Isles. Whether you’re drawn to cathedrals or the countryside, the sublime beauty of Northern Europe will captivate you.


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