With Hurtigruten, Wellness is Well-Rounded

By Hurtigruten  ·  March 2021

Hurtigruten Expedition Cruises has launched a new Wellness Program to celebrate and encourage the key link between personal wellness and nature, and our goal is to aid guests in adopting healthier habits for mind, body, and soul.

Our history and traditions have always called on us to explore in the most sustainable way possible, and we have invested in green technology, advocate for stricter regulations, fight over-tourism, and support local communities. Our new Wellness Program integrates activities and encourages physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing on board our ships, in conjunction with activities and excursions that focus on connecting with nature, such as hiking, nature walks, and kayaking. You will now find yoga, meditation, fitness, tai chi, art, music, massage, nutrition, and other wellness activities on selected expedition cruises. At Hurtigruten, we believe that wellness includes our planet, our communities, our bodies, and our minds. We look forward to helping you to achieve a healthier and more natural lifestyle during our cruises—and beyond!

Hurtigruten’s Sustainable, Hybrid Electric-Powered Expedition Ships

Learn about how you’ll enjoy a well-rounded wellness experience aboard Hurtigruten’s newest hybrid electric-powered expedition ships.


Hurtigruten’s mission is to provide safe, unique, active, and sustainable travel experiences that create lifelong memories. Innovation has been at the heart of Hurtigruten for over 125 years, and we work hard to minimize the impact of our operations and promote sustainable innovation in the destinations we visit.

With the launch of the world’s first custom-built hybrid electric-powered ships, MS Roald Amundsen and MS Fridtjof Nansen, Hurtigruten leads the way in innovative technology for green and clean exploration to some of the most remote and spectacular coastlines on Earth. These vessels use electric propulsion in conjunction with our engines to reduce fuel emissions by 20%—The first of their kind, these ships take environmentally conscious expedition cruising to a new level.


A Hurtigruten expedition cruise features superb onboard facilities designed to help you stay active and rejuvenate for the next day’s adventures.

Tone up in our indoor gyms, featuring rowing machines, fitness bikes, training stations, and free weights. Or enjoy our outdoor gym and the outdoor running track where you can work out in the fresh air while watching beautiful scenery glide by. In warm waters, many of our cruises will offer daily yoga, tai chi, and meditation classes on the outdoor decks with a professional instructor, providing an opportunity for an inner journey as well.

But after an exciting day of exploration or during a peaceful day at sea, there’s nothing quite like indulging in a relaxing massage or other spa treatment. Let our well-trained massage therapists welcome you to a luxurious and healthful experience. In the Wellness Center, you will find highly trained massage therapists offering a wide variety of relaxing services, such as an aromatherapy body massage or a tension-release treatment for your arms and feet, designed to help you recover, relax, and rejuvenate. Our elegant onboard sauna features panoramic windows, and there’s no better place to watch the world go by, and watch for amazing wildlife, than from our hot tubs, or from our infinity pool.


Food is the single strongest lever to optimize human health and environmental sustainability on Earth, and we strive to educate our guests and inspire them to take actions to change their behavior. The food on board our ships reflects these ideals as well as offering superb dining from sustainable, local, and regionally sourced produce, adding a delicious, environmental, and cultural dimension to your travel experience. Our aim is to educate our guests on how to eat healthy to help save the planet and inform our guests about the fact that what you are eating is influencing the way climate is changing. We will tell the stories behind what we eat and why we eat it and explore how food and sustainability go hand in hand. We will talk about the importance of lower food waste and educate on sustainable diets and sustainable ecosystems.

We know that food is about so much more than sustenance and we are thrilled to offer this cultural dimension, as we know that exploration is about opening our minds to new customs, our eyes to new landscapes, and, yes, our mouths to new tastes. Our chefs may utilize unique herbs and spices or adopt traditional cooking techniques from the area, all to add authentic, local gastronomy to the meals they prepare for you. You can also expect some favorite Norwegian recipes on the menu, handed down through generations and a fitting homage to our long sea-faring heritage. We are also thrilled to offer a range of tasty plant-based dishes as essential options into all of our menus.

Sourcing food along the way, whenever possible, helps to cut down the energy needed to transport ingredients and has the added benefit of supporting local small-scale suppliers.

Contact your travel advisor to learn more about which Hurtigruten Expedition Cruise would be right for your wellness journey!


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