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JoinTrafalgar and 'Be My Guest'

Making A Difference and Connecting With Locals When Travelling to Hawaii

When travelling with Trafalgar, guests will connect with people, places and experiences that reveal the diversity of the world through their JoinTrafalgar sustainability and ‘Be My Guest’ programs. From the iconic to the unexpected, Trafalgar’s Hawaii program allows travellers to explore the picture-perfect beaches and colourful coral reefs that go beyond the guidebooks and make travel memories and connections to be savoured for a lifetime.

The world leader in guided travel, Trafalgar, understands travellers are no longer satisfied seeing just the typical attractions and activities. Instead, they are searching for more in-depth understandings of destinations and keen to learn more about authentic local lifestyles, customs and cultures. With over 73 years of experience and 232 carefully handcrafted itineraries across seven continents, Trafalgar promises travellers a rich diversity of experiences and the feeling of ‘pure joy.’

Over the last 10 years, Trafalgar’s ‘Be My Guest’ experiences have been recognized as the original and most immersive local programs that have become a stand out moment for numerous past guests. ‘Be My Guest,’ a concept created over a decade ago, was born from the idea of enabling human connections between local hosts and travellers. Around the same time, JoinTrafalgar was formed with a mission to make travel a force for good by helping people, preserving places and wildlife, and caring for the planet. 

With this in mind, the JoinTrafalgar and ‘Be My Guest’ programs take guests off the typical tourist paths and into homes of locals and family-run businesses for guests to live their very own ‘pinch-me’ moments. Learn more about how these unforgettable meaningful encounters help to ensure the livelihoods and cultural heritage in the destinations guests visit including the following experience that will have you living ‘The Good Life’ and enjoying an Aloha state of mind in Hawaii.

O’o Farm (Hawaii, USA)

Journeying on one of Trafalgar’s four Hawaii programs, guests will meet Maui local, Ancil and visit O’o Farms to experience one of the best farm-to table cuisines Hawaii has to offer. With the lush and tropical forests and pristine white beaches of Maui as a backdrop on this ‘Connect With Locals’ experience, guests will help gather fresh produce for an exclusive delicious alfresco ‘Be My Guest’ island-style lunch. The meal features freshly baked focaccia and delicious locally sourced fish, with the farm’s own macadamia nuts, freshly roasted coffee and local wine.

Back in 2000, surfing buddies turned successful restaurateurs, Louis Coulombe and Stephan Bel-Robert, purchased eight acres of land with a citrus and stone fruit orchard and a few coffee trees. Today, O’o Farm is lined with Hawaiian coffee and fruit trees, rows of vegetables and greenhouses with flavourful tomatoes, herbs and flowers that supply upscale local Maui eateries. When Trafalgar guests experience this once-in-a-lifetime moment, they are helping to ensure the longevity of not only O’o Farm, but the local farm-to-table culture, fighting the trend of deportation that previously saw much of the local produce exported.

Care to join us, discover the real thing, and live ‘The Good Life?’

Travellers can experience the O’o Farm JoinTrafalgar and ‘Be My Guest’ experience on the following Trafalgar Hawaii program itineraries: Hawaiian Explorer, Best of Hawaii, Hawaiian Discovery, Hawaii Four Island Adventure.

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