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Our kind of adventure travel is about actually connecting with the world’s people in all corners of the globe.

People sometimes tell us they don’t want to try adventure travel because they’re not into rock-climbing or skydiving.” What they likely don’t know, is that traveling with G Adventures isn’t about testing adrenaline limits (unless you want it to be). Our kind of adventure travel is about actually connecting with the world’s people in all corners of the globe. It’s about exploring what it means to truly be from a place, rather than just visit. To us, adventure travel is immersive travel.

We have a travel style that illustrates this perfectly. National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures is an exclusive collection of small-group tours designed to take travelers deeper into the cultures and habitats of the world’s greatest destinations. The collection of 83 tours include compelling destinations such as Borneo and Mongolia, as well as less-traveled wildlife parks in Tanzania and Botswana. For example, Travelers will have the opportunity to spend time with a nomadic family in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert and try out traditional archery, meet with Buddhist monks and yak farmers, and learn from park rangers about efforts to reintroduce native Takhi horses to the wild.

Travelers in Israel can take a dual-perspective walking tour of Old Jerusalem’s most famous sites with two guides: one Israeli and one Palestinian. Or for those seeking a more spiritual type of immersion, National Geographic Journeys travelers to Burma visit a monastery to meet with a Buddhist monk and discuss his daily life in this tiny kingdom where happiness is the common goal.

We’ve got loads of immersive travel opportunities for every kind of traveler on every kind of budget. All you have to do is decide where to go. And that, we can almost guarantee, will be the hardest part.

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