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City stays and country escapes in Taiwan

Experience all of Taiwan’s wonders conveniently with direct flights from major cities throughout the North America.

Speed to the top of Taipei 101 for incredible city views or savor the dynamic culinary scene with everything from exciting night markets to elegant fine dining. You’ll find cultural treasures as you shop for local crafts, explore ancient temples, and join in festive celebrations throughout the country. This mountainous island is famous for its natural beauty, with breathtaking cycling paths and healing hot springs everywhere.

Discover Rich Heritage

Taiwan’s diverse cultural history creates a rich tapestry of traditions. Follow the scent of incense to ancient temples where you can celebrate local festivities during the Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. Colonial influences appear in the Spanish-style Fort San Domingo in Tamsui and the ruins of Fort Zeelandia, built by the Dutch, in Tainan.

Cycle World-Class Routes

Mountainous terrain and a mild climate create the perfect conditions for bicycling adventures at every skill level. Glide along a smooth waterfront path in Taipei, or venture to the heart of Taiwan at Sun Moon Lake, named by CNN as one of the world’s most breathtaking cycling routes.

Savor the Flavors of Taiwan

You’ll fall in love with delicate soup dumplings and discover the sweet delights of shaved ice topped with fresh mango. Enticing aromas fill the air at night markets where you can snack on succulent spare ribs and braised pork rice, washed down with milk tea loaded with chewy tapioca pearls.

Hike into Paradise

From strolling gentle pathways to scaling mountaintops, Taiwan’s outdoor beauty invites hikers all year round. Stunning waterfalls await in Yangmingshan National Park just outside of Taipei. Explore rugged mountain trails, lush forests, and glimmering lakes where you’ll be rewarded with epic panoramic views.

Plunge into Hot Springs

With its unique geology, Taiwan has over 100 thermal springs to enjoy. Relax in the healing waters of Beitou Hot Springs in Taipei and travel east to the springs of Taitung, a nature lover’s haven. Just off the east coast, on Green Island, is the rare saltwater Zhaori Hot Spring heated by volcanic lava.

Explore Cosmopolitan Taipei

Ride the metro or hop on a YouBike to discover Taipei’s gems. Ascend Taipei 101, the country’s tallest skyscraper, where you’ll discover the best soup dumplings in the world at Din Tai Fung. There’s always something new to discover with ancient temples, busy markets, and world-class shopping.

Ride the Rails

You can circumnavigate the entire island on efficient and affordable trains, enjoying scenic views along the way: beautiful coastlines, lush green countryside, and rural villages untouched by time. Stop in cities such as Tainan and Hualien to visit temples and museums, dip into natural hot springs, and sample local cuisine.

Go Island Hopping

Beautiful offshore islands offer a bounty of outdoor adventures. Go windsurfing or snorkeling among the coral reefs in the Penghu archipelago, known as the “Pearl of the Taiwan Strait.” Ludao, aka Green Island, was born from a volcano and features one of only a few saltwater hot springs in the world.

Green Travels

A volcanic island surrounded by the sea, Taiwan is ripe for eco-adventures. Sail into the ocean to spot whales and dive into coral reefs teeming with tropical fish. Protected lands are home to unique birds and wildlife, and every winter, the Maolin National Scenic Area comes alive with millions of purple-winged butterflies.


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