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Petra: Beyond the Treasury

Petra. A Rose-Red City half as old as time.

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, and a sprawling ancient city amidst the desert in Jordan. Much has been written about Petra, but there is absolutely nothing that prepares you for the chilling feeling you get upon approaching the entrance and catching the first glimpse of the mighty Treasury. Although the Treasury is undoubtedly the mainstream sight in the Rose-Red City, there is much to be discovered and explored in this ancient City. In fact, Petra is 3 times as large as Manhattan in terms of size.

The Monastery

The Monastery is an incredibly massive structure that is argued by some to be even more impressive than the Treasury. It is a beautifully carved structured and so mighty in size that the doorway itself is several stories tall and is by far the most imposing of the ruins in Petra. Getting to the Monastery itself is a hike through an ancient roc-cut path of about 900 steps. But worry not, there are plenty resting areas, donkeys to rent, and several points of interest along the hike. The best time to climb to the Monastery is in the afternoon, when the path is mostly in shade and the sun is shining on the Monastery’s façade.

Photo by Jordan Tourism Board North America

The Theatre

Deep in the heart of the Ancient City lies a massive Nabataean-built, Roman-style theatre. The Theatre is cut from solid rock from the mountains and seats a whopping 8,000 people.

Photo by Jordan Tourism Board North America

Petra By Night

A truly awe-inspiring experience. If you think there isn’t anything more magical than Petra by day, come and experience Petra by Night. The Siq (the narrow gorge leading to the Treasury) is lit by candles serving a guide to the Treasury. Haunting Bedouin tunes are played as you approach the stunning Treasury Building. Upon arrival, the ancient Treasury building is lit up by candlelight; a testament of time and memory. A bucket-list experience.

Photo by Jordan Tourism Board North America

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