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Experience the Galapagos Islands

In 1967 Lars-Eric Lindblad led the first citizen explorer expedition to Galápagos. He knew that tourism would be vital to its preservation, and played a leading role in its conservation from the beginning. We have been exploring Galápagos ever since. For 50 years we have remained committed to the place, its wildlife, people and sustainability; and to ensuring that our guests have the richest, most immersive and engaging Galápagos experience.

And with over 50 years of knowledge and practice, we do.

Our 50th Anniversary in 2017 has us looking back at our history and forward to a brilliant future — the inaugural voyage of National Geographic Endeavour II, our newest ship. And in honor of our inaugural season, we are offering FREE AIR on all January, February and March 2017 departures, and selected departures throughout the year.

“The most important elements of a Galápagos experience are the islands, the animals and the sea that surrounds them, so the ship that provides access to these things matters greatly.”

We purchased a ship originally designed for exploring the cold waters of the Chilean fjords, and have completely renovated it for Galápagos’ equatorial climate, and our expedition. The 96-guest Endeavour II incorporates our 50 years of expedition know-how, and greatly enhances the expedition experience we provide for our guests. The shipis generously equipped with tools to ensure active personal explorations every day: Zodiacs, kayaks, paddle boards, and complete snorkel gear for all, including wet suits in adult and kid sizes. A newly expanded expedition deck enables us to load Zodiacs and deploy kayaks even more swiftly, ensuring our guests get out to enjoy the islands without lines or waiting. 

Endlessly connected to the outdoors through expansive, view-framing windows, Endeavour II offers superb dining, comfort, and amenities in her private and public spaces, while retaining a relaxed and casual ambience. 

Another element of our expedition style is our renowned expedition team. National Park-trained, as are all guides in Galápagos, our hand-picked team of naturalists is the key to the active, engaging and insightful guest experience we offer. Our large team includes a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor, an embodiment of our 10-year+ National Geographic alliance, to help guests take advantage of the incredible daily photo ops they’ll encounter.

The 96-guest National Geographic Endeavour II, and our yacht-scaled 48-guest National Geographic Islander are both permanently based in Galápagos, offering the convenience of weekly Friday and/or Saturday departures, year-round—to provide today’s curious, intelligent travelers with the most exceptional Galápagos experience possible.

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