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Discover the many faces of Asia

Asia is inundated with stunning landscapes, exotic cuisine, fascinating culture and smiling locals welcoming you to their homeland. While there are commonalities between the different countries in Asia, each has its own unique charms luring travelers to experience something new.

Insider Journeys is your Asia specialist with 22 years of experience and more than 60 itineraries in 11 different countries across Asia. We’ll help you discover all the must-see attractions as well as uncover genuine experiences in a small group with a maximum of just 16 travelers, while our expert guides ensure everything is taken care of so you can relax and enjoy your vacation.


Discover the diverse landscapes, the friendly people and the delicious cuisine of Vietnam, from sparkling bays and rolling hills to modern metropolises and ancient cities. Once a French colony, much of the influence remains. The local cuisine is a highlight, utilizing fresh ingredients with bold colors and flavors. Try it on the bustling streets of Saigon or in an ancient shop-house in Hoi An. With hill stations, beaches, cities, bays and mountains, Vietnam has it all.


Cambodia is most famous for the temples of Angkor, once the world’s largest city. Discover Angkor Wat and the faces of the Bayon as well as mysterious outlying temples and jungle-covered Ta Prohm. But there is so much more on offer. Further afield farmers work the land and villages float on Tonle Sap Lake. The capital Phnom Penh boasts elaborate colonial architecture, while travelers to the south coast are rewarded with colorful sunsets, fresh seafood and uncrowded beaches. The resilient Cambodian locals are incredibly welcoming and make any trip a joy.

Burma (Myanmar)

Being virtually closed to tourists for so long, Burma still has the feel of something undiscovered, despite the growing numbers of travelers. Visions like the Bagan plains dotted with thousands of ancient temples or the skilled fisherman of Inle Lake rowing with their feet remind you that this is truly a world away from home. In the capital of Yangon, the immense Shwedagon Pagoda glitters with gold and jewels.


Thailand has something for everyone. The cuisine is some of the best in Asia and everything from cooking classes to street food tours unveil it to the foodie traveler. The pristine beaches are world-famous and provide a relaxing break, but the culture is the real highlight. It can be found in the sparkling temples, the remote hill tribes, and even the bustling streets of Bangkok.


Despite being landlocked, the tranquil flow of the Mekong through Laos beats the heart of the country. With glittering temples and a strong Buddhist influence on its culture, this is one of the most laid-back countries in Asia. Pristine landscapes and languid villages and towns, create a tropical ambience that permeates for an experience of the Asia of old. With diverse ethnic minority communities and delicious cuisine, even the most seasoned traveler is bound to find something new in Laos.
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