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7 Days in the USVI

Each of the three major islands of the USVI has a unique character all its own and to truly experience the wonders of the Territory you need to visit all three. St. Croix’s Danish influence is perfect for visitors who prefer a laid back experience with historic towns like Frederiksted and Christiansted while St. John is two-thirds national park allowing visitors to enjoy the island’s world-renowned beaches like Trunk Bay and offers hiking and camping. St. Thomas boasts the most visited port in the Caribbean and offers fabulous dining, nightlife, and shopping as well as an abundance of water sports. We invite you to visit us for a vacation experience and discover your own, Virgin Islands Nice!

St. Croix

Day 1: Meet Your New Love

Start your Virgin Islands trip by discovering the beauty and Enchantment of St. Croix. From the rich history inside the Estate Whim Museum, housed in a former plantation, to the islands own Crucian Rum distillery there is much to explore. Head off the beaten path to Cane Bay where the Carambola hike leads to hidden tide pools.  End the day with a visit to Point Udall, the most eastern part of the United States, and home to one of the most beautiful views you’ll ever witness.

Day 2: Embodiment of Paradise

Catch a sail boat and chart 1 ½ miles out from Christiansted’s North Shore to the remote and beautiful Buck Island. The island is a protected national monument, making it one of the most untouched and serene places you will experience. Grab snorkel gear and enjoy the underwater trail around the coral reefs, or frolic on the beach and soak the awe-inspiring scenery.

Day 3: West Man Lime

Catch your breath with a relaxing day soaking in the sun. Grab your bathing suit and flip flops and head to Frederiksted on the west side of the island. Stroll along beautiful Strand Street and enjoy the refreshing ocean spray and stop for a break on Rainbow Beach. If you’re feeling adventurous, visit the pier where the cruise ships dock, where locals jump into the water when no ships are in port! At the end of the day cool off with local homemade Ice-cream at Armstrong’s Ice Cream, featuring local flavors including soursop and guavaberry.

St. Thomas

Day 4: World Renown

Take the quick 20 minute hop over to St. Thomas to experience the islands main attractions. Visit St. Thomas’s famous Meghan’s Bay, a beach celebrated world-wide for its beauty. Take a trip to the various shopping complexes like Yacht Haven Grande and Main Street and see firsthand why St. Thomas is one of the Caribbean’s most popular shopping destinations.

Day 5: Aquatic Escapades

Feeling adventurous? Enjoy a day of aquatic activities. Cut through the ocean waves on a jet ski, practice your chi with paddle yoga, or fly over the ocean propelled by a water-fueled jetpack attached to your feet. If you are interested in venturing under the ocean, you can scuba or take an underwater tour in your own Breathing Observation Submersive Scooter (B.O.S.S.). 

St. John

Day 6: Day by the Bay

Take the short 20 minute ferry over to St. John and spend the day in exploring some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. From Trunk Bay, one of only two underwater areas within the National Park System where you can enjoy an underwater snorkeling tour to Caneel Bay, where you can share the sand with local wild donkeys, now protected on the island, to Maho Bay, where sea turtles often lay their eggs on the beach.

Day 7: Real Local Shopping

To enjoy a refreshingly quaint local shopping experience and pick up one of a kind souvenirs, visit Cruz Bay’s Wharfside Village. The beautiful shopping center always has something new from island fashion to one of a kind handmade jewelry to shops showcasing island folklore and art galleries selling local works.

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