Israel – Land of Creation

An Inspiring Destination

Israel has always been an alluring destination. From biblical times to present day, this slice of holy land in the Middle East has long attracted visitors.

Home to the Mount of Olives, the Sea of Galilee and the ancient port of Jaffa, it’s hard to go anywhere in Israel without stumbling upon a place of religious significance.

But nothing can compare to the holy city of Jerusalem, its stunning skyline is a complete contrast to the touchy political landscape, with its beautiful bell towers, striking minarets and the golden dome of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Split into Arabic, Jewish and Christian quarters, this cultural melting pot translates into a sumptuous culinary scene, as well as a feast for the eyes and experiences.

Visually, Tel Aviv seems a world away from Jerusalem. Israel’s commercial and political heart is a city of glistening skyscrapers, thronging streets and sandy beaches; of contemporary art galleries, excellent restaurants and hedonistic inhabitants.

TravelBrands can suggest ways to beat the crowds at top attractions, uncover hidden charms and introduce you to local life. Whether you’re looking to take in key biblical sights, tour food markets and vineyards, relax in the desert, or want to dine in a family home, TravelBrands will introduce you to the history and culture of this fascinating but complex country.