Spotlight on Leave Nothing but Footprints

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time” – it’s a famous quote we’ve all heard, yet it rings true today more than ever before. While being “on pause” these past couple of years, we had time to reflect on what’s important to us and how we can do better. Many people concluded that when it was time to resume their travels, they wanted to do so more responsibly with sustainability at the forefront of their minds. 

Northern Lights, Hiking Fjords, Oyster Safaris

Following a two-year period of travel quarantines and restrictions, it’s clear that not only are travelers ready to get back out there but that the pause in travel may also have contributed to a shift in how they want to travel. According to a report published by the World Travel & Tourism Council, 83 percent of travelers said they want to travel more sustainably in the future.

Reflective of this renewed focus on sustainable travel, The European Travel Commission together with The Nordic Council of Ministers is working to attract this market with a new marketing campaign.

The Nordics, a coalition of the seven Nordic tourism boards of Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, wants to remind travelers of the region’s myriad attractions in the hopes it will help bolster post-pandemic travel bookings.

The campaign is focused on attracting travelers who are looking to both broaden their minds and develop new perspectives while connecting with local culture, eating local food, enjoying nature, and experiencing local traditions – all in a responsible manner. 

“From mountains, volcanoes and glaciers to fjords, lakes, forests, and black sand beaches, to progressive, environmentally-minded cities, The Nordics offer extraordinary landscapes and experiences for travelers,” said Christina Koontz, U.S. Project Manager for The Nordics. “Collectively, we recognize the fragility of our natural environment – our greatest asset – and are determined to both provide sustainable tourism solutions and educate our visitors to ensure future generations of residents and visitors alike can enjoy our breathtaking destinations.”

A few highlights of travel experiences by country include:


Home of 41 national parks, three million saunas and outdoor activities such as off-road cycling and ice-skating, is planning to become carbon neutral by 2035. Visitors here often cross the Arctic Circle whether by snowmobile, husky sled, or reindeer sleigh. If that isn’t enough, Finland also ranks first in the list of ten happiest countries globally, according to the 2022 Happiness Report.


A perfect vantage point to enjoy the northern lights, this environmentally friendly destination boasts 80 percent of hotels in the capital city of Stockholm that are accredited for sustainability by a third-party certification body and the city of Gothenburg, which has been named one of the world’s most sustainable destinations in the Global Destination Index for almost five years. For those looking to add a cultural stop, The Gothenburg Museum of Art is an art lover’s dream featuring works by Van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt, and Monet, along with many famous Swedish artists and contemporary artists.


In addition to hiking the fjords, visitors can travel along the coast by sailing on hybrid-electric boats. Birders can head to The Faroe Islands where they will find more than 350 different animal species or enjoy a farm tour where the term homemade takes on a whole new meaning with a meal featuring sustainable food straight from the host’s own farm.


From farm to table, visitors here can enjoy a sea-to-table oyster safari in the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea. On land, visitors can enjoy miles of bike paths and skate parks. The country’s commitment to sustainability extends to its secondary use for a waste-to-energy plant — a ski slope! Known locally as Copenhill, this man-made ski slope allows locals and visitors to enjoy skiing without leaving Copenhagen while also helping the country in its continued sustainability and green initiatives.


This under the radar Nordic country offers the perfect location to enjoy everything from icebergs and glaciers to kayaking against the midnight sun while enjoying the summer and northern lights. Travel here is expected to increase in 2024 with the introduction of a 4.5-hour flight from New York.


Geothermal pools, wildlife, and three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, two UNESCO Global Geoparks make this one of the most sustainable destinations in the world. If that isn’t enough, the country is aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 55 percent by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 at the latest. Visitors to Iceland are encouraged to do their part by taking the Icelandic Oath to be responsible tourists by calculating and offsetting their carbon footprint.

Ready for your Nordic adventure? Your Ensemble travel advisor can help plan the perfect sustainable journey.

Traveling Sustainably is Easier with a Travel Advisor

Traveling sustainably and responsibly sounds great in theory, but it’s common to feel overwhelmed by trying to do so. The options seem endless, and it’s hard to know which companies are genuine and who’s truly “walking the walk.” One key way to ensure you’re making the best decisions is to consult a professional travel advisor, so we chatted with Bronwen Hill, an Ensemble travel advisor, to learn the ins and outs of sustainable and responsible travel.

Q: What does “traveling sustainably and responsibly” mean for travelers?

As a global community, we must work together to protect each other. Traveling sustainably and responsibly is about making choices to respect the destination(s) you are visiting. It is about protecting cultural sites, keeping the air clean, and ensuring natural landscapes are as beautiful in 50 years as they are today. Traveling sustainably and responsibly is also about learning from each other, respecting on another, and ensuring the destination(s) we visit benefit financially from our visits.

I, personally, don’t want travelers coming to my community, my home, and leaving it worse than when they came. I and we, as travelers, need to consider our impact when we travel to a destination. Let’s ensure we keep our dollars in that community, let’s support local programs that support the community, and let’s remember that the sights we visit are also important to the local people. We must travel in a way that allows the local community to continue to enjoy it long after we have left. Simply put, making thoughtful and respectful choices is what traveling responsibly means.

Q: Why is traveling sustainably and responsibly so important?

The benefits gained by traveling sustainably and responsibly is what makes it so important. Our considered choices contribute to enhanced lifestyles for both the destination hosts and the visitors. It allows us to learn from one another and form a mutual respect.

Q: How can travel advisors help their clients travel sustainably?

As travel advisors, we are able to educate and guide our clients. The presentations we make to our clients (verbally or written) influences the choices our clients make for their travel experience. Presenting sustainable and responsible itineraries to our clients demonstrates to them that it is possible to make the shift from corporate/mass experiences to local ones.

Q: For travelers hoping to offset / carbon-neutralize their travel, what do you recommend?

Pick a program that speaks to you. Trees4Travel and Cool Effect are two programs that have a similar mission but achieve it in different ways. We need both programs in order to offset our total greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). By having various programs with a particular focus, that means they do it well. Pick the one that speaks to you and offset there. You may choose different programs for different types of travel you participate in, and that is ok.

Q: Can travelers travel sustainably/responsibly no matter what mode of travel they’re partaking in (e.g., airplane, cruise, hotel, etc.)?

Yes. Some travel styles are definitely better choices than others, but it’s about the choices you make. The company you travel with, the food you eat, the activities you choose to partake in, and the way you present yourself as a traveler all matters. By choosing sustainable and responsible travel options, we are proving what is important to us, and we are creating the change that needs to happen.

Q: Which destinations do you feel are best suited for a sustainable vacation?

Destinations that have a management plan in place are the best suited. These destinations know their capacity, and they have guidelines in place for protecting cultural and natural sites. They are working with local businesses and organizations to ensure the community is benefiting from the tourism that happens in their location, and they are promoting modes of transportation that significantly reduce GHGs.

Q: BONUS: Is there anything else you’d like travelers to know about traveling sustainably and responsibly?

Make incremental changes one trip at a time. Instead of choosing the cheapest flight available, choose the non-stop flight. You will have more time at the destination and less airport “kafuffle.” Stay centrally located so you can walk to attractions or take public transit. Choose restaurants that have their own garden or buy local, in season produce. Choose accommodations that utilize environmentally considerate cleaning products. Incremental changes ensure that making the switch to more sustainable and responsible travel isn’t overwhelming.

Fore more information, speak with your Ensemble travel advisor about your travel options.

Top 10 Destinations for Sustainable Travel

When it comes to sustainable travel, the companies that do it best are those with sustainability as part of their core values or as the driver of their missions. For example, our partners G Adventures and Lindblad Expeditions both consider sustainable tourism as part of their DNA, and their origins and actions back their claims.

Since 1990, G Adventures has been the pioneer of community tourism ensuring tourism benefits the local people in the places we travel to, and in turn, turning the local people into custodians of their surrounding environments. In 2017, G Adventures introduced the Ripple Score to help customers transparently see how much of the money they spend locally in a destination actually stays there.

Lindblad Expeditions is the pioneer of expedition travel, especially expedition cruising, inspiring people to explore and protect the planet. For more than 50 years, Lindblad has built ground-breaking programs in education, empowered local artisans, protected wild areas, and so much more. They create “planetary stewards” by taking travelers into the wild and inspiring them to care.

If you’d like to travel to a destination where sustainable tourism lives at the forefront, here are 10 places G Adventures and Lindblad Expeditions recommend.

1  |  Galápagos Islands

Lindblad Expeditions pioneered expedition travel to the remarkable Galápagos Islands more than 50 years ago. Today, they lead expeditions year-round to this magical archipelago famed for its vibrant wildlife. Encounter giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, playful penguins, and charismatic sea lions in their natural habitats, unfazed by your presence. Over the years, Lindblad Expeditions has provided key funding, via their local partners-in-conservation, for the ecological restoration of island ecosystems, and in 2017, they pioneered a trailblazing farm-to-table program.

2  |  Ecuador

On a trip by G Adventures, travelers will stay at their new home in the jungle and meet a Quichua family who will host the group in their village for the next four nights. You’ll discover waterfalls on jungle walks, travel to an animal rescue center by canoe, learn about medicinal plants and how to use a blowgun, and experience a shaman ceremony.

3  |  Pacific Northwest

Discover the bountiful Pacific Northwest in Lindblad Expeditions’ dining rooms, on farms, in orchards, and at wineries. Lindblad chefs source ingredients from local, sustainable farms as part of a culinary program raising the bar on locality, seasonality, and sustainability. Their certification as a Food Alliance Supply Chain Ally ensures food served aboard their ships in the Pacific Northwest is produced by well-treated workers, derived from humanely raised animals, and that regional wildlife habitats are protected and enhanced in its production. Additionally, Lindblad’s Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch certification means every species of seafood is assessed to ensure only the most sustainable options are served.

4  |  Bhutan

Imagine exploring the “happiest country on Earth” while walking along the same path used by royals, monks, and traders for thousands of years. That’s the Trans Bhutan Trail. Until the 1960s, it was the only way to get around the mountain kingdom of Bhutan. Now, it’s reopening for the first time in 60 years. On a 12-day tour with G Adventures, you’ll travel and trek along the best portions of this historic trail, using your own two feet to experience rural and spiritual life in the most beautiful parts of the country.

5  |  Alaska

Lindblad Expeditions’ small ships go beyond the predictable ports to where authentic Alaska is found — in the palpable thunder of a calving glacier, amidst the smell of towering spruce trees, and during intimate encounters with wildlife. Through the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Fund, Lindblad supports projects, such as the Alaska Whale Foundation and National Geographic Society Grants, which are both crucial to preserving Alaska’s expansive wilderness and iconic wildlife for generations to come. Additionally, Lindblad’s culinary program is committed to serving sustainable seafood and regional produce, and it’s rooted in long-lasting relationships with their providers.

6  |  Thailand

With G Adventures, Thailand becomes so much more than an exotic beach destination. You’ll trek up into the mountains to meet Thailand's remote hilltribe communities on a five-day adventure. Head out from wondrous Chiang Mai and through a national park to Lahu and Karen villages, spend time with a shaman, explore deep caves by bamboo raft, and marvel at the lush jungle scenery before arriving at the hilltop village of Ban Jabo with the warmest of welcomes.

7  |  Baja California

Sail among pristine islands in search of rare endemic creatures, encounter whales for an experience that will never leave you, and snorkel with playful sea lions. Wildness surrounds travelers as Lindblad Expedition ships ply the rich waters of the Sea of Cortez and whale nursery bays of the Pacific. Traveler donations in Baja California support Fondo Mexicano’s Gulf of California Conservation Fund, and every dollar donated to the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Fund in Baja California generates at least two additional dollars from The David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature, tripling the power of each donation. Additionally, through Lindblad’s Artisan Fund, travelers will empower local artisans, helping them hone their craft-based businesses and achieve financial security for themselves and their families.

8  |  Kenya

On the Upgraded Kenya Safari with G Adventures, you’ll travel through Kenya’s vast, jaw-dropping landscapes on an exploration of three of the country’s protected natural areas, including the Masai Mara National Reserve. While driving through open, acacia-dotted plains and rolling hills that seem to stretch on forever, you’ll spot a variety of African wildlife and, hopefully, the Big Five. While on the trip, you’ll also learn about rhino conservation at the Kenya Wildlife Service, and you’ll spot wading hippos on the shores of Lake Nakuru.

9  |  Costa Rica

G Adventure’s action-packed tour of Costa Rica’s highlights is perfect for the adventurer with limited time who wants to explore the region’s diversity. Get your adrenaline pumping, follow a trail to the base of a waterfall, melt away in thermal springs, or relax on a beach — your CEO (Chief Experience Officer) will guide you away from the tourist hotspots and help you find the secluded places only the locals know.

10  |  Antarctica

Exploring Antarctica should be a pinnacle event in any traveler's life, and key to your experience is the Lindblad Expedition fleet: top-tier Ice Class vessels, purposefully designed and built to venture deep into the ice in comfort and safety. Over 50 years ago, Lars-Eric Lindblad chartered a ship bringing the first non-scientific travelers to Antarctica, and preserving this special place and its wildlife while leading the way in sustainable tourism has been part of Lindblad’s DNA ever since. Lindblad was involved in the creation of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO), they support world-renowned scientists who use their ships as a platform to study whales around the Antarctic Peninsula, and they help Extreme Ice Survey maintain their time-lapse cameras. Plus, donations from Lindblad’s Antarctica travelers contribute to impactful work such as National Geographic Pristine Seas.

Sustainable Tourism: Perceptions, Practices, and Realities

Taking actionable steps toward sustainable travel doesn’t have to be complex.

We don’t have to go too far or search too long to find the terms “sustainable tourism” and “responsible travel” in today’s tourism lexicon. Most travel and tourism businesses ardently acknowledge their relevance and necessity. Yet, the application and practice of sustainability, in all its forms, remains far more elusive. In part, this can be attributed to an absence of information available to the public about existing practices. This in turn has led to a chasm between the perception and realities of sustainable tourism.

A few years back, like many others, I came to the realization that travel and tourism weren’t always the carefree constructs we believed them to be. There was a wake in our path, and it was often littered – figuratively and literally. Since then, my aspiration has become to authentically engage with sustainable tourism, working to constructively share this information with the travel community and travelers.

Most of us first became aware of sustainability when we learned that by picking up our towel off the hotel’s bathroom floor, we would single-handedly save the Amazon rainforest. It didn’t quite work out that way, as nice as it sounded. “Greenwashing,” as it is known, still exists today, in more subtle forms and usually as marketing gimmicks. Public perception about sustainability hasn’t progressed much past this, unfortunately, despite an increasing number of travelers eagerly looking to incorporate these practices into their journeys. Other misperceptions surround responsible travel as well. One is that it costs more to travel sustainability; it doesn’t. Responsible travel is as much a mindset as it is a tangible practice. A desire to consciously approach our journeys is an important first step to understand our role in travel and then to educate ourselves about how to do it.

Image Credit: Elewana Sand River Masai Mara, Kenya

Environmental impact is one of three core pillars of sustainable tourism and, certainly, the most recognizable. Yet, there are two other components that are equally important: protecting cultural heritage and maximizing benefits for the local economy. Taking these three elements into account, the core of sustainable tourism is drilled down to “acting and treating the people and places we visit with respect, the same way we expect others to act when they tour our homes and communities.” It is effectively the practice of "do no harm” and leave the destination as you found it, if not better, for the those that come after.

Here are a few sample questions we should all consider to begin applying sustainable and responsible practices to our travel journeys:

  1. Are our accommodations utilizing sustainability practices such as water and energy conservation? Are they using sustainable materials when and where possible, versus single-use items?
  2. Is it possible to use alternate means of transportation such as trains, buses or bikes?
  3. Are we supporting the local community and economy by visiting locally owned restaurants and stores?
  4. Do the airlines, hotels and tour operators we travel with provide the opportunity to carbon offset?
  5. If we visit indigenous people or groups, are we respectful of them and their culture? Did they participate in the criteria and planning of tourism to their towns, villages, and/or homes?

While sustainability can often be a confusing issue, it does not have to be complex. It does need to be fundamental to travel going forward and, in many ways, should be considered crucial. The reality is sustainable tourism is common sense stuff. Vacations should never be work or come with a to-do list. Let’s face it, the hardest any of us expect to work on a trip is worrying about having to be the “WiFi Whisperer” – Be strong; you can do this; you got this! Our vacations should always be the time we need to relax and enjoy ourselves and, hopefully, with some easy sustainability practices included, they will be beneficial to all involved, which is the ultimate goal.

Step aboard the world’s greatest ships

Each month we’re showcasing our cruise partners to bring you the latest on the cruise line and their ships. With different cruising styles and a variety of ships to choose from, you’ll find these profiles helpful for selecting the cruise that’s right for you.

Why Azamara?

Connecting People to People, People with Cultures, and People with Themselves
Azamara® is committed on giving you a fresh perspective on life. We do this through our Destination Immersion® experiences - the philosophy behind every one of our voyages- comprised of longer stays and more overnights in port, prime docking locations, access to world events, Country-IntensiveSM voyages and authentic shore excursions. And now, take your exploration to new heights with the largest selection of pre- and post-voyage programs in the cruise industry. We promise you the time and space to discover the nuances of local life – because, to us, that’s what travel is all about.

What Makes Azamara Different?

  • Smaller Ships—escape the crowds and explore places off the beaten path. We often dock near city centers, so guests are only a short walk from unique, authen!c experiences.
  • Destnation Immersion® Experiences—we’ll get guests much closer to the action with our exclusive guided onshore adventures and customized private excursions.
  • More Late Nights and Overnights— we stay longer in port than any other cruise line. Later departures and overnights in many ports mean guests have much more time to experience local tradi!ons and culture, or even take a night tour.
  • Complimentary AzAmazing Evenings®—private, bespoke events for all guests, showcasing the best of local culture (on regularly scheduled sailings) of 7 nights or more.
  • Complimentary Destination CelebrationSM - an onboard adaptation of AzAmazing Evenings, will be offered during the beginning of our 2022 sailings.
  • Azamara Shore Excursions—each shore excursion in this immersive collection brings guests closer to the heart of local life in every destination they visit.
  • Top Tier Service—our stateroom-to-guest ratio is an unparalleled 1.7 to 2 and allows us to offer personal, hands-on service at every turn. Plus, enjoy extra touches in your stateroom throughout the dura!on of your voyage, including fresh flowers and fruit, afternoon tea service, evening canapés, and more.
  • Country-Intensive VoyagesSM—we pioneered this concept of voyages that dock in most, if not all, of a country’s marquee ports as well as its less-visited hidden gems. Ultimately, allowing guests to unpack just once and dive into their country of choice without worrying about transporta!on or hotel transfers.
  • Land Programs—we have created unique pre- and post- voyage op!ons through partnerships with some of themost renowned land tour operators. We take guests behind the scenes of local life in one inclusive price. It’s land travel, by ship.

The Ship

Smaller Ships—escape the crowds and explore places off the beaten path. We often dock near city centers, so guests are only a short walk from unique, authentic experiences. We have 4 Sister Ships: Azamara Journey, Azamara Quest, Azamara Pursuit, and Azamara Onward


Your Own Seaside Retreat

Welcome to your vacation home with ocean views, sea breezes, and all the style and amenities of a boutique hotel. Relax in your cruise stateroom with plush cotton robes and slippers, French bath products, fresh flowers, and 24-hour room service. Our goal is to make you comfortable so you can spend more time on important things. Like exploring the world.

The Luxe Life: Your Cruise Stateroom

When you book a cruise stateroom, you'll love the polished style and stellar service in your own private retreat. You'll appreciate the finer touches included, but it takes more than a beautiful room to elevate a voyage from "good" to "great." With Azamara®, you'll discover just how much professional service and a friendly attitude can add to your enjoyment.

  • Club Veranda Stateroom
  • Club Veranda Plus Stateroom
  • Club Oceanview Stateroom
  • Club Interior Stateroom

Experience the Suite Life

The premier way to travel, discover luxury with each Azamara voyage from our Club World Owner's Suite, Club Ocean Suite, Club Continent Suite or Club Spa Suites. As a suite guest receive a variety of exclusive benefits in addition to modern accommodations and authentic service. We take care of all the details, so you can focus on the adventure ahead.
A boutique hotel at sea, each of our cruise suites offer the comforts of a five-star hotel suite with the added decadence of ocean views, sea breezes, and butler service. Relax with spa-like sea breezes, and butler service. Relax with spa-like amenities including plush cotton robes and slippers, French bath products, fresh flowers, and fine linens. Open the sliding glass doors to your private veranda and curl up with book, dine al fresco dining, or stargaze. Share a drink of your favorite spirit—on the house. And should you need anything, your English-trained butler is never more than a call away, ready to assist with reservations, private parties, dinners for two, and much more.

  • Club World Owner’s Suite
  • Club Ocean Suites
  • Club Spa Suites
  • Club Continent Suites



A choice of excellent restaurants catering to every taste, with sommeliers on hand to advise on the best wine choices. There are also exclusive specialty dining venues (complimentary to suite guests, but otherwise carrying a small surcharge of $30 per guest). In all of our dining rooms, we encourage guests to follow a “country-club casual” dress code, following good taste and common sense.

Discoveries Restaurant
Open for breakfast, lunch,* and dinner, and offering a wide variety of nightly selections, like filet mignon with black truffle sauce, our main restaurant provides an elegant, yet lively dining scene. Serving up to 334 guests, tables can accommodate large (up to ten) or small (up to four) parties with no reservation required.


Open for dinner, two intimate venues seating up to 84 guests on Azamara Quest® and Azamara Journey® and 86 on Azamara Pursuit®. On request, both can be reserved for special events during lunch and dinner. Special restaurants are complimentary for suite guests, otherwise carrying carry a small surcharge of $30 per guest.

Aqualina Serving a modern twist on classic Italian dishes against a backdrop of floor-to-ceiling windows and soothing contemporary décor. Prime C Our exclusive steakhouse features a menu that includes a varies of cuts of meat, seafood, and vegetarian options, all cooked to perfection and complemented by tempting starters and desserts. Pair your meal with a changing daily selection of boutique wines with our compliments, along with select international beers. Or ask our sommelier for help choosing a special bottle from our Wine Cellar, containing a large collection of limited production, small label, and rare vintage wines.


Windows Café
Our casual buffet ordering made-to-order breakfasts and a large varies of lunch and dinner options.

Windows Café seats up to 154, plus alfresco seating for 70 guests on Azamara Quest and Azamara Journey and 102 on Azamara Pursuit.

The Patio
Casual “pool grill” by day. Then, fine tablecloths and flickering candles will set the mood for a sit-down al fresco dining experience by night. Taste your way around the world with exclusive personalized dishes using local flavors of the places we visit on our Destination Immersion inspired cuisine dinner menu served by our professional wait staff.

Mosaic Café
Open all day until late into the night, the centrally located European- style café is a sociable gathering place where guests can linger over specialty teas and coffees, freshly prepared pastries, cakes, sandwiches, and scones—on the house, of course. Or relax with after dinner drinks at Mosaic@Night.

24-Hour Room Service
Enjoy a full breakfast menu in the comfort of your own room. The lunch & dinner room service menus feature hearty soups, fresh salads, gourmet sandwiches, pizzas, and tempting desserts.


  • Prime C Restaurant - steak and seafood
  • Aqualina Restaurant - Italian-inspired cuisine
  • Windows Café - breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts
  • The Patio - casual grill during the day,
  • restaurant in the evening
  • Swirl & Top - self-serve frozen yogurt station
  • Discoveries Restaurant
  • 24-hour room service
  • The Living Room
  • The Drawing Room
  • Card Room with In Touch computer stations
  • Pool Bar
  • Cabaret Lounge
  • Casino and Spirits Bar (excluding PursuitSM)
  • Mosaic Café Coffee Bar
  • Discoveries Bar



Guests will be delighted by our onboard entertainment and our famously friendly international crew and staff. They’ll feel inspired by ports around the world, even before they step foot on shore. At Azamara, guests step aboard a cruise where the voyage is as important as the destination. The Cabaret Lounge hosts live performances of full-scale musical revues, classical soloists, bands, and other entertainment. With more late night and overnight stays, we often bring local dance troupes, musicians, and other performers onboard for an authentic taste of local culture.

White Night Party

Pack your finest whites – you’ll want to break them out for this evening under the stars. Our White Night Party turns the entire pool deck into a nightclub for an evening of singing, dancing, and plenty of good times. To kick off the festivities the deck is set with tables for a dinner served by Azamara staff. When possible, local entertainment is brought onboard for the evening, making for an immersive cultural experience without having to leave the ship.

Fitness Center & Spa

Our first-rate spa offers exclusive body, facial, and massage treatments, health and wellness consultants, and acupuncture, plus a full-service salon and medi-spa. The modern and well-equipped fitness center hosts daily complimentary fitness, yoga, or nutrition classes led by certified instructors.

Bars & Lounges

Dance in the Living Room, meet for a pre-dinner cocktail at Discoveries Bar, or simply relax with an espresso or liqueur at Mosaic Café, one of the ship’s favorite social spots. All bars and lounges, during operating hours, serve complimentary select standard spirits, international beers and wines.

The Den

Featuring live music in the evenings and drinks from the neighboring full bar, Spirits, this is a guest favorite lounge found onboard the Pursuit® and the Quest® on Deck 5.

Onboard Shopping

A choice of venues carrying a tasteful collection of clothing, beautiful jewelry and fine watches, gifts, souvenirs, and other everyday essentials await your incentive qualifiers.

Stay Connected Onboard

As you’d expect, your guests can keep in touch with the office or home while onboard with mobile phone and wireless data services, or if preferred, with direct dial in-stateroom telephone service (charges apply). We also provide mail and shipping services.

Through a Wireless Maritime Service agreement, we’re able to offer an advanced roaming network that allows guests to make and receive calls using their own mobile phone. Rates for mobile phone use are determined by the guest’s home carrier.

Use the onboard internet lounge, inTouch, or bring your own laptop or tablet. Prepaid internet packages can be purchased in incremental units, based on the planned number of minutes usage. Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire ship, including staterooms and suites.


Inclusive Amenities for All Guests

  • Complimentary AzAmazing Evenings® event (on most voyages of seven nights or longer)
  • Beverages: Select standard spirits, international beer and wine, bottled water, soft drinks, specialty coffees, and teas
  • Gratuities
  • Self-service laundry
  • Shuttle service to and from port communities, where available
  • Concierge services for personal guidance

Additional Amenities for Veranda Plus Guests

  • 120 complimentary internet minutes per guest
  • One free bag of laundry service per stateroom, every seven days
  • One night of complimentary specialty dining for two, every seven days
  • Priority embarkation and debarkation
  • Complimentary in-room spirits

Even More Amenities for Suite Guests

  • Butler service
  • 240 complimentary internet minutes per guest
  • One free bag of laundry service per suite, every seven days
  • Complimentary specialty restaurant dining
  • Afternoon tea service in-suite
  • $300 in onboard credit for guests in World Owner’s Suites, Ocean Suites, and Spa Suite

Change The Way You Sea℠

On Disney Wish, Dreams Really Do Come True.

Step aboard and experience enchantment everywhere you turn, with world-class dining by award winning chefs, one-of-a-kind Character experiences, spectacular entertainment, and calm relaxation, all in one ship.

Enter a world where wishes come true. Where princesses meet pirates, where heroes meet destiny, where excitement meets relaxation and the most fantastical, magical things can happen. Disney Wish, the newest ship from Disney Cruise Line, brings to life the spectacular worlds and beloved Characters from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars™ and Pixar like never before, all with the service and care that you expect from a Disney vacation.

The Ship

On Disney Wish, you will be at the heart of the stories you know and love. See the splendor of queen Elsa’s ice magic, assemble with some favorite Avengers, join Mickey and Minnie on a wild adventure or cruise through the stars in a galaxy far, far away. So much awaits when magic meets the sea.

The magic stems from the fairytale-inspired Grand Hall, the heart of Disney Wish. Watch as the space transforms into an immersive entertainment venue where you can meet some favorite Disney Characters and enjoy dazzling performances, all under the sparkling chandelier that glitters with Disney magic.

Ships’ Registry: The Bahamas
As to Disney properties, logos, artwork: ©Disney


When you’ve had a day filled with excitement, adventure, and relaxation, return to your spacious stateroom where the Disney enchantment continues through magically themed décor. Meet a ship where every detail is considered and crafted with your family in mind.

Ships’ Registry: The Bahamas
As to Disney properties, logos, artwork: ©Disney


Aboard Disney Wish, delicious food is just the start of your dining experience. Dine in new worlds every night and enter some of your favorite stories.

Be magically transported to the world of Frozen at Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure and meet some favorite royals and their dear friends. Queen Anna and Kristoff are celebrating their engagement and inviting you, their honored Guest, to join them.

After you’ve had your Frozen fun, suit up at Worlds of Marvel, a cinematic dining experience showcasing the latest in quantum technology. Step into your own Super Hero story where your favorite Avengers might look to you to help them save the day! 

Ships’ Registry: The Bahamas
As to Disney properties, logos, artwork: ©Disney


While cruising, adults and kids alike will meet a spectacular range of exciting, immersive experiences that take you into the stories that started it all.

Take a ride on the cartoon side at AquaMouse! This groundbreaking water slide is the first ever Disney Attraction at sea where you can join Mickey and Minnie on their latest caper. Along with AquaMouse, the upper decks are home to ten pools and water play areas and the Hero Zone, an innovative recreational space filled with activities and excitement.

On Disney Wish, adults can rest and relax in exclusive spaces. Sip a cocktail at Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge, the first-of-its-kind space, serving some of the local delicacies throughout the galaxy. Or sit back at Quiet Cove, a refuge dedicated to lounging, sipping and soaking up the sun.

Ships’ Registry: The Bahamas
As to Disney properties, logos, artwork: ©Disney


So much is possible at imaginative kids’ clubs. Tap into your imagination and find out what it’s like to be an Imagineer. Design your Super Hero suit and meet some favorite Characters, royalty and heroes.

Ships’ Registry: The Bahamas
As to Disney properties, logos, artwork: ©Disney