Spotlight on When’s the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?

The question says it all – when’s the last time you did something for the first time? Given the state of the world for the past year and a half, it’s probably been quite a while since you’ve splurged, done something big, something new and, perhaps, even checked off a bucket list item. But, with the end of the year upon us and the beginning of a new year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to finally do the one thing you’ve been dreaming of (or at least get it on the books). 

Fulfill Your Wanderlust with an African Safari

There is no denying our wanderlust is stronger than ever. We are hungry to discover the world’s top destinations and perhaps try something new while making a difference.

For award-winning, luxury safari operator African Travel, Inc., there’s no better place than Africa to have an extraordinary and rewarding journey. Read on for their safari experts’ top picks for the continent’s most meaningful experiences.

Bucket List Safari

For those looking to tick off as many African experiences as possible, you’ll find a diversity of city, wildlife and UNESCO sights across South Africa and Victoria Falls. Each of African Travel’s safaris features MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Experiences, and there are plenty here from transformational cultural encounters in Cape Town to Big 5 safaris in private reserves where you are actively immersed in helping protect the wildlife.

Video Credit: African Travel, Inc.

Magical Kenya

Hailed as the home of the classical safari, Kenya’s diversity of ecosystems, sustainable experiences and wildlife species makes the destination so appealing. Fulfill your dream of seeing the Great Migration in the Maasai Mara and consider other unique experiences. Meet the last two living white rhinos in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, go behind the scenes at elephant orphanages and with anti-poaching teams, and spot the Samburu Special 5.

Image Credit: African Travel, Governors’ Il Moran Camp

Family Safaris

Africa brings textbooks to life. Wildlife sightings will please every family member while future global citizens gain new insights from experiencing diverse cultures. For families traveling with younger children, South Africa is a great option with malaria free game reserves. For those with older children, consider a family safari in Botswana or East Africa which offers more adventurous and Instagram-worthy experiences. You can even rewild the kids at The Bush School in Kenya.

Image Credit: African Travel, House in the Wild

Flying Solo

Tired of waiting for others to join you on your dream safari? Don’t wait any longer. Africa is a very rewarding experience for solo travelers, but it does take some careful planning to choose the right safari and avoid costly single supplements.

Consider staying in camps with a more communal experience often found in South or East Africa or join a small group safari. African Travel’s Tanzania Explorer visiting the plains of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater has limited no single supplements and small intimate groups of no more than 12 guests.

Image Credit: African Travel, Serena Safari Lodge

Enchanted Rwanda Encounters

In Rwanda, the numerous encounters will touch your heart. “The land of a thousand hills” promises a magical encounter with the highly endangered mountain gorilla, a Big 5 experience in Akagera National Park, and interesting local tours seeing how a united Rwanda stands as an extraordinary example of the best of humanity.

Image Credit: African Travel, Bisate Lodge

Heritage Travel

Looking to retrace your roots and explore Africa’s exciting future? Consider customizing a journey through South Africa. Follow in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela through a collection of soulful encounters in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, then meet the artists and makers crafting Africa’s future. African Travel loves arranging high tea with the artists at Ardmore who create colorful home decor, jewelry and ceramics that demonstrate Zulu traditions.

Image Credit: Cape Town Tourism

Land and Water Safari in Botswana

Botswana awaits if you want to immerse yourself in nature. Home to thriving waterways and rich wildlife sanctuaries, visit the famous Okavango Delta, meet the meerkats of the Kalahari region, and see where elephants rule in Chobe National Park. Open vehicle game drives, walking, mokoro (canoe), and boating safaris offer unique perspectives on this wild kingdom.

Image Credit: African Travel, Xigera Safari Lodge

Safari, Your Way

Every trip to Africa is hand crafted by African Travel experts who have lived and traveled extensively in Africa, and they include a 24/7 concierge service and local Africa hosts available to assist with changes. Together with Ensemble advisors, they customize safaris in 16 African destinations as well as offer rail journeys, a Platinum Collection of villas and private safaris, and group getaways. Every journey includes a donation made to wildlife conservation or a child’s participation in the Land & Life Foundation Wildlife Warrior program.

Image Credit: African Travel, Sundowner Cruise on Zambezi Explorer

Contact your Ensemble travel advisor to customize a safari with African Travel.

Main Image Credit: African Travel, Royal Malewane Game Drive

Do Something for the First Time with Southwest Adventure Tours

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure but wanting to stay a bit closer to home, look no further. Debbie Morroni, Director of Agency and Consumer Sales at Southwest Adventure Tours, sat down with us to chat about their endless touring options that are sure to spice up your bucket list.

Q: Tell us more about Southwest Adventure Tours.

As a Destination Management Company and Tour Operator, we provide tours for individuals and groups through the Great American Southwest. We focus on conducting sightseeing, photography, and adventure tours. With Southwest Adventure Tours, ADVENTURE AWAITS!

Our specialty is small group experiences – usually between 14 and 25 passengers. We offer a wide range of multi-day tours and day tours from Las Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and other local areas adjacent to national parks. From lodge and hotel-based tours to camping and backpacking, we can provide you with unique itineraries and opportunities throughout the American Southwest.

Q: What are the most unique and unexpected tours the company offer?

Canyoneering, Rock Climbing, and Rappelling

Q: For travelers wanting to visit a U.S. national park for the first time, what are a few options you recommend?

Mighty 5 Utah from Salt Lake City – this is one of our most popular tours. Southwest Adventure Tours will show you Utah’s Mighty 5 national parks in eight days. Those parks are Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion. Each park will enable you to see unique geological formations all within the region of Southern Utah.

On our Trail of the Ancients tour, we explore thousands of years of culture, history and traditions of the ancients who dwelt in this region prior to the creation of the United States. Starting with the Archaic period, then the Ancestral Pueblo (or Anasazi), followed by the Pueblo and Navajo Indians still living on these lands today, you will have the opportunity to follow their trails and discover them on this seven-day adventure throughout the southwest.

Q: For travelers who are avid national park visitors, what are some unique tour options they may not have experienced before?

A unique tour option is Yellowstone & Grand Teton Winter Adventure. You’ll visit the parks via snowmobiles and snow coaches.

Q: What are some great destinations and tour options for families and groups of friends?

Our Grand Teton & Yellowstone Explorer Tour is a great way to see both parks and learn about the area. Glacier National Park is another amazing trip to take with your family and friends.

Q: For the “do-it-yourselfers” out there, does Southwest Adventure Tours offer any self-drive tour options?

If you are wanting to travel and explore the American Southwest, there’s no better way to explore it than in an automobile with you behind the wheel. If you are not interested in utilizing our professional guide service, let us take our years of experience and provide you with an itinerary you can use while road tripping throughout the Southwest. We offer you complete flexibility to add or remove locations, change the length of your stay at each location, and upgrade (or downgrade!) your accommodations or car rental.

Q: BONUS: For travelers looking to step outside their comfort zone, what type of tour (or which one tour) do you recommend?

We recommend the Northern Lights Alaska Tour with negative 14-degree Fahrenheit temperatures. This is a wintertime tour of the area around Fairbanks, Alaska where you can view the Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern Lights). The main auroral band usually crosses the state in an arc north of the Alaska Range, home of Denali, North America’s tallest peak, which is just south of Fairbanks. The city and its surrounding area is probably the state’s “sweet spot” for Northern Lights viewing.

Image Credit: Southwest Adventure Tours

10 Amazing Places You Must Experience in 2022 and Beyond

Live life to the fullest – it’s a motto that rings true now more than ever before. For some people, that may equate to traveling to as many countries as they can in their lifetime. To others, it may mean scratching off their bucket list destinations only. No matter which you relate to, here’s a list of exceptional places you must experience in your lifetime with personal accounts from travel professionals on what makes these destinations so special.

1  |  East Africa

A destination of destinations, East Africa is home to several countries worth visiting, particularly Kenya and Tanzania. Whether looking to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, go on an African safari, or explore African culture, East Africa is the perfect destination for travelers craving to step beyond their comfort zone and explore.

“Two of my favorite destinations are Kenya and Tanzania. The expanse of the savannahs and plains, whose primary inhabitants are not humans, but animals, is a miracle of nature. I will never forget the munching sound of hippos at night lulling me to sleep in my luxurious tented camp ‘hotel.’”


2  |  France

Perhaps the most iconic draw to France is the Eiffel Tower as travel professional, Heather, stated in simplicity. Even if you stray away from touristy spots, the Eiffel Tower can be appreciated from afar. And, even the cynics among us must admit, there’s something magical about its twinkling lights at dusk that will make you fall for the “city of love.” As travel professional, Missi stated, “There is no city quite like Paris. It is the ultimate destination for a romantic getaway to stroll the streets, relax in a cafe, and take in its breathtaking beauty.”

But only 4.5 hours southeast of Paris and under two hours southwest of Geneva lies a beacon in its own right – Lyon.

“During early December, Lyon hosts the Festival of Lights or “Fête des Lumières,” a really unique and special experience. For about two days, the buildings, mountains, etc. in Lyon are covered in light shows with accompanying music – a truly spectacular and great start to the holiday season.”


3  |  Glacier National Park, U.S.A.

It’s no secret that national park popularity has skyrocketed in recent months, but if you’re looking to visit a national park unlike any other, Glacier National Park will have you feeling like you’re in an entirely different country.

“Driving Going-to-the-Sun Road from West Glacier up to Logan Pass is an experience like no other. Not only is it full of adventure and endless hiking options, but the drive is absolutely gorgeous with breathtaking views of snow-capped mountain peaks and wide valleys, stunning waterfalls and lakes, and pristine glaciers. While we were there, the pass unexpectedly opened on our last day, so we took the drive up. We ended up hiking a portion of the (still snowy) path to Hidden Lake Overlook in water shoes because we were unprepared after whitewater rafting. We may not have made it to the end of the hike, but we had a blast and several laughs (and slips) along the way. Plus, we saw bighorn sheep!”


4  |  India

India may not be top of mind for most travelers but, simply put, it should be. From architectural wonders and diverse landscapes to exceptional cuisine and hospitality like you’ve never experienced, India is known to leave a mark on the hearts of all who visit.

“It’s hard to pick one city in India as it is an entire country experience. India is often a much overlooked travel destination and, yet, it should not be! What makes India so near to my heart is the humanity and peacefulness of the people. Their entire spiritual essence demands acceptance of all people, no matter their religion, race, or station in life. The beauty and diversity of the land is breathtaking – majestic, regal and, in the south, so lush and fertile. There is no one I have ever met (including travel professional naysayers whom I urged to go) who has not come back changed and changed in the most wonderful sense.”


5  |  Italy

Although it may seem like the no brainer of must-visit destinations, Italy’s draw extends far beyond its iconic big cities and Tuscan vineyards. Of the more popular destinations, one that is smaller and sometimes overlooked, yet worth the visit, is Pompeii. Outside of the obvious trip to the archeological site, the area is full of captivating experiences.

“We climbed Mt. Vesuvius and stopped for pizza at a local restaurant on the mountain where the tomatoes were grown out of the rich nutrient soil from the eruption years ago. It made for the best tasting sauce!”


However, one of the more unexpected Italian jewels is Monte Cassino and its World War II cemeteries.

“I have driven up Monte Cassino about three times in my life, and we will try to go back again next summer. The drive is harrowing, but the abbey is classic Roman beautiful. It has a 1,500-year history as the origin of the Benedictine order, but it is actually built on a temple of Apollo. It was a key position on the Gustav line hosting countless battles on its slopes. The building was completely destroyed in the war and many noncombatants died there. We have relatives in the area; I know one who died in the battle down in Cassino as well as someone who rebuilt the building after it was destroyed. The most moving moment you will have is reading the cemetery markers behind it. Many have inscriptions remembering specific deeds and personalities of each of the soldiers buried below. I still remember that moment from 35 years ago.”


6  |  Lake Louise, Canada

Another stunning North American destination that’s straight from a fairytale is Lake Louise in Banff National Park. Whether you visit in the summer to enjoy the water sports and hike or in the winter to ice skate and ski, the pristine blue hues of the lake water and the captivating mountainous terrain will leave you breathless.

Franca, a Canadian travel professional, recommends hiking up to Table Mountain to see the elk and soaking in the nearby hot springs.

7  |  Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Sometimes overlooked by other Caribbean destinations, the Dominican Republic is more than just a beach destination. Although famous for its white sand beaches and fun nightlife and dancing, Punta Cana is also known for its outdoor adventures, architecture, vibrant culture and, as travel professional, Carla, mentioned, outstanding catamaran excursions for scuba diving and snorkeling.

“The Dominican Republic, my home country, has everything to offer from beautiful sandy beaches to amazing food. Another place I'd recommend in the DR is Bahía de las Águilas in the province of Pedernales – uncharted territory but so worth the drive.”


8  |  Tokyo, Japan

As the world’s largest metropolis, Tokyo might seem overwhelming at first glance, but if you look beyond the skyscrapers, city lights and fast pace, you’ll find the local culture, and the locals themselves, to be one of a kind. As amazing as visiting the famous landmarks can be, sometimes simply taking part in a destination’s everyday way of life is just as, if not more, rewarding.

“I used to live in Tokyo and commuted from my house to work on the JR train line. On my way to work, I'd stop at one of the mom-and-pop kiosks on the station platform to pick up a bento box lunch every day. On my way home from work, I'd change trains and platforms and always had about 15 minutes between connections. I'd step up to a standing-only ramen noodle counter, order the one soup they served, and then slurp it down quickly with the other people at the counter before racing off to catch my connecting train. I loved the ritual, and getting to know the local community as much as possible makes all the difference in the world.”


9  |  Walt Disney World, U.S.A.

Known as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Walt Disney World is most often seen as a vacation destination for families with children. But, if Mickey Mouse knows how to do one thing perfectly, it’s pulling out the kid at heart in all of us. From the Walt Disney World Food & Wine Festival to the Walt Disney World Marathon to simply riding the rides for some good old-fashioned fun, there’s always a reason to take a trip to this magical kingdom, no matter your age.

“Right now, Walt Disney World is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and I was lucky enough to experience it. The parks are full of unique experiences, decorations and merchandise to celebrate "The World's Most Magical Celebration," and it's definitely one to not be missed!”


10  |  Any Cruise Ship

Destinations in their own right, cruise ships are more than hotels on water to take you from place to place – they are a complete unparalleled experience. And, the best part about cruise ships is that you can choose the cruise line that best fits you and what you’re wanting out of your vacation. Luxury and seclusion? Got it! Fun for the entire family? Look no further!

“I consider cruise ships to be a top must-visit destination. Today's cruises ships are often the destination themselves because they’re built to be floating cities. Many cruise ships offer world class entertainment, gyms, first-class dining and shopping experiences, plus exotic ports of call all wrapped up into one!”


Experience Rocky Mountaineer's Newest Rail Journey Across America's Southwest

Rocky Mountaineer, which has been operating luxury rail journeys in Western Canada for over 30 years, launched their first standalone American route in August 2021. Rockies to the Red Rocks travels between Denver, Colorado and Moab, Utah with an overnight stop in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. While they are well known for their impeccable service and incredible scenery in Canada, what can you expect on the American route? Read on to find out!

Prepare to take a lot of photos

Rocky Mountaineer railcars are well known for their expansive windows that give guests the best views of passing landscapes. The views from the train are unparalleled and inspire guests to capture the scenery through hundreds of photos. To capture the perfect image, place your camera directly against the glass window to reduce glare, or visit the outdoor platform for a different vantage point.

Choose the best time to travel

The train travels by day, so guests don't miss a moment of the incredible passing scenery. This makes April to October the ideal times to travel. In the spring months, guests will experience the mighty Colorado River, which the train travels alongside for much of the journey, at its strongest. Summertime brings beautiful flowers and warm, arid temperatures. The autumn months are accentuated by the epic changing colors of the leaves. Each season brings its own unique experiences on the train. 

Come hungry

The all-inclusive culinary service on the train is a delight for the senses with highlights of regional flavors and ingredients, which continues throughout the two-day journey. From two-course breakfasts to three-course lunches, not to mention the continual beverage service, Rocky Mountaineer guests do not leave the train hungry. One of the more popular dishes is the roasted pork loin, which is seasoned with rosemary, Durango honey, and a whole grain mustard demi-glace, and served with local seasonal vegetables. Meals are served at your seat so you never miss a moment of the breathtaking scenery.

Enjoy a lounge car on rails

Guests interested in having more space to roam can choose to book the SilverLeaf Plus experience for access to the adjacent lounge car. In the lounge car, guests can enjoy an enhanced beverage service with additional wine and spirits options served by a dedicated onboard host. Guests will also discover an unexpected benefit of the lounge car — it is the ideal spot to meet and socialize with fellow guests from around the world. 

Explore unique destinations

After a relaxing day on the train, guests can continue to enjoy warm hospitality in their overnight destinations by dining in local restaurants, exploring national parks, and learning about the history of the American Southwest. Denver, the Mile High City, is well known for its local craft breweries. In Glenwood Springs, guests can take a dip in the world’s largest mineral hot springs pool, which is an enjoyable way to celebrate the end of a travel day. Moab is situated between two national parks, Arches and Canyonlands, making it the perfect home base for any adventure.

Western Canadian Routes

For those looking for views of snowy mountains and sparkling glacial lakes, join Rocky Mountaineer onboard for a journey through the Canadian Rockies. Operating from April to October 2021, Rocky Mountaineer offers three distinctive rail routes in Canada connecting the Pacific city of Vancouver with the Canadian Rocky Mountains. These routes offer two onboard service choices: SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf Service.

Contact your Ensemble Travel Advisor to secure a 2022 booking on Rocky Mountaineer’s newest route.

Image Credit: Rocky Mountaineer

Step aboard the world’s greatest ships

Each month we’re showcasing our cruise partners to bring you the latest on the cruise line and their ships. With different cruising styles and a variety of ships to choose from, you’ll find these profiles helpful for selecting the cruise that’s right for you.

A dazzling debut in the Caribbean!

The third vessel in the Pinnacle Class series and the seventh ship to bear the name for Holland America Line, Rotterdam will carry 2,668 guests and feature highly successful amenities and innovations introduced with her sister ships. Throughout the ship, Rotterdam will showcase Holland America Line hallmarks that drive one of the highest guest repeat rates in the industry: exquisite cuisine guided by seven of the world’s leading chefs; gracious, award-winning service; and superbly appointed staterooms and suites, including family and single accommodations.

At Holland America Line, we believe travel has the power to change the world. We consider it our higher purpose to help make the world a better place through opening minds, building connections, and inspiring a shared humanity.

For 147 years, Holland America Line has been a recognized leader in cruising. If you are looking for some of the most spacious and comfortable ships at sea, award-winning service, exquisite dining, extensive activities and enrichment programs and compelling worldwide itineraries, you've come to the right place.

Our fleet of 11 modern classic ships offers more than 500 sailings a year visiting all seven continents. Cruises include both popular and less-traveled ports in the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Mexico, South America, the Panama Canal, Australia, New Zealand and Asia — as well as unique voyages to the Amazon, Antarctica and our extended Grand Voyages.

Carefully Crafted Journeys
Balance. Depth. Authenticity. These are the elements we bring to more than 500 itineraries, stopping in 100 countries, the world over. Our Explorations Central (EXC™) program adds meaning and context, making your journey an even richer experience.

Spacious, Mid-Sized Ships
Holland America Line holds true to the timeless elegance of ocean travel. From the moment you step aboard one of our spacious, mid-sized ships, you’ll feel the difference. Classic nautical lines. Beautiful appointments. Warm, hospitable service.

Immersive Culinary Journeys
Under the guidance of our Culinary Council® of chefs, fine dining at the Pinnacle Grill, Tamarind, Canaletto, Rudi’s Sel de Mer and in our Dining Room is truly memorable. Hone your culinary skills at Port-to-Table shows and workshops.

Exclusive Onboard Activities
Through exciting new partnerships with BBC Earth Experiences; Explorations Central (EXC™) programs and live entertainment, you can continue exploring on board.

The Ship

Named Rotterdam, our newest cruise ship makes a dazzling debut in the Caribbean this November. Rotterdam hits all the right notes: exquisite dining, innovative entertainment, superbly appointed staterooms and suites, the finest service and craftsmanship that reflects nearly 150 years of expertise. Music is front and center on Rotterdam and the result is a ship that moves—not only through water, but through the hearts of guests. With world-class dining and the best live music at sea, this new cruise ship creates the soundtrack to the discoveries you’ll make each day.

The third vessel in the Pinnacle Class series and the seventh ship to bear the name for Holland America Line, Rotterdam will carry 2,668 guests and feature highly successful amenities and innovations introduced with her sister ships. Throughout the ship, Rotterdam will showcase Holland America Line hallmarks that drive one of the highest guest repeat rates in the industry: exquisite cuisine guided by seven of the world’s leading chefs; gracious, award-winning service; and superbly appointed staterooms and suites, including family and single accommodations.

Onboard Rotterdam, guests are in for a visually rewarding journey with some of the most thought-provoking, striking and bold pieces in the fleet — including historical works and memorabilia from beloved previous sister ships.

Rotterdam’s art collection is valued at more than $4.1 million and was curated by Oslo-based YSA Design and London-based ArtLink, who collaborated with acclaimed hospitality design atelier Tihany Design. The result is a museum at sea with 2,645 pieces of diverse works ranging in value from $500 to $620,000 that spans the decks, public rooms and staterooms.

More than 37 nationalities are represented by Rotterdam’s artists. Many of the pieces focus on entertainment, showcasing themes of music, dance and movement, weaving the ship’s narrative of a “new sound of cruising” into the art. The works are in many media, including photography, painting, mixed media, illustration, prints and sculpture.


Refined amenities and our signature Mariner’s Dream™ bed grace each elegant stateroom offered by Holland America Line. Most of our spacious cruise ship rooms are ocean-facing; many have teak-lined verandahs for dining alfresco or sunbathing in private.

  • Complimentary 24-hour In-Room Dining
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Generous Storage
  • Safes for your valuables
  • Deluxe bathrobes
  • Elemis Aromapure bath amenities
  • Complimentary fresh fruit
  • Complimentary shoeshine service
  • Complimentary ice service

Neptune & Pinnacle Suite
With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a private verandah, these spacious suites are flooded with light. They feature a large sitting area and two lower beds convertible to one king-size bed—our signature Mariner's Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses.

Signature Suite
These spacious, elegant suites feature a sitting area with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a private verandah; two lower beds convertible to a queen- or king-size bed—our signature Mariner’s Dream™ bed—and a Murphy, Pullman or sofa bed, depending on configuration.

Vista Suite
With a verandah, floor-to-ceiling windows and comfortable sitting area, these comfortable suites are filled with light. They include two lower beds convertible to one queen-size bed—our signature Mariner's Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses, plus a mini-bar.

Filled with light from floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a private verandah, these staterooms include a sitting area, two lower beds convertible to one queen-size bed—our signature Mariner's Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses, and shower.

Ocean View
These expansive staterooms include two lower beds convertible to one queen-size bed—our Signature Mariner's Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses, premium massage shower heads, a host of amenities and an ocean view.

Family Ocean View
With accommodations for five guests, this stateroom includes two lower beds convertible to one queen-size bed and one upper bed—all are our signature Mariner's Dream™ beds with plush Euro-Top mattresses, plus one sofa bed for two persons. There are two bathrooms: one with bathtub, shower, sink and toilet, one with shower and sink.

Single Ocean View
Perfect for guests traveling solo, these staterooms feature one full-size Signature Mariner's Dream™ bed with plush Euro-top mattress, plus a shower with premium massage head, an array of modern amenities and an ocean view. The configuration of staterooms may vary from the images shown.

Two lower beds convertible to one queen-size bed—our signature Mariner's Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses, premium massage shower heads and a host of amenities are featured in these comfortable staterooms.


Explore a wide range of delicious onboard dining options - everything from a burger and fries by the Lido pool to the Pan-Asian flavors of Tamarind to the ultimate in refined and luxurious dining at Pinnacle Grill. A team of world-class celebrity chefs is charting an exciting course for dining across our fleet. With their global traditions and diverse culinary interests, they're adding inspired new signature dishes to our menus.

With the collective experience, passion and creativity of seven world-class celebrity chefs, the Holland America Line Culinary Council® brings global influence and expertise to dining venues across our fleet. Onboard our ships, each of our executive chefs is a member of the prestigious Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, an international food and wine society.

Master Mixologist and James Beard awardee Dale DeGroff and James Suckling, one of the world’s most acclaimed wine critics, create the perfect pairing with our Culinary Council.

In addition to the impressive Dining Room, guests will delight in specialty restaurants Rudi’s Sel de Mer, a French seafood brasserie; Tamarind, exploring traditions of Southeast Asia, China and Japan; Nami Sushi with tasty sushi and Asian spirits; Pinnacle Grill, the ultimate steakhouse at sea; Canaletto with family-style Italian dining; and Club Orange exclusively for guests in the Club Orange program.

Additional culinary venues include Grand Dutch Café featuring traditional Dutch coffee and treats and European beer; Dive-In, serving up gourmet burgers and fries poolside; New York Deli and Pizza, offering made-to-order sandwiches and pies; and Lido Market, with themed serving stations that revolutionize the buffet experience.

The Dining Room
Our flagship dining experience is a welcoming and sophisticated setting for an exquisite breakfast, lunch or superb multicourse dinner.

Pinnacle Grill
The ultimate steakhouse at sea, with an exceptional menu of Prime steaks, seafood and wine.

Canaletto is a relaxed setting with authentic Italian cuisine that is best enjoyed when shared.

Explore traditions of Southeast Asia, china and Japan with cusine praised by Condé Nast Traveler as rivaling the top restaurants on land.

Rudi’s Sel De Mer
Master Chef Rudi Sodamin’s award-winning, lively brasserie offers a modern twist on classic French dishes and seafood.

Nami Sushi
Nami Sushi presents the vibrant recipes of Mast Sushi Chef Andy Masuda. Located within Tamarind, it offers tasty sushi and Asian spirits.

Lido Market
A casual, modern marketplace. Lido Market offers the widest range of food options on board for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late-night snack.

This casual poolside grill serves up the best burgers at sea. Nathan’s Famous gourmet hot dogs, golden French fries and more.

New York Pizza
Our poolside pizzeria has fresh Italian salads and authentic thin-crust personal pizzas with savory toppings.

With many flavors to choose from and ingredients like Sicilian pistachios and amarena cherries, each frozen spoonful transports you to Italy.

Grand Dutch Cafe
Enjoy a savory snack, a pint of lager or a traditional Dutch coffee in a space that exudes Dutch heritage from the moment you walk in.

24-Hour In-Room Dining
Enjoy breakfast in bed or an early dinner on your verandah – entrees and more are available whenever you wish.

Explorations Café
Our relaxing café with panoramic views is your home for handcrafted espresso drinks during the day and refreshing cocktails in the evening.


Delivering the best entertainment at sea, Rotterdam celebrates live music with an exclusive collection of world-class performances each night.

Rotterdam delivers the best live music at sea with an exclusive collection of world-class performances nightly at Rolling Stone Rock Room with classic rock hits; Lincoln Center Stage, offering chamber music; Billboard Onboard, where live musicians entertain the crowd with chart-topping hits; and the popular B.B. King’s Blues Club, bringing the best of Memphis music to sea.

Lincoln Center Stage
In an exclusive partnership with the world’s leading center for the performing arts, we proudly present Lincoln Center Stage, showcasing outstanding musicians performing multiple programs of chamber music most evenings, as well as afternoon recitals during leisurely days at sea.

B.B. King's Blues Club
Direct from Beale Street, B.B. King's All Stars bring the best of Memphis music to sea. From funky and fast to soulful and smooth, enjoy dancing and try specialty cocktails like the Lucille and Rock Me Baby.

Billboard Onboard
2 pianos - 60 Years of Chart Toppers - 100s Of Songs. Sing along, test your music trivia skills or just sit back and enjoy as the hits fill the room each night.

Rolling Stone Rock Room
Step into the pages of Rolling Stone magazine for a unique experience chronicling rock history as a live band kicks out iconic hits by your favorite stars.

Watch music shows and other entertainment like you never have before at World Stage.  Rotterdam brings the World Stage experience to the next level with a two-story, 270-degree wraparound LED screen. A perfect panorama of sight and sound.

The Casino offers a wide array of gaming options. Whether you prefer slot machines or want to try your hand at blackjack or poker, our dealers and staff are available to provide complimentary instruction — and we offer many engaging tournament options. The Casino is only open at sea.

We have partnered with BBC Earth to bring you unforgettable new ways to experience the world's natural wonders. Through the innovative and breathtaking programming, guests will be taken closer to the ocean and the natural world through groundbreaking concerts and films.

Holland America Line's youth activities program, Club HAL, offers an array of entertaining events for kids and teens ages 3-17, supervised by a full-time, professionally trained staff. They'll have an opportunity to join other kids their age for arts and crafts, sports, video game competitions, scavenger hunts, challenging team games and themed parties.

Stop by the professionally staffed Fitness Center equipped with the latest cardio and weight machines. Try one of our classes on indoor cycling, Pilates and more or work out at your own pace. You can also head out for fresh air and exercise on deck, where you'll find basketball and volleyball courts, and two refreshing pools (available on select ships). Some classes may have a nominal fee.

During a leisurely day at sea, few places help you refresh, relax and rejuvenate like the Greenhouse Spa & Salon®. This heavenly retreat nurtures every aspect of your well-being with renowned spa rituals and healing touches. In the spa, pamper your skin with facial treatments featuring premium, naturally sourced ingredients. Nurture your body, too, with massage treatments employing time-honored, hands-on massage techniques gleaned from around the world.

Watch your favorite stars light up the night on a giant outdoor LED movie screen by the Lido Pool.

Enjoy a wide variety of duty-free shopping in such signature shops as The Vault, Diamonds and Gemstones by Merabella, which offers the best diamonds at sea, brought to you by Effy.

Each voyage brings a guest chef on board to guide you through the culinary traditions of your destinations. Try local flavors at a food & wine tasting, add a new recipe to your repertoire at a live cooking demonstration or indulge your senses at a fine dining event.

For those looking to continue their epicurean immersion on shore, guest chefs lead select shore excursions*, exploring local cuisines while sharing their gastronomic expertise in the field.


Cruising has long been known as a great vacation value, especially for families, extended multigenerational family groups and groups of friends traveling together with their families. Share a world of fascinating cultures, natural wonders and amazing adventures when you bring your crew to meet our crew on a Holland America Line cruise.

On board, everyone has the freedom to pursue their passions, their way. Younger travelers can join kids their own age on a treasure hunt with Club HAL while you get a crash course on Mediterranean architecture at an Explorations Central presentation. Later, the entire family can come together to share the day’s highlights over freshly made pasta at Canaletto. In port, enjoy family-friendly shore excursions — from whale-watching in Alaska to touring the original Legoland in Denmark. And, at the end of each fun-filled day, unwind in spacious, comfortable accommodations that fit your family perfectly.

Holland America Line's youth activities program, Club HAL, offers an array of entertaining events for kids and teens ages 3-17, supervised by a full-time, professionally trained staff. They'll have an opportunity to join other kids their age for arts and crafts, sports, video game competitions, scavenger hunts, challenging team games and themed parties.

Family-Focused Experiences
A variety of entertainment options, daily activities and dining venues let everyone in your family craft their ideal day. We offer supervised, age-appropriate games, sports and activities on board for kids and ‘tweens, while teens can enjoy an exclusive venue and special events. Elsewhere, the whole family can learn to make the chewiest brownies on the planet at a live cooking show or explore the natural world with BBC Earth Experiences.

Dining Options For Everyone
Bring your crew together to enjoy a variety of flavors as varied as the destinations we visit with onboard dining experiences designed by our dedicated Culinary Council of world-renowned chefs. Half portions of menu items and a special kids’ menu with favorites like pizza, mac and cheese and fresh fruit are available at any of our dining venues. Plus, kids 12 years old and under eat for half price at our specialty restaurants or free when ordering from the kids’ menu.

Perfect For Reunions
Whether you’re planning a family reunion or a small group getaway with friends and family, we offer endless ways to discover, explore and connect together. Enjoy exclusive activities, excursions and programs to suit travelers of all ages.

Family-Friendly Shore Excursions
With Holland America Line you’ll find a range of shoreside experiences to suit the interests and activity levels of everyone in your family. Swim with sting rays in Mexico or the Caribbean, spend a day at the original Legoland in Northern Europe, go on a whale-watching quest or dog-sledding adventure in Alaska and so much more. Our award-winning shore excursions give you new ways to discover destinations together.

Staterooms & Suites To Fit Your Family
Our staterooms and suites come in an array of sizes and configurations to fit your family. Family-friendly options include sofa beds, Murphy beds and connecting rooms. Rotterdam, Nieuw Statendam and Koningsdam also feature dedicated family staterooms with beds for five guests, extra closet space and two bathrooms — one with a bathtub, shower, sink and toilet and one with a shower and sink.


Refresh, Relax and Rejuvenate
During a leisurely day at sea, few places help you refresh, relax and rejuvenate like the Greenhouse Spa & Salon®. This heavenly retreat nurtures every aspect of your well-being with renowned spa rituals and healing touches. In the spa, pamper your skin with facial treatments featuring premium, naturally sourced ingredients. Nurture your body, too, with massage treatments employing time-honored, hands-on massage techniques gleaned from around the world.

Explorations Central™ (EXC®), Holland America Line’s exclusive destination programming, is designed to deepen your understanding of the places you visit. Its indispensable travel resources and opportunities to engage with experts and local insiders, make exploring each port of call more vivid and meaningful.

Your Happily Ever After Starts Here
All you need is love. And all you want is your dream wedding. Our wedding packages make it easy to tailor your nuptials to perfection. Your wedding coordinator will handle all the details, so you can relax and enjoy your big day.

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Be one of the first to sail on our newest ship, Rotterdam, to the Caribbean! Every itinerary visits our award-winning private island, Half Moon Cay.