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Take a look at the inviting spa and wellness options available in this exotic region. Morocco and the nearby Atlantic islands are home to a range of plants, oils, water and minerals that lend themselves to natural treatments, just right for your wellness vacation!


This stunning Portuguese island is one of Europe’s leading spa destinations. Magnificent spa facilities feature everything from treatments using local floral ingredients to Middle Eastern mud baths, Finnish saunas and ice baths. Paramedical treatments are also offered.

  • Aromatherapy is all important on this garden island. Fennel, rosemary, eucalyptus, ginger, orange and anemone leaved cranes-bill are included in spa treatments.
  • Hydrotherapy is a traditional favorite in Europe and you’ll find it in Madeira using seawater and minerals. Baths, jets and underwater massage improve circulation and help a number of ailments.
  • Signature treatments at spas on the nearby island of Porto Santo feature local seawater and sand renowned for their curative powers.

Canary Islands

Enjoy the benefits of nature, sea and sunshine on the Canary Islands. A pioneer in wellness travel, this destination is billed as "healthy by nature", featuring Spain’s leading mineral-medicinal waters and some of the best thermal waters in the world.

  • The diverse landscape make volcano and volcanic stone therapies a natural choice.
  • Fields of Aloe Vera grow here so you’ll find many treatments featuring this curative plant.
  • Thalassotherapy centers and spas offer 20 basic treatments using local ingredients, herbal teas and Canary Islands mineral water.


Plants growing in the desert areas and aromatic essential oils are two parts of the Moroccon spa and wellness experience. The hammam or communal steam room similar to a Turkish bath, is another important aspect of health and wellbeing in Morocco.

  • The weekly escape to the hammam is a break for the body, mind and soul, so it is the perfect addition to any spa and an ideal setting for spa treatments like body scrubs and masks. Hotels have their own hammam.
  • Argan oil and Rhassoul mud, rich in minerals, are local ingredients perfect for any Moroccan massage.
  • Many tour companies offer spa vacation packages to Morocco where you’ll stay in a luxury hotel with a spa offering all the treatments you could want.

Consider a spa and wellness vacation for the perfect antidote to your busy life.

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