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Save the equivalent of the tax (value up to $1000 per couple).

Air Canada Vacations knows some memories stick deeper than others. They also know you won’t forget the sloth you hung out with in a lush Costa Rican rainforest or the salt that a day of surfing the coast left on your skin. You’ll never have to struggle to recall the sight and smell of the turquoise ocean horizon as you caught your breath atop El Castillo, Tulum’s ancient Mayan architectural gem. And chances are good that calling to mind the time your eyes rolled back as you tasted traditional Jamaican jerk spice on the white sand beaches of Montego Bay under the shade of a rustling palm won’t be hard either.

Experiences like these — found only in the countries that hug the Caribbean Sea — are forever. Happily, they’re also in hand. As you flip through these pages, decide which spot is yours — really, truly yours. Then take the time to decide what resort will be your home base for every adventure you want to have in your perfect place. Think of every accommodation as a safe, soothing fortress of fun. If it’s zip-lining through the jungle or staying as horizontal and hydrated as your beach lounger will allow between naps and massages, don’t sweat it. No one decides your dream days but you. Need help choosing?

Just ask. Answering travel prayers is what Travel Advisors do. May all your adventures be unforgettable!

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Valid on new bookings of select packages and departure dates with min. 3 nights stay. Applicable to groups & kids. Combinable.

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