South America

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Imagine facing a sleek jaguar, gazing at a lost civilization’s mist-shrouded temples, whitewater rafting the down rapids, or mountain biking through long-lost villages and spectacular mountain ranges. Whatever your style, South America offers an amazing cornucopia of adventure experiences for travelers of all kinds. Grab your backpack and your sturdiest shoes, the ultimate journey awaits! 

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South American Adventures You’ve Never Thought About

Ride through the wetlands on horseback and see the huge macaws sitting in taruma trees, before climbing up a jungle viewing tower where the pygmy owls and Jabiru storks fly.


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On Location with Metropolitan Touring

Enter the heart of South America with Metropolitan Touring.


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10 Ways to Choose Your Own Adventure in South America

Stargazing at the salt lakes in Bolivia, whitewater rafting in Argentina, or soaking in the canyon hot springs in Chile – what does your South American adventure look like?


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Bouillabaisse Provencal

Norwegial Cruise Line


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The Best Hiking in South America

Get lost in the jungle and bike under psychedelic pink-purple sunset – you’ll feel like you’re in another world.


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