North America

Active Explorations

North America’s landscape is so incredible vast and diverse that it’s almost impossible to summarize in just a few words – there’s just so much to see and do! 

What’s an active exploration to one person (hiking, skiing, horseback riding) could be something completely different to another (culinary expeditions, anyone?), so we’ve got a range of things to see and do for travelers of all kinds.

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Once-in-a-Lifetime North American Adventures

Ski, raft, whale-watch and horseback ride in this action-packed part of the world.


Insider’s View

On Location in North America & Hawaii with Revealed America

How to get the most out of your North American adventure.


Top Ten Lists

Top 10 US Regional Dishes You Have To Try

Who said an active exploration can’t be in pursuit of great food?


Chef’s Recipe

Buckwheat Pappardelle with Carbonara Sauce

Princess Cruises


Travel Style

Why You Need To Go Hiking In North America

Dinosaur fossils, volcanoes, ancient rock formations — there’s more to North America than meets the eye.


Hotels & Resorts

The Art of Luxury

Exceptional Accommodations Worldwide

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