Cruising Australia

Imagine visiting Australia’s stunning natural sites along with its cosmopolitan cities while retiring each night to a luxurious, state of the art cruise ship. Cruising Australia is a wonderful experience that lets you have it all!

Australians have discovered what a great vacation cruising provides so Australia has become one of the world’s fastest growing cruise destinations. This is good news for us. With many lines now based year round down under, itinerary options have increased and there are many enticing opportunities for your Australian cruise vacation.

While sailing away from Sydney’s iconic harbor is one of the world’s best cruise experiences, you can also sail from other cities on a variety of cruise itineraries:

  • Sail round-trip from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Fremantle (Perth) on routes that show you the wonders of each Australian State.
  • On Top End cruises between Sydney / Brisbane and Fremantle you’ll visit Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef, Darwin, Bali and Western Australia. Your cruise ship takes you through six different oceans, seas and gulfs plus you’ll round remote Cape York with its windswept, desolate islands. Some sailings include a call at Papua, New Guinea.
  • Take a complete circumnavigation of Australia from Sydney for about a month to see all the highlights of this great continent.
  • Combine New Zealand with Australia on a selection of cruises that will leave you awe struck at the many natural wonders and cultural treasures you’ll experience. See the October 2015 Cruising article for more details on the popular Sydney-Auckland route.
  • Visit the South Pacific islands from New Caledonia to Tahiti, Norfolk Island to Papua New Guinea on sailings from Australian ports.

Many top sights can be easily seen on excursions from your ship making every day of your cruise an exciting experience:

  • Take a jet boat to a Great Barrier Reef platform to view the magnificent underwater world.
  • Swim at pristine, white sand beaches, like those in the peaceful Whitsunday Islands.
  • Hike Tasmania’s stunning National Parks.
  • Walk through the Queensland rainforest and take an amphibious Duck through its waterways.
  • Go crocodile watching in Port Douglas.
  • See Australia’s unusual wildlife at parks like Brisbane’s Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.
  • Ride a camel on Cable Beach at Broome.
  • Go wine tasting at almost every port, Australia has so many world class wine regions.
  • Visit the magnificent Twelve Apostle limestone formations off the coast near Melbourne.

These are just a few of the memorable experiences you can enjoy while every port city you call at will have sights and experiences you won’t want to miss! Be sure to add pre and post-cruise stays and land tours to see more of this most engaging continent.

One tip for your Australian cruise - unlike Caribbean and Alaska sailings, most Australian itineraries are not on a regular schedule so be sure to plan your cruise before booking your flights.

Cruising and Australia: This is an exquisite combination you’ll want to take advantage of for a most rewarding and memorable vacation.

The Twelve Apostles along Great Ocean Road. | Victoria, Australia



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