Free International Driver’s Permit

An international driver’s license (IDL) is a must-have for anyone planning on driving overseas and Auto Europe is here to help!

Being travel savvy will ensure a hassle-free vacation experience and one of the most important things you can do is ensure that all travel documents are in order.

Why do Travelers Need an IDL?

When planning on driving overseas, one should apply for an international drivers license as soon as possible. The IDL is used in conjunction with the driver’s license from your country of residence and is legally mandatory in several European countries. It is translated into several different languages, making it much easier to communicate with law enforcement or the local car rental desk if you aren’t fluent in the local language (or even if you are).

If you plan on renting a vehicle while traveling abroad, getting this international driver’s permit will make your travels easier. Here are a few situations where an IDL will come in handy:

  • The permit is very handy if stopped by law enforcement, since all of the needed information is translated into the proper language; you’ll avoid delays and misunderstandings.
  • An IDL can also help if you’re involved in a fender-bender while driving - saving you time both at the scene and at the rental desk when you return the car.
  • It can come in handy when crossing borders in Europe. With an IDL you’re covered no matter where you go!
These are just a few of the many instances that a permit can benefit you. Individuals who are traveling for business, pleasure, or for other reasons will find an international driver’s license to be of great use.

Just for you…

For car rentals 14 days or longer, Auto Europe will cover the cost for an International Driver’s Permit. The IDP is valid in over 150 countries and contains your name, photo and driving information translated into 10 languages.

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Get a FREE IDL with an Auto Europe Car Rental booked through your travel agent.