Spotlight on South America

Pack your bags - we’re heading to South America! This incredible continent is home to a host of natural wonders and lively cities to suit travelers of all ages.

Spotlight on South America

Uros Island
Lake Titicaca, Peru

South America is home to the world’s largest tropical rainforest, southern most cape, and the highest navigable lake, along with a host of unspoiled regions, waterfalls, mountains, islands, lakes and rivers. Whatever your travel style, this eclectic mix of spectacular scenery and legendary places will make every day of your South American trip a memorable one.

Along with landscapes explorations, guides can teach you all you need to know about the people of the Amazon rainforest, the pre-Incan Uros living on floating islands in Lake Titicaca, and the Awamaki in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

You can also get involved in modern culture by taking a Samba class in Rio or a Tango class in Buenos Aires, visit a night club, or head to a dinner show and watch the professionals.  

Want to help preserve local communities and forests? South America is also home to a diverse range of eco-friendly travel options:

  • Rainforest retreats, some on stilts or floating in the Amazon River, let you waken to the sounds of the jungle.
  • Eco Camps in Patagonia provide comfortable Geodesic Domes that are resistant to the elements, complete with ceiling windows for viewing the night sky.
  • Palacio de Sal in Bolivia was the first salt hotel ever built. Sitting on the edge of a salt flat, the walls, ceilings, tables and chairs are built of salt with rooms resembling igloos built with salt blocks.

Whether you’re on a land escapade or exploring via trips from your cruise ship, South America is jam-packed with options for everyone. Be sure to check out this month's Top 10 List of Exotic Escapes for more suggestions of what this continent has to offer, and take a look at the Cruising article for sea options.

On Location in South America

Sally Lightfoot crabs on a lava rock
Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Award-winning On Location Partner, andBeyond is here with all the information you need to turn your South American holiday in to the trip of a lifetime. Well-established in the African Safari and sustainable travel scene, andBeyond is a number one choice for assisting with arrangements for Chile, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador. Joss Kent (CEO, andBeyond) and Pedro Barraza (andBeyond Managing Director, South America) share exclusive need-to-know insight in to this incredible destination.

Q: Which countries do you represent in South America and what services do you offer?

andBeyond designs personalized, high-end tours in four South American countries: Chile, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador. Recognized for our specialist destination knowledge and itinerary designing skills, we offer on-the-ground support from our team in Santiago, and can create travel experiences tailored exclusively for Ensemble guests.

andBeyond is all about making dreams come true, even the seemingly-impossible ones. Our experts take your travel wishes and use their destination knowledge, network of contacts, and first-hand experiences to turn them into real-life adventures that explore the heart and soul of South America.

Q: What special aspects of your services should travelers be aware of?

  • Insider Access: andBeyond provides access to local homes and private clubs for fine dining, such as traditional estancias and ranches, and hidden retreats created just for andBeyond guests with unique settings and views.
  • On-call 24/7: Contact us any time to throughout your journey and we’ll help you with whatever you need.
  • Guides: We offer a range of guides to suit your purposes – from game rangers and trackers, to private and specialist guides, or one of our handpicked partner guides.
  • Conscious Travel: When you travel with andBeyond, you’re making a real contribution to the preservation of Africa, Asia, and South America's people and wildlife areas. We have many community initiatives, and donate a percentage of the profits from our full-day Land Rover tours in-and-around Santiago programs to local causes, such as a rural school located in the Maipo Cany.

Q: Do you offer small group tours as well as bespoke services for individuals?

You name it, we’ve got it covered. Our team of group travel consultants are experienced in providing tailor-made South American explorations for groups of all sizes and types. We also recognized that some guests may have special interests that range beyond the usual tour, so our guides are able to offer adventures that are tailored around a group's specific pursuits.

Q: Tell us more about the Fine Wines and Great Cities of Chile and Argentina tour.

This eight-day tour combines the cities of Santiago, Mendoza, and Buenos Aires, with in-depth visits to both countries' main wine-producing areas, and a day of adventure exploring the Andes, with a range of boutique hotels along the way.

Q: What tours do you recommend for Machu Picchu?

Start by acclimatizing to the Sacred Valley and unwinding in rural farmlands, then embark on one of the many outdoor adventures, including mountain biking, trekking, horse-riding, river rafting, and rock climbing, before climbing aboard the Vistadome train and exploring the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu.

A shroud of mystery envelopes these ruins – some speculate that it was established as a university, while others claim that it was built as a retreat for royalty – let your private guide offer his own interpretation and you decide.

Visit the town of Maras, browse through the Pisac market, and discover the Ollaytaytambo and Moray ruins of the Sacred Valley. Journey to the Incan capital of Cusco and marvel at the attractions of Sacsayhuamán, as well as the Spanish architecture of the Cusco Cathedral, Mercado central de San Pedro and Plaza de Armas.

Q: Tell us about Amazon River cruises.

The emerald jungles of the Amazon can be seen on explorations in Peru. Boat cruises float along secluded stretches of the Amazon River to introduce visitors to the incredible diversity of animals and birdlife that live within this breathtaking life-force.

Best time to travel:
High water season from December to April allows Amazon River cruises to venture further into the jungle.

Traveling with children:
This is a fantastic family destination, offering a wide range of outdoor adventure activities and authentic cultural experiences to entertain and engage all ages.

Q: For the Galapagos and Ecuador, what do you suggest?

Ecuador: Explore the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, navigate your way around one of the country's many volcanoes, put one foot on each side of the equator, unwind on a pristine beach, and capture the region's old-world charm with an array of colonial architecture at UNESCO World Heritage Sites Quito and Cuenca.

For Galapagos: The most prominent of Ecuador's attractions is the pristine chain of volcanic islands that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Galapagos. Made famous by Charles Darwin who studied the island's fantastic array of species, which ultimately contributed to his theory of evolution, the island's endemic fauna and flora are as fascinating today as they were in 1835.

Suggested itinerary:
Magical Ecuador and The Galapagos (7 days / 6 nights)

Q: What are some of the best things to see and do in South America?

With such diversity, it is difficult to answer this…

  • Introduction to Polo in Argentina: Perfect for equine or cultural enthusiasts, this is a great introduction to one of Argentina's most loved sports. Learn about the rules of the game and how polo horses are selected and trained, before attending a professional match.
  • A Private tour of Iguazu Falls: You can discover the wonders of the Iguazu Falls on a privately guided tour including a 4x4 jungle experience, where you'll learn about the ecosystem surrounding the Falls, and a boat trip allowing you to get up-close to this natural phenomenon.
  • Pachamama ceremony in Peru: The Pachamama Ceremony is one of the most traditional and ancient indigenous customs in the Andean culture. Led by a shaman, the ceremony begins with an offering of small amounts of Andean food items, and ends with the ritual burning of the offering and burial of its ashes to complete the cycle.
  • Culinary tour of Lima: Considered as the Gastronomic Capital of South America, Lima provides the perfect setting for culinary and cultural enthusiasts. The tour is guided by a local chef, who will take you to one of the city's local markets, offering insight into regional produce, and you’ll get a visit to the Peruvian Gastronomy Museum.

10 South American Escapes

Santuario de Las Lajas
Ipiales, Colombia

Looking for adventure? Explore the volcanos of Ecuador, the floating islands of Bolivia, the waterfalls of Argentina, and the jungles of Brazil in one of the adventure capitals of the world – South America.

Choquequirao, Peru

Choquequirao is very similar to Machu Picchu, without the crowds. Trek in to Choquequirao from Cachora through the mountains, along Apurimac River canyon and in to the cloud forest to explore buildings, terraces, and ancient rock designs of this must-see destination.

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil/Peru/Ecuador

Have the journey of a lifetime trekking through the rainforest, fishing for piranhas, searching for the alligator-like black caiman, and waking to the sounds of the Amazon from your lodge or river cruise ship.

Patagonia Eco Adventure, Chile

Experience condors, rheas and guanacos, ice-blue lakes, and iconic 6,500 ft. tall granite towers in the mountains of Torres del Paine National Park – where trekking meets eco-camping.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil/Argentina border

This expansive waterfall system is said to be the largest in the world, and is home to tapirs, giant anteaters, howler monkeys, and ocelots – the best part? You can experience it all on the boardwalks and trails around the falls in to the surrounding subtropical rainforest.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Wildlife lovers can visit the Galapagos Islands on a small ship adventure cruise, with an onboard naturalist to teach you everything you need to know about the national park. Discover unique species on guided hikes, dives, and snorkeling trips, beachcombing, kayaking, and biking.

Elqui Domos, Astronomy Retreat, Chile

Stay in a geodesic dome with a roof that opens to the stars, or in an observatory cabin with windows aimed at the sky and one-of-a-kind views of the valley and mountains. Located in a remote part of the country, this modern retreat also features an observatory with Celestron telescopes on-site.

Las Lajas Sanctuary, Ipiales, Columbia

Like something from a fairytale, this basilica is remarkable for its architecture and location, spanning a river valley, surrounded by mountains and waterfalls. Built between 1909 and 1949, it’s amongst the most spectacular churches in the world.

Volcanoes & Culture, Ecuador

Venture to Ecuador and visit the snow-capped volcano in Cotopaxi National Park, explore the highlands, and experience local food and music at South America's largest indigenous market at Otavalo.

Floating Islands, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Situated near Puno on the world's highest navigable lake, the islands, homes, furniture, and boats are all made of yellow totora reeds by the Uros people. Originally built hundreds of years ago for defense, their homes could float away as the Incas moved onto their land.

Cape Horn, Chile

Catch a cruises from Rio or Buenos Aires to Valparaiso and experience with wonder of Cape Horn. This legendary spot in southern Chile has challenged mariners for centuries. Windswept, bleak, and surrounded by rough seas, journeying to the bottom of the world is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Cruising South America's Exotic Regions

Perito Moreno Glacier
Santa Cruz Province, Argentina

Awaken your senses with a sea adventure through South America – home to a collection of the world's most exotic cruise destinations.

Want to watch the giant tortoises in the Galapagos, look towards the arctic at the bottom of the Earth, or cruise through the jungle on the Amazon River? Whatever you’re in to, South America has you covered.

From Patagonia to the Galapagos, South America gives travelers the chance to see some of the best sites planet Earth has to offer. Pass through the glaciers of the Beagle Channel, visit wine regions, see Chile's northern desert, cruise through the Amazon Rainforest, and take a look at the Andes Mountains. There's also no better way to see an array of animals and plants than on a range of hikes, snorkeling tours, and dives on the Galapagos Islands.

If you’re more of a city traveler, Buenos Aries is a favourite among world explorers due to its sophistication and charm, La Boca is full of beautiful architecture and Tango dancers, and Rio de Janeiro is captivating with its stunning scenery.

You can start or end your cruise in Buenos Aries and Rio de Janeiro, and throw in a pre or post-cruise trip to Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina for good measure.

Machu Picchu is also a historic must-see that you can incorporate in to your cruise:

  • Some Galapagos and Amazon cruise packages include time in Peru with a visit to Machu Picchu.  
  • Many cruise lines offer a pre or post-cruise tour that includes Machu Picchu.
  • If Lima is a port of call on your cruise, a mid-cruise land tour to Machu Picchu may be available.

With a range of cruise lines and departure ports to choose from, it’s no wonder these trips are so popular. Whether you pick a small ship adventure sailing, an upscale luxury cruise or something in between, you’re in for an unforgettable cruise experience!

International culinary delights

Tempting dishes from our featured destinations give you a taste of local culture. From succulent roasts to exotic spicy fare and some divine desserts, you’re sure to find plenty of delicious recipes to try at home.

Poached Salmon with Herb and Caper Vinaigrette

To ensure even-sized pieces of fish, we prefer to buy a whole center-cut fillet and cut it into four pieces. If a skinless whole fillet is unavailable, follow the steps in your student handout and skin a fillet yourself This recipe will yield salmon fillets cooked to medium. If you prefer rare salmon (translucent in the center), reduce the cooking time by 2 minutes, or until the salmon registers 110 degrees in the thickest part.

Poached Salmon with Herb and Caper Vinaigrette
Holland America Line
  • 2 lemons
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
  • leaves, stems reserved
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh tarragon
  • leaves, stems reserved
  • 2 small shallots, minced (4 tablespoons)
  • ½ cup dry white wine
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 skinless salmon fillet (1'/4 to 2 pounds),
  • about 11/2 inches at thickest part, white
  • membrane removed, fillet cut crosswise
  • into 4 equal pieces
  • 2 tablespoons capers,
  • rinsed and roughly chopped
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

Cut top and bottom off 1 lemon; cut into 8 to ten 1,4-inch-thick slices. Cut remaining lemon into 8 wedges and set aside. Arrange lemon slices in single layer across bottom of 12-inch skillet. Scatter herb stems and 2 tablespoons minced shallots evenly over lemon slices. Add wine and water.

Place salmon fillets in skillet, skinned-side down, on top of lemon slices. Set pan over high heat and bring liquid to simmer. Reduce heat to low, cover, and cook until sides are opaque but center of thickest part is still translucent or registers 125 degrees, 11 to 16 minutes. Remove pan from heat and, using spatula, carefully transfer salmon and lemon slices to paper towel-lined plate and tent loosely with foil.

Return pan to high heat and simmer cooking liquid until slightly thickened and reduced to 2 tablespoons, 4 to 5 minutes. Meanwhile, combine remaining 2 tablespoons shallots, chopped herbs, capers, honey, and oil in medium bowl. Strain reduced cooking liquid through fine-mesh strainer into bowl with herb-caper mixture, pressing on solids to extract as much liquid as possible. Whisk to combine; season with salt and pepper to taste.

Season salmon lightly with salt and pepper. Using spatula, carefully lift and tilt salmon fillets to remove lemon slices. Place salmon on serving platter or individual plates and spoon vinaigrette over top.

Serve, passing reserved lemon wedges separately.

Intimate Cruising. Ultimate Luxury.

Most luxury brands began in Europe, and even today Italy is universally acknowledged as the world-centre of style, design, and that intangible allure called la dolce vita. There are the world’s leading fashion designers from Armani to Ferragamo, the temptations of la cucina Italiana, the Chiantis and Brunellos of Tuscany. And in the ultra-luxury travel market — there’s the polished perfection of Silversea.

On a Silversea cruise you will enter an intimate enclave where warm, personal pampering is your first port of call. Silversea’s attentive staff will be at your service as you join like-minded travellers in a relaxed, club-like environment.

Rekindle Your Love Affair With Life.

Let Silversea take you on a personal journey of discovery. Amid the tranquility of the sea and the exuberance of distant lands, Silversea will arouse your curiosity and seduce your senses. Silversea will stimulate your imagination and spark new insights. Their aim is to create experiences that will enrich your life for years to come.

Silversea All-Inclusive Lifestyle

The tangible benefits on a Silversea cruise include gourmet dining, wines, champagnes, spirits, beers, specialty coffees, and soft drinks. In-suite dining is also included and your suite’s bar and refrigerator will be stocked with a complimentary range of your preferred wines and spirits. Onboard gratuities, too, are included. As for the important intangible benefits, these consists of the sophisticated atmosphere and genuinelywarm, personal service.

  • Intimate ships with up to 596 guests aboard Silversea’s Classic fleet
  • All ocean-view suites, over 85% with private verandas
  • Butler service for all suites on all ships
  • Complimentary wine, champagne, and spirits
  • Extraordinary staff to guest ratio of nearly one to one
  • In-suite bar and refrigerator with your beverage preferences
  • Open-seating restaurant with menu selections by Relais & Châteaux®
  • A choice of specialty restaurants
  • Included gratuities
  • Transportation into town (most ports)
  • Superb destination and culinary enrichment programmes

The Ship

Silversea Cruises is happy to present our new flagship, Silver Muse. Delivered in spring of 2017, the new ultra-luxury ship was built by Fincantieri and at 40,700 grt accommodates 596 guests. Representing an exciting evolution of Silver Spirit, Silver Muse redefines ultra-luxury ocean travel - enhancing the small-ship intimacy and spacious all-suite accommodations that are the hallmarks of the Silversea experience. The addition of Silver Muse expands Silversea's fleet to nine ships, and once again significantly raises the bar in the ultra-luxury cruise market with a wealth of enhancements to the onboard experience, while satisfying the uncompromising requirements for comfort, service, and quality of the world's most discerning travellers.

The Ship


Bespokes Suites

At sea, comfortable personal space is the greatest luxury and with one of the highest space-per guest ratios of any luxury cruise accommodations, Silversea offer this in bounds. All suites boast ocean views, a large seating area with flat screen TV, marble bathrooms, and walk-in wardrobe. And regardless of the ship or suite category, an attentive butler will tend to your every need.

Suite Indulgences

  • Butler service
  • Champagne and fresh fruit upon request
  • Pierre Marcolini® chocolates
  • Pratesi® Italian bed linens and down duvet covers
  • Spa robe and slippers
  • Spacious walk-in wardrobe and full-length mirror
  • Italian marble bathrooms
  • Flat screen TVs, movies and music, satellite news programming
  • WiFi internet access (fees apply)
  • iPod® docking station
  • Daily suite service with nightly turndown
  • Writing desk with stationery

Suite Choices

  • Bvlgari, Ferragamo or hypoallergenic bath amenities
  • Beverages, wines and spirit for your in-suite bar and refrigerator
  • Aromatherapy rooms scents by renowned Italian perfumer Laura Tonatto
  • Twin or Queen sized beds
  • Soft or firm mattress
  • Nine pillow types



With the importance of food in Italian culture, you would expect dining to be a high priority at Silversea. And it most assuredly is. No matter where you dine, the influence is readily apparent in the great diversity and presentation of culinary selections on board your all-inclusive cruise.

Silversea offers a choice of eight dining venues on Silver Muse — remarkable for a ship of her size. 


Instantly recalling images of the sea in all her watery majesty, the Atlantides are the seven nymph daughters of Atlas. Creative muses, known for their wisdom and beauty, the sisters were granted immortality in the form of stars and can be seen today in the constellation of Taurus.

Pivotal to Silver Muse dining experience, this elegant bar and grill incorporates the best that the sea has to offer. Created to temper your taste buds, designer dishes such as royal crab, blue lobster and Verbena infused red snapper in a sea salt crust are showcased alongside the best steaks offshore.

Dress code: Formal
Formal attire consists of an evening gown or cocktail dress for women. Men wear tuxedos, dinner jackets or dark suits. A tie is required.

La Dame by Relais & Châteaux

La Dame by Relais & Châteaux® features a bespoke menu by top chefs from the Relais & Châteaux team, and is the highest expression of excellence of French dining that Silver Muse has to offer. The ambience is one of chic contemporary style, with crisp white table linens and the impeccable white gloved service associated with Silversea.
The boutique hotel and gourmet restaurant guild Relais & Châteaux are unsurpassed in their belief in standards of hospitality, personalised service and outstanding cuisine. Rooted in these shared values, Silversea is proud of its privileged collaboration and its continued partnership for the pursuit of excellence.

Dress code: Formal
Formal attire consists of an evening gown or cocktail dress for women. Men wear tuxedos, dinner jackets or dark suits. A tie is required. Per guest reservation fee of US$60. Please visit My Silversea to make your reservations.

La Terrazza

An iconic hallmark of Silversea dining, La Terrazza offers authentic recipes and the freshest ingredients from our distinctive Italian heritage. This is where antipasti, primi and secondi come together with passion and flair in a flavourful expression from corporate chef Alberto Colombo’s imagination.
La Terrazza aboard Silver Muse offers innovative interactive food stations: an olive oil cellar, a mozzarella bar, a seafood station and of course a salumeria. The à la carte menu has also been extended to include the popular Sapori di Casa, traditional family-style Italian daily specials.

Dress code: Informal
Informal attire consist of dresses or pantsuits for women; men wear jackets (tie optional).


Evoking a sense of exotic mystery, the Asian-accented Indochine embarks you on an exquisite journey of culinary discovery. Unlock the hidden treasures of the spice markets of Mumbai, whet your appetite with the exoticism of Thailand and temper your taste buds with the cuisine of Vietnam. Elegant and exquisite dishes bursting with Asian essence awaken your gastronomic senses and immerse you in an expansive tapestry of the palate.
Savour the fusion of flavours of a vast continent that defies definition — in a stylish restaurant that pays homage to its delectable cuisine.

Dress code: Informal
Informal attire consist of dresses or pantsuits for women; men wear jackets (tie optional).


The fine art of Kaiseki lies in its meticulous preparation and beautiful presentation. Dishes reflect a passion for tradition and performance and our reinterpretation of these values is clear. Balanced menus have been inspired by the five elements of Japanese nutritional cuisine and respect the equilibrium of yin and yang. With teppanyaki available exclusively for evening diners, daytime menus feature a varied and balanced menu of sushi, sashimi and other raw Asian-inspired dishes.

Dress code: Informal
Informal attire consist of dresses or pantsuits for women; men wear jackets (tie optional). Per guest reservation fee of US$60. Please visit My Silversea to make your reservations.

6. Spaccanapoli

Reflecting Silversea’s Italian heritage, this emblematic street in Naples divides the city in two and is renowned for its pizzerias. No visit to the city is complete without a journey to Spaccanapoli. Therefore it is unsurprising that Spaccanapoli aboard Silver Muse reflects the true Italian way of life: the freshest ingredients, authentic dough and a perfect sense of the fabled Italian lust for life. The simplicity of la dolce vita is reflected in the relaxed dining style of the restaurant.

Dress code: Casual
Casual wear consists of pants, blouses or casual dresses for women; open-neck shirts and slacks for men are appropriate.

The Grill

One of the healthiest cuisines to exist, The Grill features lava stone cooking at its finest. Sourced from volcanic rock and placed in an oven to reach an optimum temperature of 400˚C, The Grill invites guests to cook their food directly at their table. Place your meat, fish or vegetables on top of the grill stone or inside the soup bowl, and then simply cook to your very own taste. Every bite is cooked to perfection, time after time.
With the stone cooking available in the evenings only, The Grill becomes a daytime rotisserie and gourmet salad and burger bar, offering build your own burgers from the best selections of meat.

Dress code: Casual
Casual wear consists of pants, blouses or casual dresses for women; open-neck shirts and slacks for men are appropriate.

Silver note

A sumptuous, intimate setting with a lively, joie de vivre ambience is the perfect place to dine, dance and dream the night away…

Small plate tapas-style dishes of mouth-watering international cuisine perfectly compliment the rich, exciting entertainment as the smooth sounds of jazz and blues gently caress your ears.  A refined late evening menu perfectly showcases the panache and style of Silver Muse’s plentiful dining options, so expect multisensory fireworks as you swing and sway effortlessly across the dance floor as Silver Muse gracefully takes you to your next destination.

Dress code: Informal
Informal attire consist of dresses or pantsuits for women; men wear jackets (tie optional).



Ahh … those heavenly days at sea, when time, at last, is finally on your side. Especially when there are so many stimulating activities to discover on board your all inclusive cruise.  Silversea offers an enrichment programme of the highest calibre. There are wine tastings and cooking demonstrations so that you can savour the flavours of the lands you visit. Take a dance class. Sit in on a lecture by an eminent guest speaker. Watch a wine video customised for your destination. Or devote your time to more active pursuits — jogging, swimming or an exercise class at the Fitness Centre. Or perhaps you prefer shopping in the boutique, indulging in a massage, or soaking in a warm whirlpool. On board Silversea all inclusive cruises, the choices are many and they’re all yours.

An Ocean Of Options

The ocean views and soothing sound of the surf can be quite intoxicating at sea, so it’s not surprising that daydreaming on deck is one of the most popular pastimes. However, every Silversea all inclusive cruise also includes a considerable number of more active pursuits — some for the body, some for the mind … and some just for fun.

  • Afternoon Tea
  • Bingo
  • Board Games
  • Boutique Shopping
  • Bridge Tours
  • Casino Gaming Lessons
  • Computer Instruction
  • Culinary Demonstrations
  • Dance Classes (on select voyages)
  • Destination Seminars
  • Enrichment Lectures
  • Exercise Classes
  • Fitness Centre
  • Golf Putting
  • Internet Café
  • Library
  • Matinee Movies
  • Power Walks
  • Shuffleboard
  • Singles Events
  • Spa Treatments
  • Table Tennis
  • Water Volleyball
  • Wine Tastings



A cruise is an excellent way to travel with the family. For starters, you unpack just once and eliminate that tiring (and boring!) car travel. Believe us, you'll never hear "Are we there yet" on a Silversea voyage. See for yourself on the summer cruises in Europe or the  fall/winter cruises in the Caribbean.



Regardless of which suite category you prefer or your choice of Silversea luxury cruise, Butler Service is offered to every guest on every Silversea luxury cruise ship. Around the world and around the clock, your butler is available to pamper you with personalised attention, taking care of every detail and indulging your every whim with efficiency and expertise.

Upon arrival, your Butler...

  • Welcomes you to your luxury cruise suite
  • Presents a selection of bathroom amenities
  • Offers a choice of goose down, hypoallergenic or therapeutic pillows
  • Explain the entertainment controls
  • Offers to unpack your luggage, hang clothing and set out personal items
  • Chills your preferred assortment of beverages in your suite’s refrigerator
  • Discusses any special food preferences with the chef or maitre d’
  • Makes onboard dinner reservations
  • Arranges private fitness sessions

Throughout your luxury cruise, your Butler...

  • Ensures your suite is immaculate
  • Recommends and serves breakfast orders
  • Polishes and conditions your shoes
  • Facilitates laundry and dry cleaning requests
  • Replenishes your bar setup and preferred beverages
  • Refreshes your ice bucket
  • Turns your bed covers down nightly
  • Prepares, cleans and packs your luggage

For Royal, Grand and Owner’s Suite cruise guests, Butler Service also includes...

  • Coordinating shoreside activities with the Shore Concierge
  • Serving afternoon canapés
  • Securing shoreside dining reservations
  • Organising an in-suite cocktail party
  • Drawing a scented whirlpool bath

Silversea Butlers receive training from The Guild of Professional English Butlers