Find Your Favourite Canada With WestJet

Incredible scenery. Unique cultures. Warm, friendly people.

Canada is 150 years old, and the party’s on all year. It’s time to go visit an old friend, or make some new ones. Find a new favourite place, or go back to the old stomping grounds. Go east, and be first to see the sun rise, or journey west and be the last to see it set.

The best of the many best things about Canada might just be that it’s filled with Canadians. We could go on (for 150 years or so) about how Canadians are kind, gracious, hospitable, generous, fun, resourceful, considerate, talented, sharp dressers and really, really good at hockey. We’d also say those are many of the same qualities we strive to demonstrate at work each day, as the most Canadian Canadian airline.

So let’s get going. We’ve got 39 great destinations in Canada, each one beckoning with its own uniquely Canadian promise of adventure. Happy 150th, Canada. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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