Spotlight on Alaska

The pristine wilderness of Alaska has a beauty and majesty that is enthralling. What better way to spend your vacation than surrounded by spectacular natural beauty in remote, peaceful locations? The Great Land is definitely a must see destination.

Panoramic vistas are a regular feature of the untouched landscape. The Kenai Fjords, Glacier Bay, Icy Strait Point, Tongass National Forest are just a few of the names that reveal the closeness to nature that defines Alaska's beauty. There's a freedom here you won't find in many destinations. Sublime beauty is the norm.

Getting out of town and experiencing nature is what Alaska's all about and there are so many ways to enjoy it. This is a playground for adventurers of all levels and interests. Zipline through the rain forest, kayak on a glacial lake, hike across the tundra or on a glacier, go whale watching, bear watching or dog sledding; just some of the exciting adventure activities  waiting for you in Alaska.

Glaciers add a special magic to your Alaskan adventure. This is the place to observe glaciers in action for the ice age is still active here with an estimated 100,000 glaciers across the state. Watch glaciers calving from the deck of your cruise ship, see mighty Mendenhall Glacier from the informative visitor's center outside Juneau or enjoy a helicopter flightseeing tour to see the vastness of the ice fields. You can actually land on a glacier for a hike or to visit a dog sled camp.

Few places offer such a wealth of enriching experiences for the entire family as Alaska which makes it a great destination for your summer family vacation.

Don't miss an outdoor salmon bake! Try King Crab and halibut cooked with local berries while sampling those interesting craft beers that are being produced here. There's a lively culinary scene that will astound you with fresh seafood and local produce.

With many towns only accessible by air or sea, most visitors arrive by cruise ship. On an Alaska cruise you are surrounded by the natural beauty of this incomparable state and you'll visit several ports and glaciers on your itinerary. See the Cruising article for more.

Experience nature at its finest on your next vacation by visiting Alaska; the land of majestic vistas.

Photo: Alaska
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