Cruising South America

If you’re looking for an adventure cruise that is both enriching and fascinating, South America fits the bill. Remote destinations are a specialty on this intriguing continent with adventures ashore one-of-a-kind. Be amazed on a cruise to South America!

See penguins in the wild, reach infamous Cape Horn, visit the world’s southernmost town, explore the legendary Amazon River, discover nature at its finest in the Galapagos – the many adventures you can enjoy in South America are amongst the most amazing in the world. This is a must see destination for travelers.

Cruising can take you to several regions and capital cities in luxury and comfort as many cruise lines visit South America each year. Embark your ship in Florida, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima, Manaus or the Galapagos Islands for some incredible adventures. From the Amazon to Patagonia; Tierra del Fuego to Chile’s Lake District; the Galapagos Islands to Devil’s Island, there is so much to see and experience on this remarkable continent and its islands. Want to see it all on one vacation? Take a look at the exciting Circle South America voyages that are offered each year! 

These diverse excursions show you just some of the enriching experiences to choose from during your cruise in South America:

  • City Drive, Sugarloaf & Christ the Redeemer Statue, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • The Argentine Cooking Experience, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Tango Show and City Drive, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Drive to the "End of the Word", Tierra del Fuego National Park, Ushuaia, Argentina
  • Antarctica Landing Expedition, Punta Arenas, Chile
  • Otway Sound Penguin Colony, Punta Arenas, Chile
  • Petroglyphs, Viña Tabali Winery & Wine Tasting, Coquimbo, Chile
  • The Gold Museum, Lima, Peru
  • Pachacamac Ruins & Peruvian Prancing Horses, Lima, Peru
  • Countryside & Hacienda, Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Trails & Crafts of the Pacoche Wildlife Refuge, Manta, Ecuador
  • Zodiac landing and coastal exploration, Barolome Island, Galapagos Islands
  • Snorkeling and inland hike, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands
  • Emerald Jewelry Making Class, Cartagena, Colombia
  • Amazon Native Tupi tribe and Rubber Museum, Rio Taruma, Manaus, Brazil
  • Amazon Piranha Fishing, Santarem, Brazil

Combine your cruise with a pre or post cruise land tour to some of the world’s greatest wonders including Macchu Pichu, the Inca city high in the Andes of Peru and spectacular Iguazu Falls on border of Brazil and Argentina, or spend more time in South America’s vibrant cities.

You certainly don’t want to miss what South America has to offer. Cruising gives you many great options for discovering this sensational continent.

Photo: Strait of Magellan near Punta Arenas, Chile
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