Spotlight on Britain & Ireland

Perennial favorites with travelers, the countries of Britain and Ireland present us with numerous exciting experiences. From thrilling adventures amidst magnificent natural beauty to delving into the dramatic history of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland, you know you’re in for an inspiring and rewarding vacation in these neighboring countries.

A main draw of course is the history of these great nations. There's a mesmerizing list of  historic sights, castles, palaces, great houses, churches, cathedrals, museums and libraries to fascinate you every day of your vacation. In London alone, there are enough significant historic spots to fill many vacation weeks. Traveling across Britain and Ireland you'll find so many more fascinating places to spend time exploring and wandering. See this month's Top Ten List for 10 for the most important and popular.

For those wanting an active vacation, this destination is one of the best for hiking, walking and easy climbs. Walking in the Cotswald Hills, along Hadrians Wall or through the Scottish Highlands has long been an invigorating vacation choice. Many natural wonders enhance these outdoor adventures. Explore England's Jurassic Coast and Cheddar Gorge; Scotland's lochs and islands and Northern Ireland's Giant's Causeway for rejuvenation and inspiration.

There's a vibrant culinary scene across Britain and Ireland which features the use of local produce and products. Many pubs have converted to stylish restaurants featuring delicious local fare. Upscale restaurants by celebrity chefs with fresh ideas can be found in the cities and country houses open to the public. Don't miss out on tastings of British Beer, Single Malt Scotch, Irish Whiskey and English cider while trekking across regional ale, cider and whiskey trails or touring breweries and distilleries.

This destination is also perfect for other special interest vacations there is so much you can focus on. Take in the Royal sights and pageantry. Follow the lives of British and Irish writers. Spend time in the many, magnificent gardens. The list goes on and on for theme holidays across these countries.

There are are many facets to a vacation in Britain and Ireland, all fascinating and enjoyable. It is one destination that is easy to return to over and over again as it presents us with something new and exciting every time.

Photo: Western Highlands of Scotland
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