On Location in Alaska

Our On Location partner, Entrée Alaska, can certainly serve up some fabulous Alaskan experiences and make your journey even more rewarding. We caught up with Marc Telio, President of Entrée Alaska, to find out the latest on Alaska travel.

Q: What do you think makes Alaska so special?

Alaska is the true Last Frontier. What makes it so special is not only its size but there is a mystique about it which draws people to travel there. The huge salmon runs, bears, glaciers, whales, northern lights and the very special indigenous people all living together on this land is what makes it so very special.

Q: What services and programs do you offer in Alaska?

We offer fully independent, custom itineraries including backcountry lodges, guided tours and private shore excursions.

Q: Tell us about some of the exciting tours you are offering in 2016.

We are excited to offer an insider's look at the Denali region with a local, professional guide. We are also excited to be working with some new product for guests wanting to visit Alaska during the winter months which include upscale wilderness lodges for viewing the Aurora Borealis and other adventures such as dogsledding, ice fishing and snowmobiling.

Q: What do you recommend for those wanting an active escape in Alaska?

We highly suggest any of our back country wilderness lodges that can assist guests with being as active as they desire. Climb a mountain, trek on a glacier or kayak among icebergs.

Q: What pre and post cruise extensions do you offer for those cruising to Alaska?

We have a number of exciting pre and post cruise options. They range from a visit to Denali National Park to a trip to a remote Wilderness Lodge which offers a myriad of activities.

Q: Tell us about your wilderness lodges and what it is like to stay at one?

Staying at one of our wilderness lodges means having the flexibility to design your day with the Lodge staff and level of activity with your guides. It offers families the ability to be diverse in the types of adventures they experience and tailor the stay to each individual party, away from the crowds and truly experiencing the backcountry.

Q: What are your most popular Winter Experiences in Alaska for those wanting something different?

We offer backcountry wilderness lodge stays that immerse guests into the winter experiences such as viewing the northern lights, authentic dog mushing, snow mobiling, skiing, snow shoeing all the while staying at a premium location outside both Anchorage and Fairbanks with a high caliber of guest amenities.

Aurora borealis over a wilderness lodge. | Alaska
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